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Wolf foes, friends have their say 

Citizens speak out about wolf management at ODFW hearing Wolf management was at the top of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Commission hearings Friday at the Running Y Ranch Resort. Source: Wolf foes, friends have their say | Local News | heraldandnews.com

Now I get it — take out J.C. Boyle Dam with the other three | Guest Commentary 

For years I opposed removing the J.C. Boyle Dam while supporting removal of the Iron Gate, Copco I and Copco II dams on the Klamath River. Source: Now I get it — take out J.C. Boyle Dam with the other three | Guest Commentary | heraldandnews.com

ODFW contest encourages mentoring: Take a Friend Hunting

For veteran hunters who want to pass on their passion for the outdoors, this is the year to take that friend hunting — and enter to win a prize for your efforts. ODFW is hosting the “Take a Friend Hunting” contest to encourage friends and family members to enjoy time together in the outdoors this […]
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ODFW Commission hears wolf plan testimony

The meeting was dominated by input on the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan’s five-year review. In the heart of Southern Oregon’s burgeoning wolf territory, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission Friday took testimony on the state’s draft wolf plan revision. Source: ODFW Commission hears wolf plan testimony – – Capital Press

Cougar sightings spike in North Albany

At least six North Albany residents have called the Albany Police Department in the past week to report seeing a cougar prowling their neighborhoods.   Source: Cougar sightings spike in North Albany | Local | democratherald.com

Dealing with elk damage — Opinion

We don’t know exactly what happened this winter on Larry and Pamela Harshfield’s cattle ranch near Wallowa. We do know that 12 elk were killed on their ranch, along with 13 other elk on an adjacent property. And we know that the meat from these animals — potentially several thousand pounds of nutritious food for […]
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Wolf Hunting Still An Option Under New Oregon Plan 

Wolf Hunting Still An Option Under New Oregon Plan Gray wolves are once again the center of attention for Oregon wildlife officials. The state is considering revisions to the state’s Wolf Management Plan, which directs how the state’s gray wolf population is protected. The plan also addresses how conflicts with humans, livestock and deer and elk […]
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Since You Asked: Free Fishing Weekend doesn’t punish licensed anglers

Q: What’s up with the new Free Fishing Weekend stuff? It seems like it punishes us fishermen who buy licenses and our salmon-steelhead tags. So anybody can go out and kill two steelhead each day this weekend, but if I do, I have to log them on my tag…. A: Free Fishing Weekend has been […]
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Howard Prairie is brimming with water and fish

Where Dead Indian Memorial Road finally straightens out just before the turn onto Hyatt-Prairie Road, the vast expanse of green visible for the past six years along the upper shore of Howard Prairie Lake is now blue. “For the past several years, it’s been a meadow,” Jackson County Parks Manager Steve Lambert says. “Now the […]
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Finding balance with a new apex predator

Oregon’s wolf management plan is up for public review as the ODFW Commission once again attempts to balance the restoration of an apex predator with the havoc they can cause in rural areas. The commission will take comments on a draft conservation and management plan during Friday’s meeting at the Running Y Ranch Resort, and […]
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