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Drugmakers Blamed For Blocking Generics Have Jacked Up Prices And Cost U.S. Billions

The Trump administration is shaming brand-name drugmakers who refuse to sell samples so generics can be made from their products. Makers of brand-name drugs called out by the Trump administration for potentially stalling generic competition have hiked their prices by double-digit percentages since 2012 and cost Medicare and Medicaid nearly $12 billion in 2016, a […]
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As Courts See Local Flood of Opioid Lawsuits, Litigation Strategies Can Vary By State

In Arkansas and other states, city and county associations have led a full-out charge against the pharmaceutical industry. There’s no doubt that there are many state and local governments currently bringing lawsuits against drug manufacturers and distributors in hopes of seeking damages related to the opioid abuse epidemic. There are so many that it’s sometimes […]
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Transparency on drug pricing could help reduce costs | Editorials

The Oregon Legislature took action mandating details for steep price increases. The Oregon Legislature sent a shot across the bow of Big Pharma this month. Lawmakers approved a measure mandating pharmaceutical companies to publicly explain any steep price increases in their products. Source: Transparency on drug pricing could help reduce costs | Editorials | union-bulletin.com

Bipartisan Support for Drug Price Transparency Shows Limits of PhRMA’s Clout

While transparency advocates did not get everything they wanted from health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers, the drug manufacturers will have to explain steep price hikes beginning July 2019. Sweeping bipartisan majorities last week passed into law House Bill 4005,setting up a system for the state to demand more transparency from drug manufacturers about their […]
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Drug Price Transparency Clears Second Hurdle

Backers of HB 4005 were able to fight off excessive delays to a bill that would require pharmaceuticals to explain price hikes of over 10 percent per year. The drug transparency bill passed out of a key budget subcommittee with just minor changes on a 6-2 vote Tuesday, setting up a vote in the Joint […]
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Editorial: Bill would unfairly single out drug manufacturers

State Rep. Dennis Linthicum, R-Klamath Falls, never has aimed to add a bunch more laws or regulations to the state. He wrote that Oregon needed “de-Legislators who will lessen the burdens placed on Oregon’s businesses, families and individuals.” But he is one of the chief sponsors of a bill to add burdens on prescription drug […]
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Documents reveal subversive campaign to defeat legislation

-Pharmaceutical industry interests retain a Virginia company to recruit Oregonians to make calls to 13 lawmakers to derail House Bill 4005- A Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group funded by ­pharmaceutical interests is spending big money to drum up a secretive ­citizen letter-­writing campaign in Oregon to help kill a drug pricing transparency bill in the Legislature. […]
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Opioid crisis about more than mere negligence — Guest Opinion

For years, the opioid crisis was described as one of negligence. In this narrative, doctors overprescribed pills that shouldn’t have gone to patients and pharmaceutical companies overzealously promoted medications while playing down the risks. But new reporting demonstrates how this version, as worrying as it sounds, might understate the role of drugmakers in the opioid […]
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Steve Duin: The real drug czars

Purdue is the creative force and marketing genius behind OxyContin, the king of the opioids. Since the prescription painkiller was released to great fanfare in 1995, it has generated $35 billion in revenue. You are awash, I know, in holiday reading lists. But before you curl up by the fire with another epic tale of […]
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Are We Headed for a Settlement With Opioid Manufacturers? — Opinion

Lawsuits against opioid manufacturers continue to pile up around the country. Elected officials who have seen their communities ravaged by addiction are pointing fingers at pharmaceutical companies; alleging that drug manufacturers inappropriately downplayed the risks of prescription opioids while overstating their benefits.   Source: Are We Headed for a Settlement With Opioid Manufacturers?