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Privatizing Oregon’s Largest Universities Would Be ‘Complex’

What would it look like if Oregon’s largest public universities fell into private control? It’s an idea that surfaced recently as a possible way to save the state money. But the people who floated the suggestion also acknowledged that it’s a bit of a long shot. The suggestion came as part of an effort to trim […]
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Our Opinion: Class sizes grow with PERS crisis

All of the alternatives require sacrifice – including from PERS-covered employees who are still in the work force. In many ways, that’s unfair. But the alternative is to divert more and more money away from services and into PERS. As most students, parents and teachers can attest, class sizes in Oregon’s public schools are increasing […]
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Must reduce PERS liability now | Opinion

As a Social Security/Medicare recipient, I’m told funds for both may run out by 2034. And if the current proposed tax cuts pass, Medicare and Social Security will lose trillions more, meaning severely reduced benefits or no benefits in the near future. Oregon’s Public Employees Retirement System is facing a similar dilemma: there’s no way […]
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City won’t be stashing modest pot income

The City of Keizer has received its first share of taxes on recreational marijuana sales, but it’s not going to be the boon some people might have hoped for. “This is not a game-changing event for us. It will help offset the increases in health insurance and PERS (Public Employees Retirement System) payments, but it’s […]
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Editorial: PERS problem should not be treated like fantasy

  Escapist fantasy can make for great tales — “Stranger Things,” Snow White, you name it. The outcome is not so good when Oregon’s leaders spin their fantasies on the public. C. John Larson, president of the Oregon Education Association, recently told a story of how the state’s $25 billion state pension unfunded liability is […]
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There’s a reason why we call them reserve funds — Opinion

Now that the county and one of its unions have settled their labor dispute, can we shove one little canard down a deserted mine shaft? Pointing to county reserves and contingencies totaling $184.3 million, AFSCME representative Jim Steiner made this argument: “They have the ability to pay, but I’d argue they don’t have the willingness,” […]
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Another PERS task force — Opinion

The latest effort by the state to address the demands of the Public Employees Retirement System — a task force set up by Gov. Kate Brown — resulted in a few new suggestions but little that will change the overall picture. Source: Another PERS task force

PERS fix proposal rejected by Governor Brown

The task force continues to work on ways to reduce the PERS deficit in Oregon. One of their proposals estimates the possibility of shaving off $5 billion of the $25 billion deficit by making public universities in the state private. Source: PERS fix proposal rejected by Governor Brown | KTVL

Task force recommends how to cut Oregon’s pension deficit

A task force delivered its final report Friday to Gov. Kate Brown on options to shrink the state’s bloated pension-fund deficit by $5 billion over the next five years. Two of the suggestions — including privatizing the state’s public universities — didn’t thrill the Democratic governor. Source: Task force recommends how to cut Oregon’s pension […]
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OUR VIEW: We need solutions, not possibilities – Editorials

The best idea to come from Gov. Kate Brown’s PERS task force was creating a matching fund to help schools and local government pay for their pension liabilities. The Oregon Public Employees Retirement System serves some 900 public employers in addition to state government. A state match — say, 25 cents on the dollar — […]
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