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Multi-Agency Campaign Highlights Human-Caused Wildfires

Oregon’s Office of Emergency Management is collaborating with other state agencies to further raise fire prevention awareness. Source: Multi-Agency Campaign Highlights Human-Caused Wildfires

Oregon Legislature briefed on fire situation across state, including financial situation

As of Saturday, the national wildfire Preparedness Level reached its highest and most sever level. As of Monday, Oregon will be following the same designation, PL-5. According to an Oregon Department of Forestry email sent to Oregon congressmen and congresswomen Monday morning, Oregon was in PL-5 for a “record-setting 42 days last year.” Doug Grafe, […]
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200 Oregon National Guard Training To Support Wildland Fire Fighters

As part of Project Plan Smokey 200 Oregon National Guard members are in Salem for a week long training to support WILDLAND FIRE FIGHTERS. 200 trained earlier this month and are already on the lines. Another 400 troops received training last year and are returning by mid August. Source: 200 Oregon National Guard Training To […]
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New team managing Taylor Creek Fire 

JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Ore. — The Taylor Creek Fire has moved from the command of a state-run agency, the Oregon Department of Forestry, to a unified command of two agencies: the U.S. Forest Service and Oregon State Fire Marshal. The Taylor Creek Fire is now under the command of a federal incident type 1 team, and […]
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Herbicide may have killed other trees in central Oregon

A weed-killer that killed thousands of ponderosa pines near Sisters has been linked to the deaths of other trees outside the Sunriver resort community and possibly across Oregon. Source: Herbicide may have killed other trees in central Oregon

Warm weather on the way, but records appear safe

It’s about to get hot. But not too hot.”These temperatures (in the coming days) are not going to be that remarkable,” National Weather Service meteorologist Jon Bonk said Tuesday. It’s all relative, though. So far this summer, Eugene’s high temperature has touched the 90-degree mark just once. That happened the afternoon of June 24, according […]
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F-15 dogfights shatter the calm in SW Oregon wilderness

Guard pilots train on weekdays and the occasional Saturday in so-called “Military Operations Areas” mostly in Central Oregon but occasionally in southwest Oregon. Source: F-15 dogfights shatter the calm in SW Oregon wilderness

Lawsuit Aims To Protect Salmon From Logging On Oregon State Forests

A lawsuit filed Wednesday argues the Oregon Department of Forestry is hurting protected coho salmon with its logging practices on state forests. Source: Lawsuit Aims To Protect Salmon From Logging On Oregon State Forests

Environmental, Fishing Groups Sue State

A coalition of environmental and fishing groups have sued Oregon over allowing logging on state forest lands and allege the activity is damaging streams used by coho salmon. Source: Environmental, Fishing Groups Sue State | KXL

What’s the buzz? Next week is all about the bees

As National Pollinator Week approaches, the Oregon Bee Project is ramping up efforts to educate people throughout the state to help with bee health and conservation. Source: What’s the buzz? Next week is all about the bees