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Editorial: Oregonians need to be able to easily identify police officers

Just a few days ago we wrote about how police officers in Portland were covering up their names on their uniforms with their badge numbers. It’s an authorized policy by the police department. But it may create problems for police accountability. Source: Editorial: Oregonians need to be able to easily identify police officers | Opinion […]
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Editorial: A new trap in Oregon’s public records law

What if you were told you could not file a complaint against a police officer without the police officer’s name, but police officers were covering up the names on their uniforms with tape over their ID number? Some of you would just march down to the police department and make a public records request — […]
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Editorial: Oregon should not ban all use of chokeholds by police

Oregon legislators will be discussing a bill this week that prohibits police from using chokeholds under any circumstances. It’s not a good change. Legislators forbade the use of chokeholds in the 2020 special session — except in situations when a law enforcement officer may use deadly force. The change in the law was a direct […]
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Oregon’s U.S. Attorney demands ‘violent extremists’ leave, called City Council’s move barring Portland police cooperation with feds ‘nonsensical’

Oregon’s U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams on Saturday called it “nonsensical, political theater” for Portland city officials to bar local police from collaborating with federal officers and urged local citizens to demand the “violent extremists” who attempt to breach the fence outside the federal courthouse each night to leave. Source: Oregon’s U.S. Attorney demands ‘violent […]
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‘It is an honorable profession’: Where do local departments stand on defunding police?

Criminal justice reform was a prime issue for the Oregon Legislature’s special session last month. Meanwhile, the local conversation on police reform in Eugene is just starting. Six bills on police reform were passed by Oregon lawmakers in the June session, a session prompted in part by nationwide and Oregon protests against police brutality. State […]
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Oregon AG Presses For Immediate Changes To Federal Protest Enforcement

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is asking for a temporary restraining order to stop federal officers from anonymously snatching protesters off Portland streets. Source: Oregon AG Presses For Immediate Changes To Federal Protest Enforcement . News | OPB

New Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against Federal Law Enforcement For Actions In Portland

The Western States Center, the First Unitarian Church of Portland, two state representatives and an ACLU legal observer are listed as plaintiffs in a new federal lawsuit citing protesters’ 10th Amendment rights. Source: New Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against Federal Law Enforcement For Actions In Portland . News | OPB

AG Rosenblum | Daryl Turner | Metolius Train – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The Oregon attorney general filed a lawsuit alleging that the federal government has violated Oregonians’ civil rights. The Portland police union president condemns protests, but not the actions of federal officers. The Oregon Department of Justice is suing several federal agencies involved in the response to Portland protests. The lawsuit accuses the agencies of engaging in “unlawful […]
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Use of emergency agreement by Portland police and Multnomah County Sheriff raises questions

Portland police and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office have received help from more than a dozen law enforcement agencies responding to the protests. At least two of the partnering agencies are operating under a new agreement that has no stipulations for public transparency or police oversight. Source: Use of emergency agreement by Portland police and […]
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Evidence shows Portland police working with federal officers at protests, contradicting city officials

Hours after Wheeler’s most recent public plea for federal agents to leave, Portland police engaged in an advance on protesters that was clearly coordinated with federal officers. Friday wasn’t first time, nor the most explicit, that Portland police were seen acting in tandem with federal officers. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has repeatedly said the police […]
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