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First state-funded fast-track housing opens in Salem

Cornerstone Apartments, a 180-unit rent-capped development, is the first of 1,700 units statewide under development through the state’s new Local Innovation and Fast Track Rental program. Source: First state-funded fast-track housing opens in Salem

Econ board gets requests for funding

The details of the process have yet to be determined, but members of the Eastern Oregon Border Economic Development Board plan to make the initial awarding of money from the Economic Development Fund by March. Whether the allocations of the money will be in grants, loans or both has not be decided; the group set […]
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Sale of Elliott State Forest parcel to timber company illegal, court rules

The ruling overturns the sale of 788 acres to the Seneca Jones Timber Company and is a victory for the environmental groups that sued to stop it. Source: Sale of Elliott State Forest parcel to timber company illegal, court rules

Oregon Labor Commissioner Accuses Legislature Of Creating Hostile Workplace

Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian has accused state legislative leaders of creating a hostile work environment in which reports of sexual harassment were ignored, underplayed or buried. Source: Oregon Labor Commissioner Accuses Legislature Of Creating Hostile Workplace

Oregon Legislature briefed on fire situation across state, including financial situation

As of Saturday, the national wildfire Preparedness Level reached its highest and most sever level. As of Monday, Oregon will be following the same designation, PL-5. According to an Oregon Department of Forestry email sent to Oregon congressmen and congresswomen Monday morning, Oregon was in PL-5 for a “record-setting 42 days last year.” Doug Grafe, […]
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After spending $7M, OHA suspends effort to simplify providers’ administrative burden

The Oregon Legislature in 2013 passed a bill directing the Oregon Health Authority to simplify the credentialing process to reduce the burden and duplication by creating a centralized statewide database. Request full-text (for State Agency patrons only) Source: After spending $7M, OHA suspends effort to simplify providers’ administrative burden | Portland Business Journal

Amanda Trail Recognizes Displacement And Suffering Of First Nations During Pioneer-Era

Oregon’s history with the First Nations remains an often overlooked part of the state’s checkered legacy. But more and more, Native Americans and their supporters are highlighting aspects of Oregon’s pioneer era that may not jibe with tourist signs and old school textbooks. One story is that of Amanda Du-Cuys. U.S. soldiers put the Coos […]
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Checking the blind spot

One skier’s diagnosis revealed a big hole in Oregon’s concussion prevention laws. For young athletes in Oregon, the 2010 academic year started with pioneering protections — among the first in the nation — requiring that public school athletes be medically cleared following a concussion before returning to competition. Source: Checking the blind spot

When there’s no legislative session, what do legislators do?

But for those of us who work another job, it’s a time to go back to our places of employment. I frequently use this editorial to bring to you information about the Legislature and the process that goes on in that body. What is not spoken of very often in Oregon is what legislators do […]
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‘OPB Politics Now’: Oregon House Democratic Supermajority On The Ropes

It feels like the dog days of summer, but we have a lot of action in legislative races. In this week’s episode of “OPB Politics Now,” OPB news director Anna Griffin and OPB political reporters Lauren Dake and Jeff Mapes discuss how harassment accusations against one Central Oregon candidate could sink Democratic hopes of a […]
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