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Oregon Grew More Cannabis Than Customers Can Smoke. Now Shops and Farmers Are Left With Mountains of Unwanted Bud.

A recent Sunday afternoon at the Bridge City Collective cannabis shop in North Portland saw a steady flow of customers. Little wonder: A gram of weed was selling for less than the price of a glass of wine. Source: Oregon Grew More Cannabis Than Customers Can Smoke. Now Shops and Farmers Are Left With Mountains […]
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Editorial: Trump shifts gears again on marijuana

President Donald Trump last week promised to support legislation protecting the marijuana industry in states, like Oregon, that have legalized the drug. The president made the promise in a conversation with Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, one of those GOP lawmakers who has been pushing back against the anti-pot stance staked out by […]
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Trump strikes deal with senator on legalized marijuana

President Donald Trump has promised a top Senate Republican that he will support congressional efforts to protect states that have legalized marijuana – defusing a months-long standoff between Sen. Cory Gardner and the administration over Justice Department nominees. Source: Trump strikes deal with senator on legalized marijuana | OregonLive.com

Deschutes County moves to boost marijuana enforcement

Latest move by Oregon counties to control the legal marijuana industry that they say is growing too fast. Source: Deschutes County moves to boost marijuana enforcement

Opioids And Marijuana – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that states with legal medical marijuana have lower rates of prescribing opioids. Dr. Katrina Hedberg of the Oregon Health Authority tells us what the study means for Oregon. Source: Opioids And Marijuana | Harbor Of Hope | The Lullaby Project | Soul’d Out Suit . Radio | OPB

Editorial: Josephine marijuana lawsuit seems excessive

Josephine County commissioners, frustrated with land-use conflicts triggered by the state’s legalization of marijuana, have decided the answer is to sue the state in federal court, seeking to overturn the entire marijuana industry, medical as well as recreational, on the grounds that the drug is still illegal under federal law. Source: Editorial: Josephine marijuana lawsuit […]
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Editorial: Lawsuit is the wrong answer to pot problems

Legalization of marijuana in the U.S. is likely an argument about “when” not “if.” But blazing the trail is going to get trickier unless Congress acts.J Josephine County could be ground zero. The county is suing the state of Oregon over marijuana laws. It wants the state to give it more freedom to regulate pot. […]
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Studies link legal marijuana with fewer opioid prescriptions

Can legalizing marijuana fight the problem of opioid addiction and fatal overdoses? Two new studies in the debate suggest it may. Pot can relieve chronic pain in adults, so advocates for liberalizing marijuana laws have proposed it as a lower-risk alternative to opioids. But some research suggests marijuana may encourage opioid use, and so might […]
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The Town That Accidentally Legalized Marijuana

Turner is a quaint, conservative town on the outskirts of Salem, Oregon. It’s a village that, by a margin of two to one, supported Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016. In 2014, when a referendum on legalizing marijuana throughout Oregon came before the people of the town, they rejected it handily, with 57 percent […]
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Editorial: Keep pressure on to change banking laws

It’s unrealistic to expect a quick change to federal banking laws regarding money made in the marijuana industry. That doesn’t mean the effort should be abandoned. Today some 29 states, including Washington, Oregon and California, allow the legal sale of recreational or medical marijuana, or both. It’s largely a cash business, thanks to laws and […]
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