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Lower PERS return rates? Board to tackle politically fraught issue

Board members of Oregon’s public pension system will begin a politically fraught discussion Friday about whether to lower the key economic assumption used in valuing the pension system’s liabilities. If they do, it could lead to another jump in the system’s deficit, which currently stands at $22 billion. In turn, that would require a significant, […]
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Oregon State Funds Seek to Beef Up Staff

The treasury is requesting a nearly $10 billion budget increase in order to hire more investment and support staff for its $94 billion portfolio. Source: Oregon State Funds Seek to Beef Up Staff | Institutional Investor

Oregon Set to Privatize Several Agencies

A woefully ailing pension system is forcing the profligate state into fiscal responsibility. Source: Oregon Set to Privatize Several Agencies | The Weekly Standard

Gov. Kate Brown’s Team Can Indeed Consider the Sale of TriMet

Transit agency disputes Brown’s authority to use its assets to pay down pension liability. On May 17, WW reported on Gov. Kate Brown’s plan to sell $5 billion in public assets to erase part of the state’s $22 billion unfunded pension liability. Source: Gov. Kate Brown’s Team Can Indeed Consider the Sale of TriMet – […]
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The Oregonian PERS database is updated with 2016 retirements

The Oregonian/OregonLive’s database of PERS retirees has been updated with information about 2016 retirements. The Oregonian originally had requested the information from the Public Employees Retirement System in 2011. Source: The Oregonian PERS database is updated with 2016 retirements | OregonLive.com

What will happen to PERS money in Salem-Keizer?

The Salem-Keizer School District is facing a $21 million deficit. Funds originally set aside to cover PERS costs may be part of the solution. Superintendent Christy Perry presented a budget to the district’s budget committee Tuesday. The total proposed budget for 2017-18 is $671 million, about $6 million less than the current school year budget. Source: […]
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Proposed district budget would cut positions, increase class sizes

Classes will get bigger, nearly 70 positions will be cut, teachers will have less training, and aid for students in poverty will be reduced. Those changes are the result of the Salem-Keizer School District’s 2017-2018 proposed budget. Source: Proposed district budget would cut positions, increase class sizes

Gov. Kate Brown announces three-pronged approach to cut state costs

Gov. Kate Brown said Thursday she wants the state and local governments to sell off or borrow against real estate and other assets to help pay for the ever-growing expense of the public employee retirement system. She also said she wants the state to do a better job collecting debt owed to it by taxpayers […]
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PERS rate change could bring more pension pain

The citizen’s panel tasked with overseeing Oregon’s public pension fund investments began a much-anticipated debate Wednesday on how much it can expect to earn from those investments over the next decade. Sounds wonky. And it was. But bureaucrats and politicians throughout the state are keeping tabs on the outcome, as it could have a major […]
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Oregon Governor Signs Executive Order On Collective Bargaining

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed an executive order aimed at improving the way the state negotiates with its unionized workers. The order establishes that money set aside for collective bargaining will now include salary increases and health care costs. Source: Oregon Governor Signs Executive Order On Collective Bargaining | KLCC