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We must find some common ground

Before Columbine, there was Thurston. It seems like only yesterday that 15-year-old Kip Kinkel shocked the conscience of Oregon — indeed, the world — by gunning down classmates at Thurston High School in Springfield after ambushing his parents at home. Source: We must find some common ground | Editorial | theworldlink.com

Men’s depression may lower chances for pregnancy in couples, NIH study suggests

There may be a link between mental health and fertility for both women and men. Women having trouble getting pregnant sometimes try yoga, meditation or mindfulness, and some research suggests that psychological stress may affect infertility. But what about men: Does their mental state affect a couple’s ability to conceive? Source: Men’s depression may lower chances for pregnancy in […]
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Coos and Lane Counties Now Lead State in People Sent to State Mental Hospital

People sent to the hospital to be treated after they are arrested for crimes has been a serious problem in Oregon for several years, but while Marion and Multnomah County have made progress, other counties, especially Coos, continue to send more than their share out of their community to the high-cost Oregon State Hospital. Source: […]
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Oregon Business – Mental Math

Statewide fixes to Oregon’s mental healthcare system move forward — but not fast enough. Multnomah County Commissioner Sharon Meieran began her career as an emergency room doctor. She saw patients suffering from mental illness — anxiety, depression, schizophrenia — nearly every day. Source: Oregon Business – Mental Math

Multnomah County tackles mental health in schools: ‘It’s important we reduce stigma’ 

Earlier this year, a statewide study showed Oregon is above the national average for the number of teens dealing with depression and having suicidal thoughts. To help those students, Multnomah County is now offering services to teens in 40 schools, whether it be having someone to talk to or finding a place to get more serious […]
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Diagnosis of Major Depression on the Rise, Especially in Teens and Millennials

Depression rates increased in all but one state, and rose most dramatically among adolescents and millennials. Depression diagnoses rose 33 percent in America from 2013 to 2016, mostly among adolescents and millennials. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association published a study Thursday, Major Depression: The Impact On Overall Health, which found depression diagnoses are increasing rapidly […]
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Use Of Psychiatric Drugs Soars In California Jails

. The number of jail inmates in California taking psychotropic drugs has jumped about 25 percent in five years, and they now account for about a fifth of the county jail population across the state, according to a new analysis of state data. The increase could reflect the growing number of inmates with mental illness, though it […]
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Clinic receives county support

Promoters of an integrated care clinic under construction in Enterprise received support from Wallowa County May 7 when the commissioners agreed to sign a letter endorsing their effort to raise $2.4 million from the Oregon Legislature in 2019. Source: Clinic receives county support;

Editorial: Close “guilty but insane” loophole

A combination of decisions from Oregon legislators and judges a few years ago created a dangerous hole in Oregon law. Lawmakers must work to fill that hole and protect the state’s residents in the process. As is true in all but four states (Kansas, Idaho, Montana and Utah), a person here accused of a crime […]
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What Care for the Criminally Insane Can Teach Us About Mental Health Treatment

Those judged to be criminally insane often receive better mental health treatment than practically anybody else — including people who have never committed a crime. In the midst of a harrowing psychotic episode in summer 2009, Annie broke into her ex-husband’s house and used a hammer and scissors to lay waste to plates, knickknacks, clothing, […]
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