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Mental Illness And The Legal System – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Alex Bassos describes some of the challenges lawyers face when defending clients who are struggling with mental health issues. Bassos is the director of training and outreach at Metropolitan Public Defender Services. Source: News Roundtable | Mental Illness And The Legal System | An Oregon Tech Story . Radio | OPB

Oregon ranks worst in US for mental health, study says

Oregon has the worst mental illness rate in the country, according to a recent study. A new facility opened in Portland to help people in crisis. It’s called the Unity Center, a 24-7 mental health facility for those in need of immediate help. It’s a collaboration by OHSU, Legacy, Adventist and Kaiser near the Moda […]
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Oregon Health And Science University Study On Veteran Suicide Reveals Gaps In Knowledge

There is no definitive standard for identifying or treating veterans at risk of suicide, according to a new study out of Oregon Health and Science University. Source: Oregon Health And Science University Study On Veteran Suicide Reveals Gaps In Knowledge . News | OPB

Mental health professionals discuss suicide prevention

About a dozen people commit suicide each year in Umatilla County, and 1 in 5 of those are under the age of 24. Though not often discussed openly, mental health professionals say its an issue that needs to be acknowledged, and that there are resources for people who might be at risk or want to […]
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Republican Senator Wants More Veteran Psychiatric Facilities, but Health Leaders Balk

SB 1054 would allow new hospitals for veteran services to bypass the rigorous state regulatory process, but mental health advocates argue that without proper safeguards limiting it to veterans in crisis, the waiver could allow a for-profit hospital chain to disrupt the mental health system and poach the civilian patients with private health insurance, leaving […]
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Mental Health Discussion Reveals Disagreements About Oregon’s Best Path Forward

Though fellow panelists at Wednesday’s Oregon Health Forum breakfast seemed to agree with Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s defense of the Affordable Care Act, they shared wide-ranging views on how specifically to improve care for the state’s mentally ill. Oregon may see itself as a national healthcare leader, but when it comes to meeting the needs of […]
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Mental Health And Terrorism – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Alisha Moreland-Capuia, executive director of Avel Gordly Center for Healing, joins us to discuss the way we talk about mental illness and race when it comes to violent crimes. Source: News Roundtable | Mental Health And Terrorism | Julius Achon . Radio | OPB

Stopping the ‘carousel of dysfunction’: Polk County court tackles mental illness

Polk County Judge Norman Hill could trace his frustration how the criminal justice system handled mental illness to the day a man stood before for sentencing as his family watched. The man, a former honors student with a college scholarship, began struggling with mental illness in his late teens, which led to multiple run-ins with […]
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The best museum you’ve never heard of: Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health

The cream-colored straitjacket is framed against a stark black background and hangs behind glass. It was, in all likelihood, fashioned by a patient at the then Oregon State Insane Asylum, where sewing was once considered occupational therapy. The straitjacket is one of several exhibits on permanent display in a small Salem museum you’ve likely never been to […]
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Mental Health Bills Head To Oregon Governor For Signature

A pair of bills aimed at helping people struggling with mental health have passed out of the Oregon Senate. House Bill 3090 would make hospital emergency room employees draw up discharge plans for mental health patients, even if they haven’t been admitted. And House Bill 3091 would force health insurance companies to cover behavioral health checks. […]
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