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Drug pricing bills in Oregon Legislature get first hearing

The first public hearing on a series of bills designed to lower the cost of prescription drugs in Oregon became heated Tuesday afternoon after House Health Committee Chairman Mitch Greenlick pushed representatives from two medical biotechnology organizations on why pharmaceutical companies couldn’t give the state and consumers a 60-day warning on prescription drug price increases. […]
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County-run medical clinics slash opioid prescriptions

As national overdose crisis continues, Lane County’s initiative has drawn notice and accolades. Health clinics run by Lane County have moved aggressively to reduce opioid prescriptions to patients in response to ongoing national concerns about fatal overdoses from the highly addictive drugs. Source: County-run medical clinics slash opioid prescriptions

Lawmakers Eye Canada To Bring Prescription Drug Costs Down

Prescription drug prices have dominated the health care agendas of Oregon lawmakers so far this session, with a Canadian importation plan among the proposals introduced into the Legislature. Request full-text (State Agency patrons only) Source: Lawmakers Eye Canada To Bring Prescription Drug Costs Down | The Lund Report

Oregon one of many states struggling with patient drug privacy

Oregon is one of many states around the country looking for ways to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to access state prescription drug databases without a warrant or court order, causing local and national privacy and patient rights groups to cry foul. Source: Oregon one of many states struggling with patient drug privacy […]
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Legislature 2019: Why Oregon might try to import prescription drugs from Canada

Oregon lawmakers are exploring a new approach to reducing prescription drug prices: import them from Canada. The Senate Committee on Wednesday held a hearing on Senate Bill 409, which would direct the State Board of Pharmacy to pursue wholesale importation of prescription drugs into Oregon. A similar bill pending in the Oregon House requires the Oregon Health […]
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California Adds Its Clout to States Battling High Drug Prices

Gavin Newsom dived into the highly charged debate over prescription drug prices in his first week as California’s governor, vowing action on a topic that has enraged the public but has proved resistant to easy fixes. His idea: Find strength in numbers. Within hours of taking office on Monday, Mr. Newsom signed an executive order proposing […]
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Restrictions On Mifepristone Limit Women’s Access To Miscarriage Treatment

Despite evidence that mifepristone can help recovery from miscarriages, access to the medicine, which is commonly used to provide abortions, remains limited. When Kirstin Herbst found out she was pregnant last winter, she and her fiancé were overjoyed. But when she went to the doctor for her first ultrasound, she found out she was having […]
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Louisiana adopts ‘Netflix’ model to pay for hepatitis C drugs

Louisiana’s alternative way of paying for expensive hepatitis C drugs could become a model for other states struggling with high drug prices. Louisiana officials announced Thursday that their state would become the first to move forward with a new way to pay for expensive hepatitis C treatments, which could dramatically increase the number of people […]
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State law shields some doctors from scrutiny

Legislators put little teeth into a 2018 law that requires doctors to register for a program that monitors drug prescriptions. State officials know of 160 doctors with suspicious prescribing patterns, but Oregon law shields those doctors from further scrutiny. Source: Pamplin Media Group – State law shields some doctors from scrutiny

Gov. Gavin Newsom throws California into battle against health care costs

Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed a broad overhaul of health care on his first day in office Monday, promising to throw the state’s financial power into an effort to lower prescription drug costs, expand Obamacare so middle-class families can receive subsidies to buy insurance, and offer Medi-Cal coverage to undocumented immigrants up to age 26. Newsom […]
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