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Devlin: Oregon Would Forfeit Federal Money if Tax Referendum Held

The Republicans fighting the tax appear to have bungled their way toward the ballot, as the top legislative attorney believes that the 0.7% tax on hospitals will be collected in 2018 and 2019 regardless of an election. A successful referendum would repeal the hospital tax just for 87 days in 2017 as well as the […]
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Editorial: Richardson’s audit alert was a bullseye

The Oregon Health Authority has had its share of problems this year, not the least of which was an “audit alert” from Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s office in May. The alert came as state auditors discovered OHA had fallen behind in checking eligibility for Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) clients. The governor stepped in and […]
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Deeper look into OHA — Opinion

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown seems satisfied that convincing Lynne Saxton to resign as head of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) as of Thursday neatly solves the problem created by OHA’s outrageous, but fortunately never deployed, campaign to publicly smear one of the state’s Medicaid providers. We disagree. Source: Deeper look into OHA;

My View: Don’t repeal Oregon health care model | Opinion

The fact is, an overwhelming majority of 49 states use provider taxes to draw federal dollars into their health care systems. This plan was supported by the health care community and small business owners because we know that reducing the Medicaid population results in increased health care costs for the rest of us. Source: Pamplin […]
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Our Opinion: OHA can overcome scandalous past

The Oregon Health Plan was once viewed as an emerging national model of how to provide quality care to low-income residents. A software scandal and indefensible PR proposal are setbacks, but the right person at the top can provide the vision needed to restore the institutional health of a key state agency. Source: Pamplin Media […]
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Bipartisanship helped protect health of Oregonians this session

Provider tax, which is now threatened, makes investments in Oregonians’ health and saves funding for state police, prisons, and schools. Source: Bipartisanship helped protect health of Oregonians this session

Tim Nesbitt: Oregon shows how to govern health care reform — Guest Opinion

There is an important lesson to be learned from Oregon’s experience with the Affordable Care Act: The path to successful health care reform requires government intervention in the marketplace – not just in paying for care but in setting its price and managing its delivery. In Oregon and other states that have thrived under the […]
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A toxic scandal at OHA | Opinion |

Lynn Saxton, director of the Oregon Health Authority since 2014, resigned under pressure this week after The Portland Tribune exposed the agency’s plan to conduct a smear campaign against one of the state’s 16 Medicaid contractors. Saxton’s resignation, demanded by Gov. Kate Brown, was necessary, but it’s only a start. Source: A toxic scandal at […]
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Our View: Health agency’s tactics are appalling – Opinion

The state agency that couldn’t shoot straight when it was trying to develop the failed Cover Oregon website now appears to have shot itself in the foot. The Oregon Health Authority, which administers Medicaid, has been caught planning to manipulate news coverage to discredit a provider it is battling over reimbursement rates. The scheme, revealed […]
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Delaying health care tax risks care for a million Oregonians (Guest opinion)

Medicaid, the federal-state partnership program that provides health coverage and long-term care services for one-in-five Americans, turned 52 on July 29. One of Medicaid’s creators, Hubert Humphrey, said: “the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of […]
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