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Marijuana supply management plan goes up in smoke in Oregon Senate

The Oregon Senate shot down a plan to limit the state’s supply of recreational, legal marijuana. The proposal responds to a rampant oversupply of marijuana that’s caused prices to plummet. The measure would have allowed the state to limit the number of marijuana production licenses it issues based on supply and demand for the product. […]
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Oregon Business – Five Bills To Keep An Eye On

We’re in the midst of a particularly busy 2019 legislative session. Here are a few bills that could affect businesses and nonprofits on issues ranging from education, property taxes and gun sales. Source: Oregon Business – Five Bills To Keep An Eye On

 Weed has grown out of control – Opinion

In November 2014 Oregonians voted on Measure 91, asking if recreational marijuana should be legalized. Source: Radloff: Weed has grown out of control – Opinion – The Register-Guard – Eugene, OR

MADGE busts 6,000-plant pot grow in White city

A California man was arrested and about 2. 75 tons of marijuana was seized Wednesday in one of Southern Oregon’s largest drug raids. Saleh Nasrollahi Shalomi, 56, of Beverly Hills faces felony marijuana trafficking and money laundering charges following a Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement task force raid in which more than 6,000 illegal […]
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Hemp or pot? U.S. police frustrated 

Federal legalization of hemp arrived in the U.S. late last year and expanded an industry already booming because of the skyrocketing popularity of CBDs, a compound in hemp that many see as a health aid. But now, just a few months after Congress placed the marijuana look-alike squarely in safe legal territory, the hemp industry […]
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Cannabis Users | Diversifying The Census – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A new survey from DHM Research looks at consumers in Oregon’s cannabis industry. John Horvick, vice president and director of research at DHM, shares what they learned about the age, gender, education-level, preferences, behaviors and other details of the people who are buying cannabis in Oregon. The 2020 census is about a year away, and Multnomah […]
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Editorial: Action, not substance, is the problem

Oregon Senate Bill 970, a committee bill with no individual sponsor, makes changes in the ways some landlords and tenants deal with each other. Most of the bill deals with landlords’ obligations when a manufactured home or floating homeowner wants to sell. One section would have a broader impact. Source: Editorial: Action, not substance, is […]
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Oregon initiative would allow pot cafes, off-the-job protections

A proposed initiative would make changes to the Oregon’s recreational and medical marijuana laws if it makes it to the 2020 ballot and voters agree. Source: Oregon initiative would allow pot cafes, off-the-job protections

Oregon lawmakers consider two dozen marijuana bills

State lawmakers are considering more than two dozen bills that could affect Oregonians who consume recreational and medical marijuana. Oregon voters approved legalizing recreational use of cannabis for adults 21 and older in 2014. Since then, legislators have been shoring up the state’s system to regulate the newly legal product. Source: Oregon lawmakers consider two […]
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Bill would curtail Deschutes County fees on pot growing operations

Cannabis farmers say they are being singled out. A battle is brewing in Salem over whether Deschutes County should be allowed to levy the fees it uses to pay for growth on recreational marijuana growing operations. On Feb. 28, the Senate Committee On Business and General Government held a public hearing on Senate Bill 365, […]
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