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Men who videotaped DA at home say prosecutors went after them

Two Portland activists who’ve dropped by the homes of Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill, then-Police Chief Mike Marshman and others end up criminally convicted, but not for visiting the homes. That’s not against the law. Prosecutors charged both men in a separate video confrontation at a Grocery Outlet store in Southeast Portland, and now […]
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Partial Multnomah County Wood-Burning Ban Pitched to Improve Air Quality

People who burn wood on winter inversion days but have an alternate source of heating could be fined under a proposed Multnomah County ordinance. Two Multnomah County commissioners have proposed an ordinance that will ban the unnecessary use of wood stoves during winter inversion days, when air quality is poor. Source:  Partial Multnomah County Wood-Burning […]
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Homeless Data | Recycling – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Multnomah County has released its latest biennial point-in-time homeless count. We speak with Denis Theriault with A Home For Everyone to learn more about the 2017 data. Have you ever been unsure about whether an item can be recycled curbside and tossed it in hoping for the best? We talk with recycling processor Vinod Singh and […]
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Supportive housing saves money and saves lives: Guest opinion

Too many in our community still struggle with profound challenges that make housing difficult to attain and keep. Source: Supportive housing saves money and saves lives: Guest opinion | OregonLive.com

Once an illegal immigrant and a foster child, she’s now one of Oregon’s newest judges

Xiomara Torres doesn’t recall much about the night in 1980 when she was 9 and crossed a river between Mexico and the United States. Though they had walked for hours through the wilderness that night, no one spoke much — not her mother, her three young siblings or the paid “coyote” who led them to […]
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Immigrant Army Recruit| Mental Health Shelter – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A U.S. Army enlistment program designed to recruit immigrants with specialized skills in exchange for expedited citizenship has been put on hold, leaving many recruits in limbo. In September, hundreds of enlistment contracts under the program were canceled. Multnomah County has been awarded a $2 million grant to help reduce racial disparities in jails. One way they plan on […]
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Sugary Beverage Tax Campaign Launches in Multnomah County

A trio of billionaires are behind the campaign to add Oregon’s largest county to a list of communities from Seattle to Philadelphia to Chicago that have added steep taxes on soda pop and sugary drinks designed to reduce the consumption of these beverages, which are leading drivers of diabetes and obesity. A coalition of public […]
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Alleged racism in Multnomah County prompts Chair Deborah Kafoury to pledge action

Her voice trembling with hurt, disappointment, sadness and anger, Leslie Thomas told Multnomah County commissioners she had complained about racism among her county coworkers. She was wounded when the county failed to act, she said. One colleague, she told them, joked about killing every black person in sight, using the n-word. Source: Alleged racism in […]
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Soda Tax Backers Begin Canvassing For Signatures In Multnomah County

Successful or not, the canvassing efforts that began Saturday give a look into what arguments both sides of the soda tax debate will make when the election draws near in Oregon’s most populous county. Holding a clipboard, Rep. Rob Nosse practiced a few knocks at his fictional front door. He was demonstrating to a group of volunteer […]
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Tricia Tillman Dismissed as Public Health Director

Twelve-year veteran of Multnomah County, Tricia Tillman, has been asked to step from her role as public health director at the Multnomah County Health Department, a position she has held since January 2015. Source: The Skanner News – Tricia Tillman Dismissed as Public Health Director