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Oregon trimming down hunting regulations for 2019

Hunters, anglers ask for clearer language, maps in annual book. Make them simpler. That’s the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s aim for big game regulations for the 2019 hunting season. Hunters for years told the state agency its regulations were too complicated. They joked about needing a lawyer to understand them. Nick Myatt said […]
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Commercial salmon fleet docked until July

Good catch rates and higher participation than expected have triggered a mid-season closure until July of the commercial chinook salmon-fishing season off the Southern Oregon coast. With Tuesday’s landings, commercial fishermen exceeded their 1,500-chinook quota for June in just nine days of fishing, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. That puts the […]
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Even camera-free drones illegal when fishing 

Q: I have a question about the use of drones in Oregon while fishing. I read your article about how drone cameras are not allowed while hunting or fishing, but I was wondering if it would be legal to take the camera off the drone and use the drone instead to drop a fishing line…… […]
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A spate of metro area cougar sightings, maybe…

‘Tis the season for cougar sightings in the metro area, apparently. Last week, a mountain biker spotted what he estimated to be a 150 lb. mountain lion in Powell Butte Nature Park in Southeast Portland. The sighting wasn’t confirmed, but Portland Parks and Recreation posted signs at the park warning hikers to stay in groups […]
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On the hunt in Oregon for a rare fox

Biologists are finding greater numbers in Oregon of Sierra Nevada red fox. In a dense forest at the base of Mount Bachelor, two wildlife biologists slowly walked toward a small cage trap they hoped would contain a rare red fox species. Jamie Bowles, an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife technician in Bend, and Tim […]
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Southern Exposure: Looking for a magic bio-bullet for Gearhart elk

For Gearhart residents who have been threatened by a fearsome mama elk protecting her calf or caught amidst the herd, controlling the elk population isn’t a matter of if it’s needed, but how it should be implemented. Michael Finley, chairman of the Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife Commission, was among those who ventured to Gearhart […]
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State and feds partner on forest cleanup

The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest has a backlog of post-logging restoration projects in the Prospect area, and local Oregon Department of Forestry offices end up cutting loose 150 wildland firefighters each fall. But in a chocolate-meets-peanut-butter moment, both agencies hope to have their problems become each other’s solutions this fall by partnering on the backlog […]
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Spring chinook season extended on Umatilla

The spring chinook salmon season on the lower Umatilla River from the Highway 730 bridge to Threemile Dam has been extended through June 30, because of a strong return of fish to Threemile Dam. Source: Spring chinook season extended on Umatilla – Local News – East Oregonian

Oregon seeks to kill protected sea lions to save protected fish

For years, hundreds of California sea lions have colonized the docks in the Oregon port town of Astoria, their loafing brown bodies serving as both a tourist attraction and a nuisance begrudgingly tolerated by officials. Authorities have deployed deterrents — including beach balls, electrified mats and a mechanical orca — in futile attempts to scare off the […]
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Oregon wolves: by the numbers

Where they live, how many there are and how they are managed in different parts of the state. It’s been nearly a decade since wolves began repopulating Oregon after being eradicated in the early 20th century. With more than a million cattle grazing in the state, on both public and private land, conflict over livestock […]
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