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Know functions of PERS boards | Guest Opinion

Oregon Public Employee Retirement System benefits and investments are easily confusing. There are, however, a number of web sites and publications available to help people better understand the plan, its board and the division of responsibilities between the PERS board and the board that actually handles the investments, the Oregon Investment Council. The investment history […]
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Top officials mum on information officer’s departure

Administrators and legislators say next CIO will face challenges updating state’s aging technology. Top officials, including the governor, are mum about the reasons behind the recently-announced resignation of Alex Pettit, the state’s chief information officer. But some say they want the next CIO to be someone who is collaborative, communicative and has a clear vision […]
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Roseburg Republican Will Replace Jeff Kruse In State Senate

State Rep. Dallas Heard was selected to replace Sen. Jeff Kruse in the state Senate. Kruse resigned after a pattern of “engaging in unwelcome physical contact toward females in the workplace.” Source: Roseburg Republican Will Replace Jeff Kruse In State Senate

Some question necessity of special session

Brown says she wants to help small businesses, but critics contend session has more to do with politics than policy. Source: Some question necessity of special session

Oregon Amends Data Breach Notification and Information Security Laws

In March, we reported that the Oregon legislature was considering amending its data breach notification and information security laws. That legislation has now passed the Oregon legislature and been signed into law by Oregon’s governor. Source: Oregon Amends Data Breach Notification and Information Security Laws

Lawmakers change what a tax is

By Anthony K. Smith Oregon NIFIB In 1995, the Oregon Legislature was worried about taxes. Legislators were so worried about runaway tax increases, and the punitive effects of higher taxes on Oregonians, that they passed House Joint Resolution 14, which referred a statewide ballot measure to voters asking them to amend the Oregon Constitution with […]
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Climbing school-reform’s Everest | Opinion |

Legislators hope to replicate transportation funding success in school system. A stubborn obstacle to efforts to improve Oregon’s education system is that people think they know what schools are like — everyone once attended school, and many have children or grandchildren enrolled now. That makes everyone an expert, and experts don’t need to listen to […]
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TriMet approves new budget

$1.3 billion budget increases bus service, creates low-income fare program, authorizes purchase of first electric buses. Source: TriMet approves new budget

Our View: Carbon committee should reflect urban and rural voices 

Read Oregon’s environment and economy are in a political battle. The saving grace may be a new legislative committee, which state House Speaker Tina Kotek and Senate President Peter Courtney are forming to find a solution. Source: Our View: Carbon committee should reflect urban and rural voices – Editorials – The Daily Astorian

A legislative IOU on guns: Editorial peak

It didn’t take long for the lawsuits to come in. Just days after Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, Fred Meyer and other retailers announced that they would no longer sell firearms to those under 21 years old, two Oregonians sued the retailers in separate lawsuits claiming age discrimination. Source: A legislative IOU on guns: Editorial peak | OregonLive.com