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Audit: Oregon properly screens for Medicaid

Problems with manual input remain An audit by the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office released Wednesday found the state accurately determines Medicaid eligibility, enrolls people into the program and makes payments on their behalf. At the same time, the audit came across information that hadn’t been entered into the Oregon Health Authority’s enrollment system correctly […]
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Greenlick Pushes Ballot Measure to Cap Campaign Spending of Public Players

House Joint Resolution 32 would send voters voters a measure limiting donations from publicly financed companies to political candidates to $500 per politician. The measure was put forward the same day that Rep. Nancy Nathanson, a leading recipient of campaign money from Medicaid providers, pulled Greenlick’s HB 2122 from the floor. Source: Greenlick Pushes Ballot […]
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Our View: Richardson’s fulfilling his watchdog pledge – Opinion 

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson is doing what he said he would do if elected: Use the auditing function of his office to keep a sharp eye on how state agencies spend public money. This week, he issued an “audit alert” warning that the Oregon Health Plan may be paying health benefits to Oregonians who […]
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Democrats: Medicaid concerns haven’t derailed provider tax talks

The tax could raise between $575 million and $600 million to cover part of the state’s costs of expanding the Medicaid pool. Source: Oregon Local News – Democrats: Medicaid concerns haven’t derailed provider tax talks

Editorial: State’s budget made harder by health care eligibility

Oregon lawmakers are getting down to the hard work of balancing the state’s budget for the next two years. It’s always something of a last-minute process: They do not get a final revenue forecast for the next biennium until mid-May, and the Oregon Constitution requires that they complete their work in 160 days, this year […]
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Governor Brown praises anti-tobacco efforts in Lane County

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown praised Cottage Grove and Lane County tobacco prevention policies on a swing through the city Friday, while touting ongoing efforts to lower the rate of tobacco-related deaths statewide. Brown spoke at Cottage Grove High School, joined by Oregon Health Authority officials to highlight state successes in lowering tobacco use. They marked […]
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Oregon’s Medicaid mess

“Troubling” doesn’t begin to describe the current situation at the Oregon Health Authority, which, state auditors have discovered, has been doling out hundreds of millions of dollars to tens of thousands of Medicaid recipients who may or may not be eligible for the benefits.

OHA: Determining Medicaid eligibility complicated

In response to an audit memo released by the Oregon Secretary of State this week, the Oregon Health Authority said that the process for determining eligibility for the program has been hampered by old, disparate systems for keeping track of Medicaid recipients and the failure of Cover Oregon, the state’s expensive attempt at a health […]
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Secretary of state questions Oregon’s spending on Medicaid

Richardson says hundreds of millions of dollars may be spent on those who may not be eligible As Oregon government grapples with a $1.6 billion budget hole, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson said Wednesday that the state may be spending hundreds of millions of Medi­caid dollars on Oregonians who might not qualify for the public […]
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Oregon Health Plan changes covered more people, shaved growth in cost

Former Gov. John Kitzhaber says Oregon has shown, under a plan he crafted while in office, that it can provide medical care to more people and also slow the growth of costs. Source: Oregon Local News – Kitzhaber: Oregon Health Plan changes covered more people, shaved growth in cost