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Legislators prepping to tackle guns, wildfires, homelessness in upcoming session

Legislators will roll up their sleeves for some speedy politicking in February, tackling some of Oregon’s thorniest problems. When they gather for the monthlong legislative session, legislators want to improve the state’s care for people with mental illness and its ability to fight increasingly destructive wildfires. State Library Ed. Note:  Oregon Capital Bureau story also […]
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Unity Center in Portland: ‘Crisis’ looms with patients stuck in recliners for days

Overflow is forcing patients to other hospitals in region due to a lack of space at the facility created to accommodate people in mental crisis. Since asking the state in December for more money to operate Unity Center for Behavioral Health, Legacy Health has stepped up the urgency of its message, saying the facility is […]
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Unity Center In ‘Crisis’ With Patients Languishing In Recliners

Unity Center for Behavioral Health was supposed to answer Portland’s mental health crisis when it opened in 2017, relieving emergency rooms of patients in crisis. Instead, the center is grappling with what its medical director called a “real state of crisis.” Source: Unity Center In ‘Crisis’ With Patients Languishing In Recliners | The Lund Report

Oregon asks for $20 million to tackle mental illness crisis

Oregon’s top health administrator has asked state lawmakers for $20 million to help ensure that people who need mental health treatment get it, particularly those who have been charged with a crime. Source: Oregon asks for $20 million to tackle mental illness crisis

Psychiatric patient still missing from Pendleton facility

The psychiatric patient who went missing from a residential treatment facility in Pendleton on Sunday remains at large, according to Pendleton Police Department Chief Stuart Roberts. On Sunday afternoon, Thaddeus Ziemlak left Salmon Run, a residential treatment home under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Board, on a planned recreational outing to the […]
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State asks for help finding missing psychiatric patient

Psychiatric patient Thaddeus Ziemlak has gone missing from his residential care facility in Pendleton. Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts said his department is doing what it can to locate Ziemlak, who was on an outing alone into the community on Sunday and “just never returned.” Source: State asks for help finding missing psychiatric patient | […]
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America can learn from Oregon’s approach to supporting students | Opinion

Dennis Vega of America’s Promise Alliance writes that Oregon’s focus on supporting students’ mental health is key to helping them achieve academic success. Source: Opinion: America can learn from Oregon’s approach to supporting students

Mental-health apps: Colleges want students to use them, but there are privacy risks

  State Library Ed. Note: If you cannot access this story via the link below, state employees can access this Washington Post story HERE via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact us for access: library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. Experts attribute the growth of wellness apps on college campuses to digital-savvy millennials. Yet students […]
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Our View: Make addiction and mental health treatment a priority – Opinion

Oregon’s cities and counties continue to struggle with substance abuse and mental health crises. These are pernicious problems that localities cannot solve alone, but the governor and Legislature seem willing to let communities twist in the wind. That needs to change when lawmakers return to Salem next month. Source: Our View: Make addiction and mental […]
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Children in foster care need quick access to mental health care | Opinion

Foster children deserve the chance for a stable living environment with a caring family, but the state’s failure to provide mental health services in a timely manner to children leaves them at greater risk for being moved from family to family and suffering additional trauma, writes Jake Cornett with Disability Rights Oregon. Source: Opinion: Children […]
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