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Suzanne Bonamici gets $105 million for marine power research at OSU

Researchers hoping to generate electricity from ocean waves, including those at Oregon State University, will likely have 105 million additional federal dollars in 2019, thanks in part to Rep. Suzanne Bonamici. Source: Suzanne Bonamici gets $105 million for marine power research at OSU | OregonLive.com

OSU professor’s firing for sexual harassment, bullying upheld by Benton County judge

A Benton County judge has upheld an Oregon State University professor’s firing for bullying and sexual harassment in the first case of its kind to be heard in a state court. Source: OSU professor’s firing for sexual harassment, bullying upheld by Benton County judge | OregonLive.com

OSU logs $382M in research grants

Oregon State University brought in $382 million in research funding for the 2017-18 fiscal year, the second-highest total on record, the university announced on Wednesday. The biggest grant came from the National Science Foundation, which awarded OSU $88 million for the construction of a second coastal research vessel. Source: OSU logs $382M in research grants […]
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OSU Onion Variety Day impresses visitors 

On-schedule planting, warm May helped crop thrive. Rows, stands and bulbs looked great by most accounts at Onion Variety Day, pleasing the Oregon State University Malheur Experiment Station officials who hosted the decades-old event Aug. 28 south of Ontario. Onions, with their shallow root systems and tendency to sulk if they don’t get just the […]
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Bubble Hunters: Ocean Scientists Count Methane Seeps Off PNW Coast

Ocean researchers have found nearly 1,000 methane seep sites along the continental shelf of the Pacific Northwest. The bubble streams could be a sign of offshore energy potential, represent a greenhouse gas threat — or be neither of those things at all. Oregon State University geophysicist Bob Embley said the discovery is “eye-opening” on many […]
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OSU May Have Answered Why Mount St. Helens Isn’t Where It Should Be

For years, scientists have wondered why Mount St. Helens is out of line with other volcanoes on the Pacific Northwest’s ring-of-fire. Oregon State University scientists think they now have the answer. OSU geophysicist Adam Schultz and his team think a giant subsurface rock formation, about 25 miles in diameter, diverted magma and melted rock off the ring-of-fire’s arc. […]
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More logging won’t clear the forests of fire and smoke | Opinion

As the West sits under a stifling blanket of smoke, everyone is looking for answers. Not surprisingly, politicians aligned with the timber industry, including the Trump administration, are looking to capitalize on tragedy and increase industrial logging. Political leaders that brush off climate change and seek to increase clear-cut and old-growth logging are asking us […]
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Winemakers Of Color | Genetically Modifying Tree

A new documentary tells the story of winemakers of color in Oregon. We talk about “Red, White And Black” with director Jerry Bell Jr. and Bertony Faustin, the state’s first black winemaker and owner and winemaker at Abbey Creek Vineyard and Winery. A recent field study out of Oregon State University demonstrated that trees can […]
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Oregon State’s Earthquake-Hardened Building Under Construction In Newport

Construction is underway on the Oregon Coast for a new earthquake-hardened marine science building. It will have Oregon’s first vertical tsunami evacuation refuge on the roof. Passing through Newport, you can hardly miss the tall crane and “deep soil mixing drill” injecting cement 100 feet deep under the soon-to-be-poured foundation for Oregon State University’s new Marine […]
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OSU research combats squash-killing fungi

Researchers at Oregon State University are studying a complex of soil-borne diseases that is killing winter squash in the Willamette Valley. Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie are synonymous with autumn, but as the season draws closer, researchers at Oregon State University are targeting a complex of diseases that have hampered winter squash in recent years. […]
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