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After More Than Year-Long Search, Medicaid Director Returns

Oregon’s former Medicaid director Lori Coyner will return to the role on Jan. 28, filling the vacancy she left in 2017. Source: After more than year-long search, medicaid director returns

Oregon Aims to Eliminate Hepatitis C Infections

The Oregon Health Authority is moving to expand treatment for hepatitis C to everyone on the Oregon Health Plan who’s infected. Request full-text (for State Agency patrons only) Source: Oregon Aims to Eliminate Hepatitis C Infections

Oregon Health Insurance Enrollment Down With 2 Weeks To Go

Enrollment for 2019, which runs through Dec. 15, is lagging by nearly 20 percent even though subsidies are available for a family of four earning up to $100,000 and individuals who make $48,000. Oregonians who are not on Medicaid, Medicare or covered by their employer only have two more weeks to sign up for health […]
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Oregon backs off opioid limits for chronic pain

Oregon health officials have backed off of a proposal that would have limited Medicaid coverage of opioids for certain chronic pain conditions to 90 days and forced patients who have been taking opioids for longer to be tapered off those medications within a year. Source: Oregon backs off opioid limits for chronic pain

More Than 1,000 Oregonians’ Information Stolen In Health-Care Data Breach

A data breach of a tool used to enroll people in health care plans exposed the personal information of at least 1,094 Oregonians. Source: More Than 1,000 Oregonians’ Information Stolen In Health-Care Data Breach | The Lund Report

Oregon Lawmakers Tackle Plan For Statewide Health Care

The Oregon Legislature launched a panel 10 months ago to develop a roadmap for affordable statewide universal health care. The task was ambitious. Similar efforts in other states have gotten nowhere, and there is scant support at the federal level for expanding Medicaid. Request full-text (for State Agency patrons only) Source: Oregon Lawmakers Tackle Plan For […]
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Voters reject Measure 106, OK with state dollars for abortions

Voting results Tuesday show voters rejected Measure 106, which would have banned the use of public dollars to be used for certain abortions. Source: Election results: Voters reject Measure 106, OK with state dollars for abortions

Your beer would cost more if new ‘sin taxes’ get OK

Oregonians could see significant increases in alcohol and tobacco prices if a state agency succeeds in raising millions from consumers in the next two years. The Oregon Health Authority is considering seeking $784 million in new tax money for the 2019-21 state budget cycle. That includes increasing taxes on beer, wine and cider by 10 […]
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Oregon sets reform map for health plan

State to emphasize value rather than volume. The Oregon Health Policy Board approved a road map to change the way care is provided to Oregon Health Plan members, shifting to a system that will reward health care providers for improving outcomes, address the social factors that affect health and reduce barriers to mental health care. […]
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Oregon Health Plan spending jumps again

Rates for organizations administering low-income program again exceed reforms’ spending growth cap. Source: Oregon Health Plan spending jumps again