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FamilyCare Health, OHA hope for better relationship, subpoenas debated

Top officials from the Oregon Health Authority and FamilyCare Health testified Monday that they intend to build a better working relationship after years of legal disputes and the recent revelation of a communications strategy aimed at discrediting the nonprofit coordinated care organization. Source: FamilyCare Health, OHA hope for better relationship, subpoenas debated

Metro mulls taxes for affordable housing

The Metro Council may ask voters to create a regional funding source to preserve and build more affordable housing, especially outside of Portland. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Metro mulls taxes for affordable housing

Oregon: No. 8 best state in women’s equality

New study tracks disparity between binary genders in income, executive positions, work hours, educational attainment and political representation. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Oregon: No. 8 best state in women’s equality

Sen. Jackie Winters undergoing treatment for lung cancer

Oregon Sen. Jackie Winters announced Wednesday evening that she is undergoing treatment for lung cancer, but said doctors caught it early and she is “doing very, very good.” Source: Sen. Jackie Winters undergoing treatment for lung cancer

Oregon state senator Winters says she has cancer

Oregon state senator and veteran politician Jackie Winters says she has a small cancerous tumor in her right lung and that she has been responding well to treatment. Source: Oregon state senator Winters says she has cancer | Eugene, Oregon

Pamplin Media Group – Rep. Rich Vial: Bipartisan leadership accomplished much

At the time of my election to the Oregon Legislature last November, I was not sure what to expect of the culture in Salem. Now that the 2017 regular session has adjourned, I must say that I am genuinely impressed by the degree of thoughtfulness and dedication displayed by my legislative colleagues in both chambers. […]
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State drug law’s effects are difficult to predict | Opinion |

When the Oregon Legislature adopted House Bill 2355 and sent it to the governor for her signature, there was a fair amount of hoopla in the press. One headline said the Legislature “decriminalized” drug possession (not true). Another declared that drug possession in Oregon was now a misdemeanor (only partially true). Here is what the […]
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 GOP calls for special session on health care

Republicans in the Oregon House of Representatives are calling for a special session to address the state’s Medicaid funding plan. Source: Pamplin Media Group – GOP calls for special session on health care

Bend could be ‘Ground Zero’ for GOP

Buehler’s departure could hand Democrats more control. Bend is “ground zero” for keeping Democrats from becoming a legislative superpower in Salem, capable of passing tax increases with Republicans as little more than a speed bump on the way to the state treasury, top Republicans warned Friday. GOP leaders in Salem said the decision by Rep. […]
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Peter Courtney, Oregon Senate president and state’s most-tenured lawmaker, mulls retirement

A month after lawmakers adjourned, the halls of the Capitol are quiet. But for one of the Oregon Legislature’s most powerful members, a crucial question remains unanswered: Will Senate President Peter Courtney retire? The answer will determine the tone of future legislative sessions, the power split between Oregon’s liberal and moderate Democrats, the level of […]
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