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The Astonishingly High Administrative Costs of U.S. Health Care

It takes only a glance at a hospital bill or at the myriad choices you may have for health care coverage to get a sense of the bewildering complexity of health care financing in the United States. That complexity doesn’t just exact a cognitive cost. It also comes with administrative costs that are largely hidden […]
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Video conferencing gives doctors a vital link to patient care

The practice can save patients thousands of dollars in transportation costs. Telemedicine has long been touted as a cost-efficient way to provide care to people in rural areas with limited access to health professionals. But an unsung benefit of providing medical advice over a video feed is the tremendous cost-savings achieved by avoiding unnecessary air […]
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Guest column: Oregonians need protection from drug costs

My name is Ann Neilson, and I’m from Madras. I’ve lived in Madras for almost 45 years and have worked as a registered nurse here for most of that time. I also have severe chronic dry eye syndrome and need a medication called Restasis to treat it, a drug for which there is no generic […]
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Medical Mystery: Something Happened to U.S. Health Spending After 1980

The spending began soaring beyond that of other advanced nations, but without the same benefits in life expectancy. The United States devotes a lot more of its economic resources to health care than any other nation, and yet its health care outcomes aren’t better for it. That hasn’t always been the case. America was in the realm of […]
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PEBB Keeps Inflation Below Peers, but Legislature Demands Lower Costs

As medical inflation spikes back up to 6 to 7 percent a year after a lull linked to the recession, PEBB is having trouble keeping inflation at 3.4 percent, forcing benefit cuts, and calling into question the state’s ability to keep costs down purely through better coordination of care. Request full-text (for State Agency patrons […]
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As Cancer Treatment Costs Soar, Young People Pay the Most

Led by a Portland-based researcher, a new study digs into the cost of care across different cancers and populations. The rising cost of cancer care, with new drugs priced at $100,000 or more a year, worries policymakers and analysts concerned about the high healthcare bill in the United States. And here’s something else for them […]
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Healthcare and Business: International Lessons for Oregon

Join Oregon Health Forum on May 23 for a deep look into global lessons that our state can apply to healthcare. Oregon’s healthcare costs, like those in other states, are the highest in the world. Oregon’s employers, like those in other states, struggle to keep their workforces healthy and their business costs down. No state […]
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Alzheimer’s costs Americans $277 billion a year — and rising

Total costs of care for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias could top $1.1 trillion in 2050, according to a new report. Sharp increases in Alzheimer’s disease cases, deaths and costs are stressing the U.S. health care system and caregivers, a new report reveals. About 5.7 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease — 5.5 million of […]
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Doctors and Health Plans Strike Last-Minute Deal on Uncontracted Payments

A consensus emerged pegging rates to the median from the all-payer, all-claims database, averting confusion when a new law protecting consumers from surprise billing takes effect on March 1. Physicians and health insurers have struck a deal on the problem of payment for uncontracted providers, pegging reimbursements to the state’s All-Payer, All-Claims database, in a […]
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Hospital Association Kills Greenlick’s Attempt to Clarify Charity Care for Patients

The spokesman for the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems said member hospitals are already giving notice to patients about financial assistance in paying medical bills, but Rep. Mitch Greenlick wanted uniform standards across the state hospital system. Source: Hospital Association Kills Greenlick’s Attempt to Clarify Charity Care for Patients