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Tue 8 AM | Oregon’s Medicaid Approach Helps Minorities

There is a race gap in many things in America, health care among them. Health outcomes are just generally better for people with white skin. Source: Tue 8 AM | Oregon’s Medicaid Approach Helps Minorities

Oregon’s numbers fall short

In the curious form of mathematics that apparently is practiced in Salem, the way to help rural economies is to fail to renew a state contract that employs 54 people, and a year or so later hire 10 new state employees. At least those are the numbers that apply in Baker City. Source: Oregon’s numbers […]
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Oregon DOJ launches FamilyCare charity probe

More than $70 million at stake following Oregon Health Plan provider’s shut-down. It’s been more than a month since the provider FamilyCare Inc. left the Oregon Health Plan over a rate dispute, requiring more than 110,000 low-income members to make other arrangements for their care. But the organization remains mired in litigation with state officials, […]
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Trillium Community Health Plan dramatically boosts reserves, raising concern among advocates for CCO reform

Centene Corp., the Missouri-­based owner of Trillium Community Health Plan, dramatically boosted Trillium’s financial reserves after buying the coordinated care organization more than two years ago. Trillium, one of 15 CCOs in Oregon, manages Oregon Health Plan, or Medicaid, services for 87,000 low-income and disabled Lane County residents and 2,000 residents of western Douglas County. […]
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Don’t ration Medicaid | Opinion

Capping lifetime benefits is a bad idea. A proposal by the Trump administration to impose lifetime limits on adults’ access to Medicaid coverage is a recipe for disaster. Medicaid, which is a joint state and federal program, provides health care coverage to low-income and disabled people. Recipients are the working poor, children, the elderly and […]
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Health Share welcomes new members (Guest opinion)

In December 2010, the Oregon Health Policy Board issued Oregon’s Action Plan for Health, laying out strategies that reflected the urgency of the health care crisis and a timeline for actions. The problems were well known: costs were too high, outcomes were unsatisfactory, and care was fragmented. Less than two years later, in August 2012, […]
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Steady funding anchors health care

Voter-approved Medicaid measure brings a healthy dose of stability to local caregivers Local health care organizations breathed a sigh of relief last month when voters passed Measure 101, securing $550 million for Oregon’s Medicaid program through mid-2019. Source: Steady funding anchors health care

Oregon’s Legislative Scorecard

What happened at the Statehouse last summer This 2017 Oregon bill is the one most likely to make Breitbart followers’ heads explode: The new law locks Roe v. Wade protections for legal abortion into state law. Source: Oregon’s Legislative Scorecard

Stable, Professional, Transparent: Leaders Articulate Goals for Oregon’s Continued Health Reforms

The week before the state Legislature convenes for a short session, agency leaders and elected officials say now is the time to start planning for a $1.5 billion Medicaid funding gap the state will face in two years. No matter what happens in Washington, D.C., Oregon is pushing health reform forward, leaders of state agencies […]
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Farewell to FamilyCare (Guest opinion)

When FamilyCare Health opened in 1984, the landscape for health care was very different. There were no “coordinated care organizations,” the regional provider networks that now provide services to Oregonians on Medicaid. Back then, only the poorest of the poor had any options for health care. But during that time, FamilyCare was there, supporting affordable […]
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