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At Forum on Pharmaceutical Costs, Panelists Seek to Dodge Blame

Wednesday’s Oregon Health Forum breakfast, which looked at drug pricing, revealed the complexity of the issue – and the political will necessary to enact any changes. Representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, consumers, drug-management plans and a big health insurer gathered on Wednesday at Portland’s Multnomah Athletic Club, along with an academic and a politician, to […]
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Fed up with opioid deaths, Multnomah County sues drug makers for $250 million

Multnomah County claims the pharmaceutical industry has promoted the widespread use of opioids, such as OxyContin, despite the known dangers of using the drugs long term and for chronic pain. Multnomah County has joined a list of other counties, cities and states across the nation in filing a lawsuit against major U.S. pharmaceutical companies, accusing […]
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Multnomah County Sues Big Pharma for $250 Million, Charging It Fueled Opioid Crisis

The county sues 23 national drug makers, including Perdue, Watson and Johnson & Johnson. Multnomah County sued nearly two dozen pharmaceutical drug makers Thursday, accusing them of fueling the opioid crisis by downplaying the risk of addiction and falsely claiming long-term use of pain pills was beneficial. Source: Multnomah County Sues Big Pharma for $250 […]
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County plans lawsuit over opioid epidemic, says companies knowingly marketed harmful drugs

Around 170 people die from prescription opioids each year in Oregon, according to Oregon Health Authority.Multnomah County authorities say the epidemic has cost the county as much as $100 million so far. Now they’re planning a major lawsuit. Source: County plans lawsuit over opioid epidemic, says companies knowingly marketed harmful drugs | KATU

America’s Addiction to Abusive Drug Pricing | Columnists | Guest Opinion

Consider what got Martin Shkreli in trouble with the law. Shrkeli is the infamous “pharma bro” who bought patents to lifesaving drugs then hiked their prices to obscene levels. In one egregious example, he raised the price of a 62-year-old drug crucial to AIDS patients by over 5,000 percent. But this money-or-your-life extortion racket isn’t […]
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Oregon needs transparency in drug pricing | Guest opinion

As a student nurse about to enter the workforce, I am concerned about how rising drug prices increase costs across the healthcare system and for every Oregonian. The pharmaceutical industry is playing a game that has no rules and patients are losing. Prescription drug prices are growing faster than any other health care sector. That’s […]
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Oregon Delegates Committee to Expand Pharmacy Services

HB 2397 will allow patients to avoid a trip to the doctor for a growing number of routine prescription medications and medical devices by allowing a committee to decide which products a pharmacist may appropriately prescribe. The state has previously authorized pharmacists to dispense medications such as birth control, but the Legislature needed to pass […]
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Attempt to curb pharmaceutical prices in Oregon runs into drug-industry opposition in Legislature

An ambitious attempt to try to rein in prescription drug prices on about a third of Oregon health insurance plans has run into a buzz saw of opposition in the Capitol. The concept of curbing fast-growing drug costs is very popular with voters nationally, polls show. Democratic and Republican state lawmakers say high prices are […]
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