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Lawmakers float PERS reform idea that finance experts question

Buried among the cost-containment measures state budget writers unveiled Friday was a proposal to lengthen the repayment period on Oregon’s $22 billion pension fund deficit. It’s a kick-the-can strategy that shifts the debt – and the associated risks – years down the road, an idea financial experts say could actually make matters worse. Source: Lawmakers […]
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Tensions rising as Oregon Legislature passes halfway mark

Oregon’s 2017 Legislative session hit its halfway mark last week, as hundreds of bills died for lack of committee action. That, in itself, isn’t unusual. It’s part of the regular winnowing process of legislation. Source: Tensions rising as Oregon Legislature passes halfway mark

Oregon has a spending problem

Additional business taxes and other revenue will only help if the state also curbs its spending State budget challenges are nothing new to Oregon. It seems we have spent the last two decades or more trying to balance budgets and ensure sufficient revenue to fund schools and other important public services. Source: Oregon Local News […]
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PERS debt could be worse but costs are high say schools and governments

With the burgeoning cost of public employee retirement benefits driving tuition up by 10 percent at Oregon universities and with school districts facing the same retirement costs preparing to lay off teachers, it may be hard to swallow that the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) is better than average. But Oregon’s system is better […]
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Oregon pension reform already in place, we just need to use it (Opinion) |

Everyone knows that PERS, Oregon’s government-employee pension program, is in serious financial trouble. Word has filtered in from across the state in recent weeks of coming significant layoffs, tuition and fee increases, and potentially huge tax increases to pay for constitutionally inalterable pension benefits. There is, we are told, no other way. Source: Oregon pension […]
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Republican Rep. Julie Parrish and business groups want to limit health care costs

Marc Thielman got up early, found a friend to take his seven kids to school and drove 75 miles from his home in tiny Alsea to the Oregon Legislature just to say that the health plans provided to public employees, such as teachers and state workers, aren’t really working for anybody. Source: Republican Rep. Julie Parrish and business groups […]
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Oregon Legislative Update

Oregon lawmakers have been at work for about three months now during the 2017 Legislative session. We’ll get an update from OPB political reporter Chris Lehman about how they’re moving forward with health, education, corporate taxes and the $1.6 billion budget gap. Source: Oregon Legislative Update | The Nez Perce War . Radio | OPB

Pew Charitable Trusts reports state pension funds, including Oregon’s PERS, are making riskier investments

Going hog wild into exotic investments such as hedge funds, private equity and real estate might not be the best idea for state pension plans, according to a Pew Charitable Trusts report released Wednesday. Source: Pew Charitable Trusts reports state pension funds, including Oregon’s PERS, are making riskier investments

Oregon’s budget gap, from runaway spending, can be closed with health care reforms (Opinion)

In 2011 in the midst of economic uncertainty, the Oregon House of Representatives was evenly split, 30-30. During that session, not unlike the current one, we faced a multi-billion-dollar budget shortfall. The difference? That $3.5-billion budget hole was caused by a recession beyond our direct control. This year’s $1.6 billion budget hole is self-inflicted and […]
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Our View: The silence is loud on Oregon’s tax talks

It’s time for the Oregon business community to step up and fulfill a promise many made during the Measure 97 campaign last year: Defeat Measure 97 and we’ll support a less onerous corporate tax. It’s also time for Oregon’s political leaders to step up and seek out some common ground rather than putting forward a […]
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