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Hispanic leaders surge into state’s political future

Juan Carlos Gonzalez was a Forest Grove High School junior when he met President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C., through the American Legion’s Boys Nation program. Meeting the nation’s first black president made a lasting impression on Gonzalez, the son of Mexican immigrants. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Hispanic leaders surge into state’s political future

2018 elections: Gun control, tariffs and the other issues that have literally fallen off the map

State Library Ed. Note:  I am including this story because the graphics may illustrate what is on the mind of Oregon citizens from their Google searches. Mapping issues the issues that dominated the nation’s consciousness earlier in the year, but aren’t attracting any interest as the midterms near. In the headlong plunge toward the midterms, […]
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If you think campus speech is all angry confrontation, you’re looking in the wrong places

Students can build understanding across the political divide — but there are limits. The California College Republicans’ 2018 platform has generated controversy because it uses terms such as “degenerate,” “fascist-minded” and “terrorist” to characterize the stances of groups it opposes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, groups such as the executive council of these campus Republicans, who seek out […]
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Ben Sasse: Deepfakes could send American politics into a tailspin

We should all be concerned about ‘deepfakes.’ Flash forward two years and consider these hypotheticals. You’re seated at your desk, having taken your second sip of coffee and just beginning to contemplate the breakfast sandwich steaming in the bag in front of you. You click on your favorite news site, one you trust. “Unearthed Video […]
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When It Comes To Wildfire, Politics Lag Behind Science

Western politicians who represent fire-prone regions are reluctant to tell their smoke-weary constituents that there sometimes needs to be more fire in the forest. Rich Fairbanks walks a forest trail through a stretch where two wildfires have burned in the last six years. The ground is mostly bare, and the tree trunks are striped with […]
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Interfering in elections | Opinion |

Oregon was one of Cambridge Analytica’s targets. Anyone who wants to see the extent to which entities from outside the United States are becoming involved in U.S. elections need look no further than Oregon’s 4th Congressional District. Source: Interfering in elections | Opinion | Eugene, Oregon

West Coast Democrats Behind ‘Great Blue Wall’ Push Progressive Climate Agenda

Later this week, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown will discuss how the West Coast can push a progressive agenda to curb carbon emissions. For years, Inslee — who has been called the green governor — has pushed to tax his state’s biggest polluters. But with a Republican-controlled state Senate, the ambitious […]
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Poised for West Coast Dominance, Democrats Eye Grand Agenda

State Library Ed. Note: Story added because it discusses the possibility on intrastate policies being enacted by West Coast states. It is the stuff of liberal fantasies: a vast, defiant territory, sweeping along the country’s Pacific coastline, governed by Democrats and resisting President Trump at every turn. A single election in a wealthy Seattle suburb […]
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As Democrats seek to repair national image, party passes law in Oregon requiring insurers to cover abortion at no cost | Opinion

Just as Democrats are kicking up their efforts to prove the party can be a comfortable home for centrist voters, leftists in Oregon passed a law making that pitch even more laughable than it already was. Source: As Democrats seek to repair national image, party passes law in Oregon requiring insurers to cover abortion at […]
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Business & Labor Politics | Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Business & Labor Politics | Oregon Governor Kate Brown Source: Business & Labor Politics | Oregon Governor Kate Brown . Radio | OPB