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Editorial: Trump renews DOA proposal on BPA grid

Almost overlooked in the fuss last week over the release of President Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget was a renewed call from the administration to sell the electrical grid operated by the Bonneville Power Administration. Source: Editorial: Trump renews DOA proposal on BPA grid | Editorial | democratherald.com

Trump Budget Proposes Selling Off Bonneville Power Transmission Lines (Again)

The Trump administration wants to sell off publicly-owned utility transmission lines. The most recent budget proposal also suggests a move that could raise rates for Bonneville Power Administration customers. The proposal isn’t sitting well with Northwest politicians, Bonneville Power Administration customers, or clean energy advocates. Source: Trump Budget Proposes Selling Off Bonneville Power Transmission Lines […]
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Privatizing Oregon’s Largest Universities Would Be ‘Complex’

What would it look like if Oregon’s largest public universities fell into private control? It’s an idea that surfaced recently as a possible way to save the state money. But the people who floated the suggestion also acknowledged that it’s a bit of a long shot. The suggestion came as part of an effort to trim […]
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Yanez: The UO should be a private university — Opinion

When people hear about university administrators earning more than half a million dollars annually, they might think the administrators work for a private university. Collectively, the University of Oregon’s 11 administrative leaders earn more than $2 million in salaries and car allowances. This may be unsustainable with a dwindling in-state undergraduate population. According to a 2016 Washington Post article, […]
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Privatising the Northwest’s transmission system

The most recent budget proposal produced by the Trump administration included plans to sell off the publicly-owned Bonneville Power Administration’s in the Pacific Northwest. Trump’s will be the fourth attempt to take it out of public hands, but will he succeed where others have failed? The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is a non-profit federal marketing […]
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Our view: Perry and the BPA – Editorials

Rick Perry, the former Texas governor with aspirations for the presidency and now head of the Department of Energy, visited Umatilla County last week. He stopped at McNary Dam and toured the Bonneville Power Administration transmission facility operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Source: Our view: Perry and the BPA – Editorials – […]
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Energy Secretary Perry visits McNary Dam; mum on BPA sale

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry met with reporters Monday following a tour of McNary Dam outside Umatilla. U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry was noncommittal Monday when asked about a proposal in the president’s budget to privatize the Bonneville Power Administration transmission grid following a tour of McNary Dam along the Columbia River. Perry, […]
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Our view: Trump wants to steal Northwest resources – Editorials

President Trump’s proposal to sell the Bonneville system’s transmission lines is pernicious – for more than one reason. As predictable as summer’s heat, another president tries to appropriate the Pacific Northwest’s largest built asset. As The New York Times reported some two weeks ago, the Trump administration aims to sell the transmission lines of the […]
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When Prisoners Are a ‘Revenue Opportunity’

As jails install systems that let inmates videochat with “visitors” no matter where they may be, it’s private companies that appear to have the most to gain. A new 384-bed jail opened in Lancaster, Ohio, earlier this summer. The building, which serves Fairfield County, replaces three smaller, antiquated facilities with a single modern one. The jail […]
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Down the Mighty Columbia River, Where a Power Struggle Looms

To ride down the Columbia River as the John Day Dam’s wall of concrete slowly fills the view from a tugboat is to see what the country’s largest network of energy-producing dams created through five decades of 20th-century ambition, investment and hubris. Nearly half of the nation’s hydropower electricity comes from more than 250 hydropower […]
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