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More smoke could be in Central Oregon’s future — by design

Collaborative group seeks looser rules on controlled burning. Local residents could one day experience more smoke outside of fire season, if a push to relax regulations governing the use of prescribed fire in the forests is successful. Earlier this week, the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project sent a letter to the state smoke management review committee, […]
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Oregon fires: Latest updates from Eagle Creek, Chetco Bar wildfires

Here’s an updated look at the growth of wildfires across Oregon. The wildfire season has been far worse than expected following a wet winter and spring. Source: Oregon fires: Latest updates from Eagle Creek, Chetco Bar wildfires

Forestry department ‘militia’ steps up to fight fires

ODF’s management model draws staff from many jobs to support fire suppression. Over the course of 38 years at Oregon’s Forestry Department, Roger Welty has watched the department go from spotting fires from atop lookout towers to detecting fire with drones. These days, Welty, a former forester, can be found manning the front desk at […]
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Oregon wildfire fallout a sign of seasons to come

This summer’s wildfires have left Lauren Spector emotionally and physically spent. Her asthma’s been terrible. The 70-year-old retiree can’t sleep. And the looming threat of evacuation scares her. She’s been all but imprisoned in her Brookings home for the past three weeks, leaving just a handful of times, as the Chetco Bar fire chewed through […]
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Smoke makes finding new fires a challenge

Tracking down new fires started by new rounds of lightning in Jackson County is proving a challenge for wildland firefighters because of the smoke strangling the region. Typically, Oregon Department of Forestry firefighters will scatter throughout Jackson and Josephine counties to get a better jump on possible lightning-sparked blazes. Source: Smoke makes finding new fires […]
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More Than 500,000 Acres Have Burned In Oregon So Far This Year

Wildfires have consumed more than a half-million acres in Oregon so far this year. Wildfires have consumed more than a half-million acres in Oregon so far this year. That number includes blazes on both public and privately-owned land. According to the Oregon Department of Forestry, roughly 528,000 acres have burned so far, with more than […]
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Editorial: Big fires start from small sparks

Assuming the charges are true, a certain 15-year-old from Vancouver, Washington, is about to get a crash course in how much it costs to fight a wildfire. Oregon State Police say the boy, who was not identified, is a suspect in starting a fire by the Eagle Creek Trail along the Columbia River Gorge. Authorities […]
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State: Fire costs at $21.9 million and rising

The State of Oregon has insurance to cover costs of severe fires, but it doesn’t kick in until the state has spent $50 million of its own money. As wildfire season continues across Oregon, the state’s forestry department had spent $21.9 million on firefighting costs as of Aug. 31, a department official said Tuesday. With […]
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Eagle Creek fire grows, spreads to Washington; officials say fire a ‘high priority’ in the nation

“Fire burning right along a major interstate, closing 40 miles of road, threatening homes — this is a big deal,” said Dave Thompson, a spokesman for the Oregon Department of Transportation. “This happened fairly suddenly. It blew up.” Source: Eagle Creek fire grows, spreads to Washington; officials say fire a ‘high priority’ in the nation […]
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Industrial Operations Halted In Fire-Plagued Southwest Oregon

The Oregon Department of Forestry has taken a rare fire-prevention measure on land it protects in the southwest part of the state. All industrial actions are prohibited under an order that took effect Friday. Waivers may be considered on a case-by-case basis for extremely low risk operations. Source: Industrial Operations Halted In Fire-Plagued Southwest Oregon . […]
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