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Businesses facing new overtime rules in new year

The new year brings new overtime rules for employers including small businesses and in turn, a pay raise for an estimated 1.3 million workers. The Labor Department rules that go into effect Jan. 1 raise to $684 per week, or $35,568 a year, the threshold at which employees are exempt from being paid overtime. That’s […]
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Portland Police Officers Work Overtime for Private Employers—Sometimes Over the Objections of Bureau Brass

    One commander objected to officers working as security at the Apple Store. But the police union calls the shots. Source: Portland Police Officers Work Overtime for Private Employers—Sometimes Over the Objections of Bureau Brass – Willamette Week

Commentary: Agriculture needs overtime exemptions

The Washington Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments regarding farmworker overtime wages. If the Court rules that farm workers should receive overtime pay, it could mean fewer jobs and more insecurity for the workers who are supposed to “benefit” from the lawsuit. The cyclical nature of agriculture makes overtime exemptions a critical component of […]
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Beaverton firm must pay workers $98,000 for overtime violations – oregonlive.com

A Beaverton sheet metal company must pay $98,000 in back wages to 51 employees after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor. The department said TT&L Sheet Metal didn’t account for time its workers spent driving each week and so didn’t pay them full overtime when they worked long hours. Source: Beaverton firm must […]
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Lane County impact still unknown in proposal that makes more eligible for OT

The U.S. Department of Labor recently proposed a rule that would make more than a million more American workers eligible for overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which opens a public comment period that runs until May 21. The proposal would change the salary threshold for employees who are exempt from overtime requirements, so […]
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Salem in bill-passing frenzy

Votes taken on over 50 bills, from roads to opiates. With the finish line in sight, the Oregon Legislature put the pedal to the metal on Wednesday, voting a day early on a massive road-building plan, while more than 50 bills — everything from abortion to opiates, illegal GPS tracking and raising the age to […]
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Oregon wineries, food processors oppose proposed work week limit

Oregon’s food processors and wineries are alarmed by a bill to reduce the maximum number of hours that manufacturing employees can work per week. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Oregon wineries, food processors oppose proposed work week limit

Oregon judge rules against double OT for manufacturing employees

An expanded interpretation of overtime for manufacturing employees in Oregon — now the subject of a dispute between business groups and a state agency— was rejected by a Multnomah County Circuit Court judge. Source: Oregon judge rules against double OT for manufacturing employees – Portland Business Journal

Editorial: Change back state policy on overtime

Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries changed in December the way some employers should calculate overtime. Some workers now get a kind of double counting of overtime. The Legislature should change the law back. Source: Editorial: Change back state policy on overtime;

Oregon Legislature to take up disputed manufacturing-industry overtime interpretation

Lawmakers will consider legislation that would override a state agency’s disputed interpretation of Oregon manufacturing-industry overtime law. The dispute centers on December advice issued by the Bureau of Labor and Industries that applied to manufacturing businesses that are required to pay daily overtime for work past 10 hours, and weekly overtime for work past 40 […]
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