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Sugary Beverage Tax Campaign Launches in Multnomah County

A trio of billionaires are behind the campaign to add Oregon’s largest county to a list of communities from Seattle to Philadelphia to Chicago that have added steep taxes on soda pop and sugary drinks designed to reduce the consumption of these beverages, which are leading drivers of diabetes and obesity. A coalition of public […]
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Alleged racism in Multnomah County prompts Chair Deborah Kafoury to pledge action

Her voice trembling with hurt, disappointment, sadness and anger, Leslie Thomas told Multnomah County commissioners she had complained about racism among her county coworkers. She was wounded when the county failed to act, she said. One colleague, she told them, joked about killing every black person in sight, using the n-word. Source: Alleged racism in […]
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Soda Tax Backers Begin Canvassing For Signatures In Multnomah County

Successful or not, the canvassing efforts that began Saturday give a look into what arguments both sides of the soda tax debate will make when the election draws near in Oregon’s most populous county. Holding a clipboard, Rep. Rob Nosse practiced a few knocks at his fictional front door. He was demonstrating to a group of volunteer […]
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Tricia Tillman Dismissed as Public Health Director

Twelve-year veteran of Multnomah County, Tricia Tillman, has been asked to step from her role as public health director at the Multnomah County Health Department, a position she has held since January 2015. Source: The Skanner News – Tricia Tillman Dismissed as Public Health Director

Multnomah County accused of ‘systemic’ racism

On Thursday, as Multnomah County commissioners consider a strategic plan promoting work force equity and trust with communities of color, the elephant in the room will be an explosive letter they received last week. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Multnomah County accused of ‘systemic’ racism

Fire update Monday: Growth moderates, evac levels stay same 

The Eagle Creek Fire saw some growth this weekend, up to about 34,000 acres, but crews were able to dig in and defend key areas. The blaze is still 7 percent contained. Evacuation levels have stayed the same since Friday, when Hood River County Sheriff’s Office updated evacuation notices to include communities in the west […]
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Multnomah County Starts Investigating People Who Fail Gun Background Checks

Law enforcement agencies in Multnomah County on Friday began investigating firearms sales that were denied after a background check. While the numbers are small, police say it’s critical to follow up with people who fail background checks. Source: Multnomah County Starts Investigating People Who Fail Gun Background Checks | KUOW News and Information

Refugees allowed into Oregon drops 50 percent

Community health centers fill gaps for uninsured and residents with low income. The number of refugees resettling in Oregon has decreased 50 percent under the Trump administration, dropping from 1,500 annually to approximately 750 a year, health officials say. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Refugees allowed into Oregon drops 50 percent

Prosecutors’ Decision to Cripple a Judge’s Career Echoes a Larger Battle Over Criminal Justice Reform in Oregon

Shortly after 4 pm on June 6, Circuit Judge Judith Matarazzo received an unusual visitor at her office in the Multnomah County Courthouse. An hour earlier, District Attorney Rod Underhill had called to request a meeting. The pair had met only a handful of times before. Source: Prosecutors’ Decision to Cripple a Judge’s Career Echoes […]
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Opioid Lawsuit | Eclipse Cell Coverage | Portland’s Tech Scene – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Multnomah County has announced that it is suing multiple pharmaceutical companies, accusing them of pushing doctors to over-prescribe opioids. The lawsuit is modeled after the lawsuits against the tobacco industry for deceiving the public about the dangers of smoking. Gaps in cellphone and internet coverage have long caused problems for some rural communities in Oregon. […]
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