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Explosion of rats in Eugene linked to chickens, compost

Rats are on the move in the Eugene area, and chickens and compost are to blame. In late 2016, Eugene resident Jim Kocher and his wife, Sally, began hearing strange knocking and pitter-patter sounds in the ceiling and walls of their home. Source: Explosion of rats in Eugene linked to chickens, compost | OregonLive.com

Oregon sees gains in access to HIV prevention, treatment drugs

But report says too few Oregonians getting tested Increased access to viral suppression medication that makes a person living with HIV less infectious, and to medication that prevents infection in the first place, are helping lay the groundwork for eliminating new transmissions in Oregon, according to a new report. Source: Oregon sees gains in access […]
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On the Scene: Advocacy and industry groups comment on Cleaner Air Oregon rules

Southeast Portland residents and industry representatives got a chance to comment last night on Cleaner Air Oregon, a set of rules Gov. Kate Brown proposed that would limit industrial air toxics. We captured a few comments as neighborhood advocacy groups squared off against rail company employees. Source: Oregon Business – On the Scene: Advocacy and industry […]
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Hepatitis A outbreak among homeless a byproduct of California’s housing crunch

Exorbitant housing costs are driving a public health crisis, as those living on the streets are susceptible to what is typically a developing-world disease. California’s exorbitant housing costs are driving a public-health crisis here, as a ­developing-world disease is racing through homeless encampments in cities along the coast. The hepatitis A outbreak in Los Angeles, […]
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Matthew T. Mangino: America’s opioid crisis a ‘national emergency’ — Guest Opinion

Last week, President Donald Trump directed the Department of Health and Human Services to declare the opioid crisis a public health emergency. According to The Associated Press, the opioid epidemic is the most widespread and deadly drug crisis in American history. Opioids are manmade drugs created to reduce pain, and in some instances, to curtail […]
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Lakeview flu outbreak leaves schools, families scrambling

A stomach virus has spread quickly in Lake County, first inflicting elementary students in Lakeview in attendance at Union Elementary School and spreading rapidly throughout the community. Lake County Public Health identified the spreading virus as gastroenteritis, a contagious ailment commonly known as stomach flu is spread via a norovirus that results in nausea, vomiting, […]
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Scientists Lay Out Evidence: How Climate Change Is Already Affecting Health

For decades, scientists have been making predictions about how climate change will hurt health around the world. But actually showing a link? That’s been pretty tough. Take for example, mosquito-borne diseases. It’s easy to blame rising temperatures for the global spread of Zika or the explosion of dengue fever. Mosquitoes thrive in higher temperatures, right? […]
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3 Lessons From An Alarming Case Of Mistaken Cancer Gene Test Results And Surgery

This case should be a wake-up call about the quality of DNA testing and variable guidance patients receive. Before choosing any treatment after genetic testing, hit the pause button. Ask questions. Get a second opinion. A horrifying story broke last week about a 36-year-old Oregon woman who had elective surgery to remove her uterus and breasts. Source: […]
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Marion County law enforcement, prosecutors brace for opioid epidemic

The case of the “Grandpa Bandit” made Paige Clarkson realize the addictive power of opioids. When she first became a prosecutor, Clarkson, a Marion County deputy district attorney, heroin- and opioid-related crimes were relatively rare. Source: Marion County law enforcement, prosecutors brace for opioid epidemic

Clark County among first in U.S. to link salmonella outbreak to tuna

Clark County Public Health officials were among the first to identify a nationwide salmonella outbreak linked to tuna loins and tuna steaks. Locally, the case began with five reports of illness to Clark County Public Health in late August. Since then, the outbreak has grown to 30 cases in seven states and led to a […]
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