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Q&A: What would USMCA trade deal mean for Oregon?

The full U.S. Senate could soon vote on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the Trump administration’s new version of NAFTA. The House of Representatives passed the trade deal with a 385 to 41 vote count in December, and the Senate Finance Committee advanced the bill last week. Source: Q&A: What would USMCA trade deal mean for Oregon? […]
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Oregon job growth to slow in 2020 after ‘bad economic decade’

Slowing hiring is more impacted by labor constraints than economic weakness. Oregon job growth is expected to slow this year, likely only adding about the same amount of jobs as in 2019, the state employment department said. Source: Oregon job growth to slow in 2020 after ‘bad economic decade’ – News – The Register-Guard – […]
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Economic Trends of the 2010s (Graphs of the Decade)

Economically, the 2010s were a disappointment. Now, the U.S. economy went the full 10 years without a recession, a first in history. However we began the decade at the bottom of the worst recession in a long time. As such much of the decade was about regaining the lost ground. That means we spent most […]
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Busy 2019 in business

The coming year looks to be as economically robust as it was in 2019, according to a regional economist. “I don’t see any reason why 2020 wouldn’t look a heck of a lot like 2019 did for us in Central Oregon,” said Damon Runberg, Oregon Employment Department regional economist. Source: Busy 2019 in business | […]
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Oregon Insight: Jobless claims fall amid renewed strength in the labor market

Oregon’s jobless rate fell to a record 3.9% last month and the pace of new jobless claims has slackened. The state’s labor market has slowed this year but these latest indicators suggest that slowing hasn’t changed the fundamental picture, and that Oregon’s economy remains fundamentally solid. Source: Oregon Insight: Jobless claims fall amid renewed strength […]
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Don’t pop the Champagne on Oregon’s job numbers

Oregon is at near full employment. That’s good news, but don’t break out the champagne just yet. Our fizz may soon go flat. Job growth is slowing. And this year, the number of working-age people moving to the state was lower than predicted. In addition, Oregon is the state with the third highest level of […]
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Population growth slows with economy

Jobs, housing costs are factors. Population growth in Clatsop County has slowed with the economy. The county reached 39,330 people as of July 1, according to figures from Portland State University’s Population Research Center, up one-third of a percent from last year and 6.1% from a decade ago. Source: Population growth slows with economy | […]
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Leadership Summit 2019: Oregon entrepreneurs need better access to capital

Access to capital and economic inequality took a prominent role Monday at the Oregon Leadership Summit, the state’s largest annual gathering of business, elected and civic leaders. The daylong event, now in its 17th year, featured two panel discussions about how to improve to capital access for women and people of color. Oregon U.S. Sen. Ron […]
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Skilled trade jobs pay more. But young prefer service work

Survey finds that many young people who work in the service industry are unaware of the pay and benefits of the trades. Source: Skilled trade jobs pay more. But young prefer service work

New North American Trade Deal Brings Sighs Of Relief From Oregon Businesses

There were audible sighs of relief in Oregon’s business community after congressional Democrats and President Donald Trump reached an agreement on a new trade pact replacing NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. Source: New North American Trade Deal Brings Sighs Of Relief From Oregon Businesses . News | OPB