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Change brings new challenges, opportunities

We hope these new elected officials will work hard to learn the issues, bring a new sense of collegiality and energy with them, and avoid being swallowed by the political wars. Oregon is slogging through an economic paradox: we are experiencing near- record economic performance, but that performance is eclipsed by what could be a […]
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Editorial: Legislators can chip away at PERS woes

This year’s short legislative session kicks off this week with two rarities. First, legislators convene in Salem with a bit of good news about the state’s beleaguered public pension system: Thanks to the boom in the stock market, the system’s investments generated a 15.3 percent return last year. Source: Editorial: Legislators can chip away at […]
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PERS gains aren’t enough | Editorial

Some rare good news from the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System: Last year the pension fund earned 15.3 percent on its invested assets, more than double its assumed rate of return. The resulting gain erased $3 billion from PERS’s $25.3 billion unfunded liability. That’s $3 billion that won’t need to be paid into the fund […]
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League eyes legislative session beginning Monday

The League of Oregon Cities believes the 35-day legislative session beginning Feb. 5 will feature fewer bills than normal but be noteworthy for the “depth of policy debate” that will ensue. Issues will include the plagued Public Employee Retirement System and its funding, tax reform as it relates to education, the lack of affordable housing […]
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Public pension system exceeds return expectation for 2017

Thanks to a red-hot stock market, Oregon’s public pension system investment portfolio generated a 15.3 percent return last year, more than double what was expected and sufficient to lop $3 billion or so off the system’s $25 billion unfunded liability. Source: Public pension system exceeds return expectation for 2017

Editorial: Great earnings don’t mean PERS issues are over

The stock market’s record run has been good for the state’s Public Employees Retirement System. The state’s PERS assets earned a rate of return of 15.3 percent — double what the state had assumed. Those bull market returns could shave a few billions off the system’s $25 billion shortfall in meeting debts. Source: Editorial: Great […]
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PERS investment returns surged 15.3% in 2017, more than twice expectations

The hot stock market helps lop $3 billion from the Oregon public pension system’s $25 billion unfunded liability. Source: PERS investment returns surged 15.3% in 2017, more than twice expectations

Editorial: House bill would eliminate PERS conflict of interest

Legislators, judges and statewide officials helped build Oregon’s Public Employees Retirement System. Over decades, they have made thousands of decisions that helped create the complex and underfunded problem it has become. They are also beneficiaries of that system. Source: Editorial: House bill would eliminate PERS conflict of interest;

At the end of a difficult year: Editorial

The work that’s been done, the work that remains ahead The Oregonian/OregonLive Editorial Board’s agenda helps us track developments in key public policy realms, always with the hope of keeping Portland and Oregon on the path toward the best possible outcomes. We identified several priorities and throughout the year, pushed for our state and local leaders […]
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Gov. Brown’s year of failures: Guest opinion

As another year comes to an end, it’s important to reflect on how well our leaders have served the needs of Oregonians and to set priorities for the new year. When Gov. Kate Brown took office, she told Oregonians, “Bringing greater transparency to state government is one of my highest priorities.” Source: Gov. Brown’s year […]
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