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Oregon Senate schedules hearing on bill to allow cannabis lounges, marijuana farm tours

A state Senate committee will hold a hearing at the end of the month on legislation that would allow cannabis lounges where marijuana could legally be consumed. Source: Oregon Senate schedules hearing on bill to allow cannabis lounges, marijuana farm tours

Politics, Policy and Legal Pot

Almost four years since dispensaries across Oregon threw open their doors for the first time in the summer of 2015, the legal marijuana industry has brought in over $80 million in tax revenue for the state. It’s also spurred on  conversations about how to better incorporate legal pot into the state economy, including ideas about […]
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Crackdown on illegal pot coming this summer

Illegal marijuana growers who have been flying under the radar are more likely to get caught this summer in Jackson County. A new Illegal Marijuana Enforcement Team will be in full swing by then, according to Jackson County Sheriff Nathan Sickler. The sheriff’s office, Medford Police Department and Jackson County District Attorney’s Office are teaming […]
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Editorial: Change in pot testing law isn’t ready

Among the 20 bills before the Oregon Legislature that deal with marijuana are a pair that should be given short shrift, at least for now. Senate Bill 379 and House Bill 2655 are identical and identically flawed. They would forbid employers from denying jobs to or firing anyone found to have a legal substance in […]
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Federal cannabis bills make sense

No matter how many states legalize cannabis, a real, functioning market for the drug will never materialize until the federal government comes to its senses and takes it off the most-dangerous-substance list. Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden has introduced three pieces of legislation that would allow states that have legalized marijuana to treat the industry like […]
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Farm Bureau fights new Deschutes County marijuana rules

More than five months after expressing grave concerns about Deschutes County’s plans to toughen its 2-year-old marijuana rules and three months after they were adopted, the Deschutes County Farm Bureau and several cannabis businesses have appealed the regulations to the state Land Use Board of Appeals. Source: Farm Bureau fights new Deschutes County marijuana rules

Oregon has a massive oversupply of legal cannabis

That’s a lot of weed. In 2018, Oregon’s legal marijuana producers grew more than twice as much as was legally consumed, leading to an oversupply that has 6.5 years’ worth of cannabis, measured by the psychoactive compound THC, on the shelves at dispensaries and wholesale distributors. The latest data from Oregon, which adopted its legal […]
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Going green

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden proposed legislation Friday that would give states a free hand to allow legal cannabis markets without the threat of federal criminal intervention, the latest push in Congress to bolster the nation’s burgeoning pot industry. The proposal, identical to a bill in the House, aims to ease the longstanding conflict between states […]
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State lawmakers consider pair of marijuana-related bills

Oregonians would no longer be compelled by employers to avoid off-duty use of marijuana under a proposal being considered at the Legislature. Legislators also are considering opening the door to exporting the state’s marijuana crop, which far exceeds demand in the state. Source: State lawmakers consider pair of marijuana-related bills

Oregon marijuana export bill gets hearing

A bill that would create the possibility of Oregon exporting marijuana to adjacent states where cannabis is also legal had its first public hearing Thursday, where advocates said it would give Oregon a way to relieve its oversupply and grow its brand. Source: Oregon marijuana export bill gets hearing