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Oregonians would pass a smaller, more targeted Measure 97, poll suggests

Most Oregonians believe large businesses should pay more in state taxes, but they also believe that the state should close its $1.6 billion budget gap mainly with spending cuts. Source: Oregonians would pass a smaller, more targeted Measure 97, poll suggests | OregonLive.com

Our Opinion: Measure 97 alternative disappoints

Like many hoping for some middle ground in the fight to adequately fund state services, we wondered what Our Oregon, which backed the ill-fated Measure 97 in November, would offer up as an alternative. Last week we got the disappointing answer: More of the same. Source: Oregon Local News – Our Opinion: Measure 97 alternative […]
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Like a bad penny, tax proposal returns | Editorial

Just a month after Oregon voters rejected a proposal for a big increase in corporate taxes, advocates of increased taxes were making the case that legislators should approve a similar measure. Source: Like a bad penny, tax proposal returns | Editorial | democratherald.com

Measure 97 proponents unveil new corporate sales tax proposal

Coalition that offered the ballot measure wants lawmakers to tax biggest corporations, health care The two sides that clashed bitterly over a corporate sales tax measure on the Nov. 8 ballot profess to a willingness to work together to find a solution to Oregon’s chronic revenue instability. Source: Oregon Local News – Measure 97 proponents […]
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Peter Courtney calls on businesses to bridge divide after Measure 97 battle

Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney on Monday called for the business community to reach out to supporters of the $3 billion corporate tax measure that voters overwhelmingly rejected in November. Source: Peter Courtney calls on businesses to bridge divide after Measure 97 battle | OregonLive.com

School Advocates Plan Next Steps in Aftermath of Measure 97

Springfield School District board member Erik Bishoff says he was “not surprised, but disappointed” that Measure 97 didn’t pass. “We might have to make some cuts this year, and it’s likely going to mean class sizes are going to get larger,” Bishoff says. Source: School Advocates Plan Next Steps in Aftermath of Measure 97 | […]
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All ideas to balance Oregon’s budget merit discussion after defeat of Measure 97

An estimated $33 million, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting, was spent by opponents and supporters of Measure 97, which fell during the Nov. 8 election. If the funding had been clearly allocated for education, it might have met success, and the fate of preparing future generations to be bright, productive taxpaying adults would not be hanging under […]
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Measure 97 failed, leaving Oregon in a budget hole. Now what?

Since voters roundly rejected a corporate sales tax on Tuesday, legislators and the governor have been considering options for cutting the budget and raising revenue Source: Statesman Journal

Tim Nesbitt: Searching for common ground in a post-Measure 97 Trumpian world

In the twilight of our national election and the ominous trigger warning it delivered to progressives, the most expensive political campaign in Oregon history now seems almost beside the point. For Oregon Democrats, Measure 97 was supposed to be game changing. Well, the game changed, but not as we expected. Source: Tim Nesbitt: Searching for […]
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The path forward after Measure 97’s defeat

The defeat of Measure 97 shows the power of unbridled corporate spending on elections and the unwillingness of Oregon’s business community to address the two-and-a-half decades of disinvestment in Oregon’s education system and services for our most vulnerable. Source: The path forward after Measure 97’s defeat (Opinion) | OregonLive.com