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Oregon’s Douglas County withdraws rural housing zone

A plan to allow 20-acre rural home sites on 22,500 acres of farm and forestland in Oregon’s Douglas County has been withdrawn, though perhaps only temporarily. Oregon’s Douglas County has withdrawn its plan to allow more rural housing on 22,500 acres of farm and forest land, though it’s likely to be revived. Source: Capital Press

Cougar shot and killed after killing sheep, turkey near Bend

Farmer killed the 3-year-old male cougar. A farmer 2.5 miles east of Bend shot and killed a cougar earlier this week after it killed two Shetland sheep and a turkey on his 20-acre property off Bear Creek Road. It was the third Central Oregon cougar encounter in the past week. Source: Cougar shot and killed […]
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Drop in mule deer population being addressed

The question is being asked with an increasing sense of concern on the wildlife front: Why are mule deer populations gradually declining in Oregon? Wildlife biologists at the Starkey Project are turning to hunters to help them solve this mystery. Source: Drop in mule deer population being addressed;

A guide to Central Oregon’s chipmunks and squirrels

Meet the yellow-bellied marmot. Everyone knows that the internet’s primary purpose is to provide a constant stream of animal videos. Central Oregonians, however, don’t need to log on to get their daily dose of adorable critters. The pine cone-filled alleys and parks of Bend and the forests of Central Oregon are teeming with cuteness, particularly […]
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Elk herd killed by avalanche emerges from snow

Deaths on Broken Top may have happened last summer. A scattering of 19 dead elk that recently emerged from melting snow above No Name Lake near Broken Top were victims of an avalanche, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Hikers reported the perplexing sight last week, and two ODFW biologists and a […]
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Fish-passage “headache” awaits Bear Creek chinook 

What could be the highest return in decades of fall chinook salmon to Bear Creek this fall might not get past downtown Medford, thanks to two obstructions beneath the Jackson Street bridge. A concrete slab under which the creek has flowed the past two years has partially collapsed, forcing the creek to gurgle through several […]
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OR-7’s a father again

Gray wolf OR-7 may be quite long in the tooth, but he’s still got what it takes in the den. Federal wolf biologists released new trail-camera footage Tuesday showing that OR-7 and his mate had three pups this spring. This is the fifth consecutive year that Oregon’s celebrity canis lupus had at least one pup. […]
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An Oregon mystery: The dead elk of No Name Lake

Hikers recently reported seeing some dead elk above No Name Lake near Broken Top in the Central Oregon Cascades. So wildlife biologists from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service joined a U.S. Forest Service wilderness ranger on a trip to investigate. Source: An Oregon mystery: The dead elk […]
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Rebuilding a creek where redband trout can thrive

Deep Creek restoration to make river less ‘monotonous’. After decades of ranching and logging left a creek deep in the Ochoco National Forest less functional for the fish and other animals that live there, an interagency effort is underway to return it to a more natural state. Source: Rebuilding a creek where redband trout can […]
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Oregon closes steelhead sanctuary off mouth of Deschutes to all fishing

Oregon has closed all fishing in the mouth of the Deschutes River and in a safety zone of the Columbia River around the Deschutes entry. The closure, enacted at the request of the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission, begins Thursday and is likely to remain in effect through late September. Source: Oregon closes steelhead sanctuary off […]
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