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Editorial: PERS panel must work in the public eye

Gov. Kate Brown has convened a special panel to try to find at least $5 billion worth of additional revenue to help fill the $24.5 billion unfunded liability in the state’s Public Employees Retirement System. Brown’s charge to the panel is to report back by Nov. 1 with a variety of ideas (even those that […]
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Bentz: Legislature should prioritize revenue/PERS reform

A coalition has filed an initiative petition requiring state and local agencies to use excess revenue to pay down PERS obligations. A prominent legislator who helped shepherd a massive transportation package through the Legislature earlier this year is meeting resistance from leadership on his calls to prioritize budget and tax reform. Source: Pamplin Media Group […]
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Editorial: Secrecy does not help find a PERS solution

Oregon’s politicians have done an appallingly poor job of managing the costs of the state’s pension fund. Would things get better with more secrecy? No. But Gov. Kate Brown has given her blessing that her task force set up to brainstorm $5 billion worth of solutions can meet in complete secrecy. Source: Editorial: Secrecy does […]
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PERS panel close to finishing

Brown wants $5 billion in new revenue ideas by Nov. 1. Gov. Kate Brown’s special panel tasked with finding money to help pay for $24.5 billion in unfunded state benefits looked at ideas big and small during a meeting Friday to winnow suggestions on how to generate more money for the state’s cash-strapped Public Employees […]
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Task force mulls options to reduce PERS liability

Gov. Kate Brown has charged the task force to reduce the unfunded liability, by $5 billion. A seven-member task force Friday discussed different ways to leverage state assets to help pay down the $24.2 billion unfunded actuarial liability in the Public Employees Retirement System. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Task force mulls options to reduce […]
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‘OPB Politics Now’: How Are We Going To Fix PERS?

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is under pressure to reduce the state’s liability for the public pension system. This week, the governor’s task force on the pension deficit put forth several ideas for how to do that. Many of those ideas would end up costing all Oregonians. Source: ‘OPB Politics Now’: How Are We Going To Fix PERS? . News […]
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PERS task force solutions have uncertain future

Some proposals floated by the governor’s task force involve substantial policy changes. Source: Pamplin Media Group – PERS task force solutions have uncertain future

Editorial: Kate Brown cuts and runs on PERS

Gov. Kate Brown’s task force is weighing almost uniformly terrible ways to reduce the $24 billion unfunded liability of the state pension system. The task force is trying to come up with $5 billion for the Public Employees Retirement System. The brainstorming includes dinging Oregonians with taxes, fees, surcharges and raids on state funds and […]
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Dubious PERS bailouts | Opinion

Some of task force’s ideas invite trouble. The Public Employees Retirement System’s $24.5 billion unfunded liability is a pair of cement overshoes on Oregon’s future. Keeping the state’s pension promises to public employees will require higher taxes, reduced public services or both for a generation. Reducing that liability is an urgent assignment — otherwise, resources […]
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Legislative accomplishments more of a puzzle — Guest Opinion

Legislative accomplishments more of a puzzle. The 2017 Legislative session in Salem has ended, the dust has settled and the senators and representatives have resumed life in their local communities. Folks want to know what got done in Salem. Well, that’s the hard part because there is no single answer. Source: Legislative accomplishments more of […]
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