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Sources Say: PERS problems go national in New York Times

Plus, proof that Portland is still a small town and the non-candidate raising the most campaign money in a city race. Source: Sources Say: PERS problems go national in New York Times

Editorial: Gloom, doom mounts on state pension woes

Over the weekend, The New York Times ran a long story about how states across the nation (not just Oregon) are struggling with the mounting financial obligations of their public pension systems. The story caught our attention because it’s a topic of considerable interest to Oregonians — and also because the story focused, naturally, on Oregon. […]
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“There is no investment strategy to solve the unfunded liability,” PERS CIO says

The chief investment officer of PERS talks about the complexity of investing post-financial crisis, why solving the $22 billion unfunded liability is not his concern and the poor quality of financial news reporting. Source: Oregon Business – “There is no investment strategy to solve the unfunded liability,” PERS CIO says

Know functions of PERS boards | Guest Opinion

Oregon Public Employee Retirement System benefits and investments are easily confusing. There are, however, a number of web sites and publications available to help people better understand the plan, its board and the division of responsibilities between the PERS board and the board that actually handles the investments, the Oregon Investment Council. The investment history […]
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The New York Times spotlights Oregon PERS: 5 insider facts to know

The Sunday New York Times briefly trained a national spotlight on Oregon’s underfunded public pension fund and the impact that increased pension payments are having on government employers around the state, despite increased overall budgets. Source: The New York Times spotlights Oregon PERS: 5 insider facts to know

A pair of PERS inequities

Mary Spilde will receive an annual pension of $309,437 from Oregon’s Public Employees Retirement System, and the former Lane Community College president barely cracked the top 10. There’s nothing anyone can do about it: Spilde and the other 2,143 retirees collecting pensions of more than $100,000 played by rules that the courts say can’t be […]
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A $76,000 Monthly Pension: Why States and Cities Are Short on Cash

Governments are struggling as mounting pension obligations crowd out the rest of their budgets. Oregon faces a severe, self-inflicted crisis. A public university president in Oregon gives new meaning to the idea of a pensioner. Joseph Robertson, an eye surgeon who retired as head of the Oregon Health & Science University last fall, receives the […]
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New York Times highlights PERS payments, woes

Retired OHSU president and UO football coach cited in Sunday story about increasing cost of state retirement system. The financial problems being caused by Oregon’s lavish public employee retirement payments made the front page of Sunday’s New York Times. Source: Pamplin Media Group – New York Times highlights PERS payments, woes

Oregon’s Public Employee Pension Woes Are National News

Crumbling bridges, shorter school years and fewer cops than we had in 1970? Here’s why. The New York Times regularly finds lots to love in Oregon: beer, beards, bikes, books and baristas, among other features. But on the front page of Sunday’s Times is a less positive story and one nobody in Salem seems to […]
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Ex-LCC president joins PERS elite

Mary Spilde receives a big pay bump in retirement to make the list of Oregon’s top 10 public pensioners. Oregon’s updated public pension roll has a new top beneficiary: Joe Robertson, the former president of Oregon Health & Science University. Source: Ex-LCC president joins PERS elite