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Portland Commissioner Chloe Eudaly’s social media use may have violated public records law

Portland Commissioner Chloe Eudaly has taken to her personal Facebook page to vent about and promote much of her work as Portland’s newest commissioner. The posts have caused a public records dilemma that’s drawn the attention of the city attorney’s office, Portland’s human resources director and Oregon state archivist Mary Beth Herkert. Source: Portland Commissioner […]
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Privacy and local pot taxes — Opinion

The budding marijuana industry in Oregon has created a direct conflict with the state’s venerable Public Records Law. Here’s the situation: Marijuana retail stores pay taxes to the cities in which they’re located. In almost every case, when a city or other government entity receives money, whatever the source, it’s whatever the source, it’s a matter […]
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Oregon Justice Department Clears Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer

Oregon’s Department of Justice has concluded that Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer did not commit criminal acts by destroying public records and issuing handgun licenses to out-of-state residents. Source: Oregon Justice Department Clears Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer | KUOW News and Information

OUR VIEW: Pressing to keep government doors open

It was a strange case. Nearly a year ago an incident involving a former Nampa, Idaho man in Malheur County kicked off a string of events that eventually led to Oregon suing a small weekly newspaper in Vale. The man, Anthony Montwheeler, is accused of aggravated murder, assault and kidnapping connected to a January incident […]
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Our Opinion: Don’t politicize public records requests

The unfortunate ways that Portland Public Schools and Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s office responded to potentially embarrassing records requests shows why the public records advocate is needed. Dennis Richardson’s efforts to position himself as Oregon’s titan of transparency suffered a self-inflicted setback earlier this month when the secretary of state complied with a public […]
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Editorial: Don’t want to release records? Just sue

It is an outrageous and deeply troubling trend in the age-old conflict between governments intent on secrecy and citizens interested in accessing public records: In a couple of recent cases this year in Oregon, government agencies have filed lawsuits against citizens who have sought records. This would be troubling enough if it was occurring only […]
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Welcome state audit — Opinion

We’re pleased that Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson seems to share our distaste for the practice of public agencies using tax dollars to sue people who ask for records to which they’re legally entitled. The Associated Press, in a story published in Monday’s issue of the Herald, reported that this problem is not limited […]
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Editorial: Public records law has another hole

For every step forward in Oregon’s public records law, there’s another example of government refusing to hand over potentially embarrassing information. A parent asked Portland Public Schools to turn over info about employees getting paid to stay home for alleged misconduct. The district sued the parent and an Oregonian reporter who requested the same information. […]
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Governments turn tables, suing public-records requesters

Oregon mom who sought info about school employees paid to stay home is among those sued. An Oregon parent wanted details about school employees getting paid to stay home. A retired educator sought data about student performance in Louisiana. And college journalists in Kentucky requested documents about the investigations of employees accused of sexual misconduct. […]
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Hospital Backers Sue Oregon Health Authority, Alleging State is Trying to Hide Public Records Behind Huge Fees

OHA initially said the request would cost $4,500, then allegedly demanded an additional $44,600 to begin providing documents. A would-be psychiatric hospital filed suit against the embattled Oregon Health Authority in Marion County Circuit Court Friday, alleging OHA is flouting the state’s public records law. Willamette Valley Behavioral Health wants to open a psychiatric hospital […]
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