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Poor sleep can be the cause of anxiety, study finds

On average, the anxiety scores reach levels seen in people with anxiety disorders, researchers say. A sleepless night can leave the brain spinning with anxiety the next day. In healthy adults, overnight sleep deprivation will trigger anxiety the next morning, along with altered brain activity patterns, scientists reported at the annual meeting of the Society […]
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Man’s death while in custody raises mental health system flags

An emergency room doctor told Christopher Adrian Garcia’s family that ‘the system failed him.’ Authorities are investigating. Deep in the throes of psychosis three weeks ago, Christopher Adrian Garcia, 35, was asking for help. At other times, he was intent upon killing himself. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Man’s death while in custody raises mental […]
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Portland mental health center cleared of federal, state investigation 

The Portland’s main psychiatric center is in the clear from federal and state scrutiny as of this week. Source: Portland mental health center cleared of federal, state investigation | OregonLive.com

State recommends dropping decertification threat for Portland mental health facility

The Oregon Health Authority Thursday recommended that the federal government drop the threat of taking away Medicare and Medicaid certification for Northeast Portland’s Unity Center for Behavioral Health. OHA officials launched an investigation into Unity’s operations after receiving a complaint last February that patients and staff were endangered by practices inside the facility. Source: State […]
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Oregon Health Authority says Unity Center for Behavioral Health fixed its safety problems, should retain federal certification

Those issues had led officials to consider yanking Unity’s ability to receive federal reimbursement for Medicaid services. The Oregon Health Authority is recommending that Unity Center for Behavioral Health retain its federal certification after it fixed safety problems. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had set an Oct. 31 deadline to make a final […]
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State: Legacy Health’s troubled Unity Center addressed problems

The state has recommended the federal government take Unity Center off a ‘termination track’ that threatened the facility’s ability to accept government reimbursements Source: State: Legacy Health’s troubled Unity Center addressed problems

State leaders launch Oregon project to improve mental health outcomes

State leaders launched a project Wednesday to address how Oregon responds to people in the criminal justice system who have mental illnesses. Source: State leaders launch Oregon project to improve mental health outcomes

Collaboration Aims To Help Mentally Ill Caught In Criminal Justice System

A group of Oregon health officials, law enforcement and legislators discussed Wednesday how to provide supportive services for people with mental health issues to keep them from being locked up. Oregon state officials held the first steering committee meeting Wednesday to improve how the state’s criminal justice and behavioral health systems treat people experiencing a […]
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Oregon Starts New Effort To Reduce Incarceration Of People Who Have Mental Illnesses

One of the biggest problems in Oregon’s prisons is the incarceration of people who have mental illnesses or drug addictions. Police and political leaders agree: They should receive specialized care, not incarceration. Source: Oregon Starts New Effort To Reduce Incarceration Of People Who Have Mental Illnesses . News | OPB

Obsessive-compulsive disorder: The simple videos that researchers hope will help people who scrub their hands until they bleed

Researchers believe that novel methods of personalized medicine may reduce OCD symptoms involving excessive washing. Thirty-one people were filmed washing their hands with soap at a basin. Thirty-one were filmed repeatedly touching toilet paper stained using food substances to resemble feces, sprayed with an unpleasant odor and arranged around fake excrement. And 31 were filmed […]
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