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Stable ag, dynamic ag | Opinion |

The state Department of Agriculture reported recently that greenhouse and nursery products had recaptured the No. 1 spot on the state’s list of agricultural commodities, with a dollar value of $909 million in 2016. Nursery products had slipped behind cattle and calves during the two preceding years, as ranchers and feedlot operators rode the crest […]
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Oregon nursery industry reclaims No. 1 spot

During the recession that began in 2008, one-third of the Oregon’s nursery business was lost, but now in 2017, the industry has come back strong, reclaiming first place among agricultural commodities in the state. “It was almost a perfect storm of calamity economically,” Jeff Stone, director of Oregon Association of Nurseries, said of the recession. […]
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Oregon nurseries regain top spot on production list; hops skyrocket

The hops industry saw a 99 percent increase in production value in 2016. Oregon’s nursery industry has reclaimed the No. 1 spot on the state Department of Agriculture’s list of the Top 20 agricultural commodities for 2016, leap-frogging the cattle industry, last year’s leader in production value. “(The nursery industry) has always historically been number […]
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Nursery tops Oregon ag commodity list

Statistics show greenhouse, nursery has overtaken cattle and calves. After falling from the top perch of Oregon agriculture for the past two years, greenhouse and nursery products have recaptured the No. 1 position among Oregon’s diverse agricultural commodities in terms of production value. Source: Nursery tops Oregon ag commodity list | Local News | heraldandnews.com

Nursery producers honor Oregon legislators who have helped them solve problems – – Capital Press

Five legislators have been named “Friends of Nurseries” by the Oregon Association of Nurseries, the trade group representing the growers, retailers, landscapers and suppliers who work in the state’s ornamental horticulture industry. Source: Nursery producers honor Oregon legislators who have helped them solve problems – – Capital Press