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When Hospitals Merge to Save Money, Patients Often Pay More

The nation’s hospitals have been merging at a rapid pace for a decade, forming powerful organizations that influence nearly every health care decision consumers make. The hospitals have argued that consolidation benefits consumers with cheaper prices from coordinated services and other savings. But an analysis conducted for The New York Times shows the opposite to […]
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Oregonians Pay Way More Than They Should For Insulin. One Couple Is Fighting to Change That.

U.S. insulin prices, which are four times higher than prices in other developed countries, are an enduring mystery. Source: Oregonians Pay Way More Than They Should For Insulin. One Couple Is Fighting to Change That.

California voters reject ballot measure to cap dialysis company profits

Proposition 8, which would have imposed a cap on the profits earned by large dialysis companies such as DaVita, was defeated by voters on Tuesday. Sponsored by the Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers, the measure would have shrunk the profits of hundreds of dialysis clinics across California, requiring clinics to provide rebates to insurers […]
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Opinion: Keeping Oregon in the lead of a health care revolution

Oregon’s nationally-recognized health care transformation is working. But rising drug prices and other increases have put the state’s Medicaid reforms at a crossroads. Many now wonder: Has the lid come off medical inflation? Will Medicaid costs inevitably consume an ever-increasing share of the state budget? Source: Opinion: Keeping Oregon in the lead of a health […]
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1,495 Americans Describe the Financial Reality of Being Really Sick

The whole point of health insurance is protection from financial ruin in case of catastrophic, costly health problems. But a recent survey of people facing such problems shows that it often fails in that basic function. The survey, of some of the country’s most seriously ill people, found that even with health insurance, more than […]
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The Health 202: The Trump administration is helping to drive down Obamacare costs

Yes, really. The Trump administration has been getting slammed for trying to sabotage Obamacare. But there’s a key way it has been working behind the scenes to lower health insurance premiums. Seven states have obtained permission from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to divert some federal dollars from insurance subsidies to what’s known as reinsurance, which […]
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Primary care doctors aren’t so important to millenials

Many young adults demand convenience and speedier alternatives. But experts warn there could actually be unexpected health costs. Calvin Brown doesn’t have a primary care doctor — and the peripatetic 23-year-old doesn’t want one. Since his graduation last year from the University of San Diego, Brown has held a series of jobs that have taken […]
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Medical devices cost more in U.S. than in similar countries

The prices of hospital procedures, doctor visits and prescriptions are a lot higher in the U.S. than other high-income countries, and a new Health Affairs study shows that holds true for medical devices, too. By the numbers: Roughly 6% of U.S. health care spending goes toward medical devices, or about $200 billion annually. Source: Medical […]
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Behind Your Rising Health-Care Bills: Secret Hospital Deals That Squelch Competition

Hidden provisions in contracts between health-care providers and insurers allow hospitals to hide prices from consumers, add fees and discourage use of less-expensive rivals. Last year, Cigna Corp. and the New York hospital system Northwell Health discussed developing an insurance plan that would offer low-cost coverage by excluding some other health-care providers, according to people […]
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FAA Budget Bill Could Bring Changes To Air Ambulance Business

Medevac helicopter companies are on the congressional radar, as a funding bill for the Federal Aviation Administration nears passage. Consumer protections against deceptive practices could become law. Air ambulance rides can be lifesavers. But how much should they cost? In the ongoing, crowdsourced “Bill of the Month” investigation, NPR and Kaiser Health News have received […]
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