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Opinion: Soaring PERS costs require active debt-management strategies

Beginning in July, state and local governments started a series of elevated payments to buy-down a $24.5 billion unfunded liability. If all goes as foreseen by the actuaries—investment returns are good and no additional missteps are made—public employers could expect relief in the late 2030s. Source: Oregon Business – Opinion: Soaring PERS costs require active […]
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New ballot bids on taxes and PERS

Bend firm on point for ballot measures. A partner in a Bend law firm with ties to the Republican Party is point man for proposed constitutional amendments on taxes and the Public Employees Retirement System. Source: New ballot bids on taxes and PERS; Bend firm on point for ballot measures

Former Oregon State Lawmaker Seeks Big Tax, Spending Changes

Two proposed ballot measures filed by former state Rep. John Davis could have a big impact on taxes and spending in Oregon. Source: Former Oregon State Lawmaker Seeks Big Tax, Spending Changes | KUOW News and Information

Business groups file initiative petitions to curb Oregon government spending

Unnamed Oregon business interests and right-wing groups filed two aggressive initiative petitions Wednesday that would clamp down on government growth and make it harder for the Legislature to raise new revenue from taxes and fees. Backers hope to send both constitutional amendments to voters on the November 2018 ballot. One of the proposals, IP 32, […]
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Buehler blames PERS while ignoring history | Opinion |

Knute Buehler, a Republican candidate for governor, misrepresents the facts and ignores history when he alleges the Public Employees Retirement System “is principally to blame” for the problems with education in Oregon (guest viewpoint, Sept. 5). Apparently his degree in history from Oregon State University is not serving him well. Source: Buehler blames PERS while […]
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Ignoring PERS problem shortchanges education | Opinion |

This week, Oregon students and teachers begin returning to one of the better funded public education systems in the country. The National Education Association, the largest teacher’s union, estimates Oregon’s spending per student in 2017 to be $12,161, which ranks 18th in the country and is above the U.S. average. Source: Ignoring PERS problem shortchanges […]
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Gov. Brown’s PERS task force considers reserve raids and tax and fee increases

Oregon could buy down its $22 billion public pension deficit by further commercializing its state-run liquor system, raiding a variety of big public reserve funds or imposing new surcharges of up to 10 percent on all state-­issued permits, licenses and registrations. Those are some of the ideas that Gov. Kate Brown’s special task force on […]
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Proposals To Cut State Pension Deficit Could Cost Oregonians

An ambitious attempt by Gov. Kate Brown to reduce the state’s $24 billion public employee pension debt could hit Oregonians in their bank accounts. Source: Proposals To Cut State Pension Deficit Could Cost Oregonians . News | OPB

True education advocates lobby for students, not teachers’ benefits: Editorial Agenda 2017

As Oregon’s K-12 students prepare for a new school year, parents eyeing larger class sizes and the state’s miserably low graduation rate should make time to do some homework themselves. The assignment: Understand what it really means to advocate for education funding. It’s more complicated than parroting cries to make corporations “pay their fair share,” […]
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Oregon schools cut staff and programs despite big budget increases

Oregon’s public schools have seen their budgets increase by more than $400 million this year, roughly double the bump they’ve gotten each of the past three years. But sharply escalating personnel costs, including for employee pensions, forced many districts to trim teaching positions and programs. Source: Oregon schools cut staff and programs despite big budget […]
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