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What is “The Oregon Study?” And How Did We End Up Getting Used to Justify Scrapping Public Insurance?

In 2008, a shortage of state health care dollars led to the Oregon Health Plan—our incarnation of Medicaid—being offered by lottery. Health policy scholars realized this situation could be employed as a de facto randomized controlled trial of Medicaid. Source: What is “The Oregon Study?” And How Did We End Up Getting Used to Justify […]
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Help bring dentists to the patients who need them the most — Guest Opinion

A lot has changed in the field of dentistry over the years. One thing that will always stay the same is the need for each and every person to have access to a high-quality, licensed dentist. As health care remains a hot-button issue nationally, Oregon’s legislators have also been focused on access to health care […]
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Provider tax referral could put $333 million in play

If the referral makes it to the ballot, the parts of the law in question wouldn’t go into effect unless voters approve. If a trio of Republican lawmakers is successful in referring a major state health care financing law to the ballot, at least $333 million in state revenue could be at stake. Source: Pamplin […]
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Local CCO earns $10.5M in state incentives

The coordinated care organization for Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties earned $10.5 million in incentive payments from the Oregon Health Authority after meeting a number of performance metrics for 2016. Source: Local CCO earns $10.5M in state incentives | Local | gazettetimes.com

Oregon millionaires would benefit from tax cuts under GOP repeal and replace of Affordable Care Act, critics stress

More than 200,000 Oregonians would lose federally funded health insurance under the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but a select group of wealthy Oregonians would prosper from the GOP’s accompanying tax-cut plan, a liberal-leaning organization said Friday. Citing research by other entities, Americans for Tax Fairness said an estimated 2,760 […]
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Oregon lawmakers head home after passing transportation tax and fee plan, but failing to agree on new tax on business

A difficult session for state lawmakers came to a fraught end on Friday, with the Senate forgoing the traditional joint “Sine Die” ceremony and adjourning more than three hours before the House was ready to. The split ending — the first for the Legislature since 2003 — followed a hectic final week marked by bitter […]
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Oregon Legislature adjourns difficult session with mixed outcomes

The session yielded new taxes, transportation funding, expanded health care benefits but also devolved into partisan gridlock over fiscal issues. Oregon lawmakers adjourned a contentious legislative session Friday, July 7. The more than five-month session yielded a two-year budget, new taxes, transportation funding, expanded health care benefits and staved off the need for second women’s […]
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Editorial: Oregon must be careful about adding health care entitlements

As Oregon lawmakers rush to finish business so they can go home, they’re being peppered with bills that, although they got brief attention at the beginning of this legislative session, have been on the back burner for months. One of those is Senate Bill 558, which would extend Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) coverage to children […]
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Oregon’s Medicaid Program Frustrates Midwives And Mothers-To-Be

Low-income women in Oregon who want to give birth at a birth center or at home are covered by the Oregon Health Plan if they meet certain criteria. OHP is Oregon’s Medicaid program. But midwives from around the state say it’s so difficult to get state insurance approval that women’s choices in childbirth are in […]
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Oregon says stats prove health care model works

Consumers can still weigh in before the rates are finalized, in hearings sche{img:162013}duled for July 10 and 11. As the U.S. Senate pushes to repeal Obamacare, Oregon officials say the latest round of relatively low health insurance rate hikes here show that the law doesn’t need to go. “There’s a lot here that leaves us […]
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