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Marijuana abundance driving price downward

A gram of marijuana costs $5 at one shop in Brookings. At another, it’s $3. And at a third, it’s $2.50. Source: Marijuana abundance driving price downward;

Nine Month Backlog of Recreational Marijuana License Applications

After Friday, June 15, the OLCC will temporarily pause processing new applications so it can catch up. Source: Nine Month Backlog of Recreational Marijuana License Applications

New medical marijuana tracking system rolling out

New regulations will take effect this summer for Oregon’s medical marijuana growers. Source: New medical marijuana tracking system rolling out

Medical marijuana growers face July 1 deadline

OLCC will track medical growers with three or more plants. Starting next month, medical marijuana growers will have to report plant and harvest information to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and not the Oregon Health Authority. It’s part of a package of changes adopted by the Legislature earlier this year that are designed to tighten […]
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OLCC pot license pause: Not necessarily a bad thing | Editorial

It’s no secret that Oregon is producing more marijuana than it’s consuming. By one estimate, Oregon sold slightly more than 10 percent of what it produced in 2017. Mind you, some of that excess will be made into extracts and concentrates, which require large amounts to produce small quantities of useable product. Source: OLCC pot […]
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Oregon seeks to monitor marijuana harvests

Public hearing set for June 15 in Portland. Concerned that recreational marijuana is being diverted to the black market, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is looking into tightening controls by seeking more notification from growers. Source: Oregon seeks to monitor marijuana harvests; Public hearing set for June 15 in Portland

Editorial: Let market resolve glut

Oregon has a wealth of marijuana, far more than anyone expected. Now the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is apparently trying to decide if there’s too much of it, and if so, what should be done. Here’s a hint: If there’s a glut, or if prices dip too low, some producers will get out of the […]
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Oregon stops new pot license applications to handle backlog

Liquor commission says with thousands of licenses and worker permits to renew and a steady stream of new applications that it is falling behind. Oregon will temporarily stop accepting new applications for marijuana licensees to resolve a backlog of outstanding applications and renewals. Source: Oregon stops new pot license applications to handle backlog – Capital […]
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Oregon cannabis regulators will hit pause on new licenses after June 15

It’s not a cap on new licenses — it would take legislative action to make that happen — but Oregon cannabis regulators said Wednesday they will temporarily stop processing applications received after June 15. Source: https://www.bizjournals.com/portland/news/2018/05/31/oregon-cannabis-regulators-willhit-pause-on-new.html

Oregon to pause accepting marijuana license applications

Faced with a backlog of applications for recreational marijuana licenses, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission says it will set aside any applications received after June 15 until the pileup is cleared. The commission says it has issued almost 1,900 recreational marijuana licenses since April 2016 as well as almost 29,000 marijuana worker permits. The agency […]
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