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Women’s health services face federal, state threats

Participants in symposium sponsored by Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Clinic hold out hope for some positive changes in Congress and the Oregon Legislature. Medical services for women and children face political challenges, particularly from President Donald Trump and Republicans who want to undo Barack Obama’s signature health-care law. Source: Oregon Local News – Women’s health […]
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The Number of Oregon Mental Health Workers is Not Keeping Up With the Need

–The good news: More patients get services. The bad news: Caseloads are overwhelming and pay is lagging. – A new report from the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees presents some good news—the vast expansion of the Oregon Health Plan means that Oregonians requiring mental health services are much more likely to see […]
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House Votes to Enshrine Dental Care Organizations into CCO Boards for Oregon Health Plan

Backers of HB 2882, including Advantage Dental, argue that the six CCOs that have placed dental care organization representatives on their governing boards have done a better job of integrating dental care. The bill will require the other 10 CCOs to follow suit. Source: House Votes to Enshrine Dental Care Organizations into CCO Boards for […]
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Jackson County’s proposed budget cuts 249 jobs

Jackson County’s proposed budget for the coming fiscal year cuts the equivalent of 249 full-time health and human services positions after the county lost contracts to provide mental health care for Oregon Health Plan patients. However, the proposed budget of almost $339.2 million is almost unchanged from the current budget of nearly $339.4 million. Source: […]
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Sen. Steiner Hayward’s bill would have employers pay for employees’ Medicaid 

As the federal government struggles to agree on how to deal with rising Medicaid costs, Oregon seems to have a solution: charge employers for their employees’ Medicaid costs. Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, who works as an OHSU family physician when not at the Capitol, has introduced SB997 this legislative session, which would penalize employers that have […]
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Some suggest CCOs need reform

Sixteen coordinated care organizations have formed across the state since the CCO model was first created in 2012. The CCOs take money from the state and decide how to spend it to manage care for local members on the Oregon Health Plan. Locally, most Douglas County residents on OHP are members of the Umpqua Health […]
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Umpqua Health Alliance aims to improve care, lower costs

In the past five years, the way health care is provided in Douglas County, especially to its lower-income residents, has dramatically changed. Privatization has been a key element in these changes. Another has been the passage of Obamacare. Source: Umpqua Health Alliance aims to improve care, lower costs | Health | nrtoday.com

Steiner Hayward Wants to Make Employers Pick up Medicaid Tab for Employees

If a large employer has full-time employees that make such low wages that they qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, SB 997 would force the employers to pay a penalty to the state to offset its cost of providing medical assistance. Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, D-Portland, has introduced a bill that would force large employers […]
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AIDS Survivors Want Insurers to Cover Surgery for Disfigurements

Many older drugs to treat AIDS and HIV contribute to a condition called lipodystrophy — abnormal atrophy and deposits of fatty tissue. The condition is often demoralizing as well as disfiguring, but some insurers don’t cover the liposuction and implants needed to correct the problem. A group of AIDS survivors and people living with HIV […]
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New Study Shows Trumpcare Bill Would Hurt Oregon Most of All States

Proposed Medicaid cuts would deprive hundreds of thousands of coverage, decimate state budget. As congressional Republicans continue today an increasingly futile search for the votes they need to repeal the affordable Care Act, a new analysis of the American Health Care Act—the GOP replacement bill—finds that Oregon would suffer more than any other state under […]
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