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Rebellious and tormented, she was a ‘heartbreaking’ challenge for Oregon’s strained system

Time after time, Alexandria Tereshka turned to public services for help with her mental health and addiction issues. She made one more appointment. She never made it. Massah Morris leaned into the turn coming off the Marion Street Bridge and onto Highway 22 when something dark in the road loomed ahead. Source: Rebellious and tormented, […]
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Washington Legislature | Mental Health System – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Washington lawmakers have wrapped up their 2019 legislative session. We talk with OPB’s Olympia-based reporter Austin Jenkins about some of the significant laws they passed, including changes to affirmative action, renewable energy, healthcare and when the state holds its presidential primary. For the loved ones of people experiencing a mental health crisis, it can be difficult […]
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Legislature approves two bills on officers’ mental health

The Oregon House gave final legislative approval Thursday to a pair of bills that will help provide law enforcement officers with appropriate psychological screening before starting work and adequate mental health services while on the job. Source: Legislature approves two bills on officers’ mental health

‘We have no solution’: Grim state of Oregon mental health system laid bare in court

An assistant state attorney general on Tuesday described in stark terms the dismal state of Oregon’s treatment of mentally ill defendants. The state lawyer, Craig Johnson, did not contest that defendants’ constitutional rights are being trampled. But, Johnson intimated, no one in state government knows quite what to do about it. “We have no solution,” […]
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Amid statewide crisis, Oregon sets record for number of mentally ill people charged with crimes

Oregon set a new record in 2018 for the number of criminal defendants who are so mentally ill they cannot stand trial, a statistic demonstrating one element of the statewide mental health crisis. Source: Amid statewide crisis, Oregon sets record for number of mentally ill people charged with crimes

Boarded in the ER: Oregon’s mental health crisis

Across Oregon, emergency rooms are serving as mental health institutions, straining the system. On a typical day, doctors rush through Kaiser’s emergency department toward sounding alarms, and ambulances whisk in people suffering heart attacks, strokes or severe pain. Medical technicians and nurses attend to patients as worried families hover close. Source: Boarded in the ER: […]
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Bill would require Oregon law enforcement agencies to psychologically evaluate applicants

Oregon does not require law enforcement agencies to psychologically evaluate job applicants before they become officers. But new legislation would change that. Source: Bill would require Oregon law enforcement agencies to psychologically evaluate applicants

News Roundtable | Mental Health Crisis | Wyden On Taxes  – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The high cost of health insurance, the scarcity of psychiatric treatment beds and an overburdened emergency clinic for psychiatric patients all make finding mental health treatment difficult, especially for someone in the midst of a crisis. In the past year, three of the four people fatally shot by Portland Police officers were in the midst […]
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Rights group may sue to ensure access to mental hospital for Oregon defendants

Oregon’s long delays in admitting criminal defendants in need of mental health treatment to the state psychiatric hospital – in violation of a federal court order – has spurred advocacy group Disability Rights Oregon to warn it may sue to enforce the order if wait times are not pared back. Source: Rights group may sue […]
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Eviction rapidly becoming serious suicide risk for Oregonians

When Kimberly Repp saw how high Washington County’s suicide numbers were each year, she vowed that she would do something about it. Repp supervises the county’s public health program and is the county epidemiologist, which makes her responsible for tracking and responding to diseases that affect public health, such as annual flu outbreaks. Source: Eviction rapidly becoming serious […]
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