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Hot Hemp Pits States Against Feds

New federal regulations would make it harder for hemp growers to prove their plants are not marijuana, in what could be a major setback to a promising industry legalized just two years ago, farmers and state officials say. The U.S. Department of Agriculture in October unveiled stricter standards for hemp testing than many states had […]
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Fun Friday: More Marijuana Border Effects

A border effect can arise when neighboring jurisdictions have different rules, regulations or tax rates for the same industry or product. Border effects are a well researched topic and evident at the local, regional, and international levels. They are especially common among vice industries. In digging into new county marijuana data from our friends at […]
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State recalls cannabis product after it fails pesticide test

The OLCC said that the Winberry Farms Sweet Leaf Blend ‘Trap Star’ exceeded the acceptable level of pesticides. A cannabis product being sold at shops around the state of Oregon is being recalled after failing a test for pesticide levels, according to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). Source: State recalls cannabis product after it […]
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Where Weed Is Legal, College Students Use It More and Binge Drink Less, Oregon State University Study Finds

An Oregon State University study published Monday showed that college students in states where cannabis is legal reported higher usage than students in states where it remains illegal. Source: Where Weed Is Legal, College Students Use It More and Binge Drink Less, Oregon State University Study Finds – Willamette Week

Using marijuana is legal in Illinois — but it can still get you fired

Now that recreational pot is legal in Illinois, marijuana enthusiasts may feel like it’s finally time to emerge from hiding. But people with jobs – or looking for them – might want to stay in the shadows for now as companies figure out how to handle employees who partake. In Illinois, employers are allowed to […]
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Commentary: Legalization of marijuana should come with a public health campaign

The eye-catching packaging features cookies in gourmet flavors like sea-salt and snickerdoodle. Delectable-looking caramels. Mouth-watering chocolates. These treats are enough to tempt anyone – especially impressionable adolescents. But these “edibles” are more than just tasty treats. Source: Commentary: Legalization of marijuana should come with a public health campaign | Columnists | democratherald.com

Teen vaping of marijuana surges, spurring public health worries

State Library Ed. Note: If you cannot access this story via the link below, state employees can access this Washington Post story HERE via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact us for access: library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. ‘These new forms of delivery, whether you like them or not . . . they’re here to stay,’ […]
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Editorial: Police have problem telling hemp from marijuana

Law enforcement agencies in Oregon are key to keeping marijuana off the black market. That, in turn, is critically important in a state that’s made weed legal despite a federal ban on the drug. Now, thanks to the federal legalization of hemp, law enforcement’s job is harder than it used to be. Source: Editorial: Police […]
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Oregon Cops Can’t Tell the Difference Between Hemp and Pot. That’s Making Life Easy for Black Market Growers.

The Oregon State Police Forensic Services Division, which once provided testing of plant samples suspected by law enforcement of being cannabis, announced in July it would no longer do so, because the tests “could not quantify THC, which is the difference between hemp and marijuana,” says Timothy Fox, spokesman for OSP. “So we stopped doing […]
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Hemp cross-pollinating marijuana in some fields

Outdoor marijuana growers are reporting an increase in cross-pollination from hemp farms, a development that could mean marijuana cultivators might lose upwards of tens of thousands of dollars if their plants become unmarketable as flower products. Source: Hemp cross-pollinating marijuana in some fields