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Eugenics — In The Shadow Of Fairview

When Ruth Morris was a teenager, her family was given a choice — their daughter could either be sterilized by the state or stay in an institution. Her father signed a paper allowing the surgery, and forever taking away her ability to have a child. Source: Eugenics — In The Shadow Of Fairview . News […]
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Explainer: How Oregon’s citizen’s arrest law works

While it is legal, it’s not encouraged because it opens the citizen up to liability and danger. If you’ve ever heard a person threaten to put someone on citizen’s arrest, but wondered if it’s a real option, the short answer is: yes. But while it’s technically legal to do, it’s not a common solution and […]
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Oregon uses coronavirus data to make decisions about reopening. It refuses to release that data.

The Oregon Health Authority is shielding statistics by invoking a state law. Source: Oregon uses coronavirus data to make decisions about reopening. It refuses to release that data.

Suit: TriMet’s no-cash bus fare policy violates Oregon law

Attorney Alan Kessler makes push for fareless transit system with April 10 lawsuit filed in Multnomah County. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Suit: TriMet’s no-cash bus fare policy violates Oregon law

An Influential Criminal Justice Panel Includes More Democrats Than Oregon Statutes Allow

Their policy discussions and research have underpinned aggressive reforms. Source: An Influential Criminal Justice Panel Includes More Democrats Than Oregon Statutes Allow – Willamette Week

First Murder Case Moved to Juvenile Court Under New Oregon Law

A Eugene teen accused of killing a sleeping homeless man will be the first such defendant in over two decades to be tried in the juvenile system rather than a normal court. Last year’s Senate Bill 1008 modified a 1994 law which required that anyone 15 or older charged with certain felonies be automatically tried […]
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Resolution making health care a right in Oregon moves closer to ballot

Four could be the charm for a Rep. Mitch Greenlick’s longstanding effort to amend the Oregon Constitution to ensure that every resident has access to affordable, quality health care. House Joint Resolution 202, also known as the Hope Amendment, passed out of the Senate Committee on Health Care on Tuesday, and is headed to the floor. […]
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Many homeless people don’t know they can vote

The 2020 election is nearing, but a large portion of the Portland population doesn’t know that they can cast their vote this November. On Tuesday, KATU took to the streets to ask homeless people if they were registered to vote. Many said they didn’t know they could. According to Oregon state law, you do not […]
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National Labor Relations Board sues Oregon, wants judge to nullify state’s workplace meeting law

The National Labor Relations Board wants a federal judge to throw out an Oregon law that prohibits employers from disciplining workers who refuse to attend mandatory meetings on politics, religious matters or unions. The board filed a complaint against Friday in U.S. District Court in Portland, saying federal law preempts the state law. Source: National […]
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Pay To Play? Out-Of-State Law Firms Reap Rewards Of Oregon Campaign Contributions

For the last decade, out-of-state law firms have played an increasing role in Oregon politics. It’s paid off. Tobias Read has reason to feel good about his reelection chances this year. Read, the Democratic Oregon state treasurer, faces opposition from a Republican whom he beat narrowly in 2016, in a Democrat-dominated state where voters will be […]
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