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The cost to comply with a public records bill quietly drops to $0. Will lawmakers act?

A bill that would require state agencies to track and report on the public records requests they receive has stalled in Salem, although implementing the mandate would no longer cost nearly as much as lawmakers thought. Lawmakers have carved out a permanent place for Oregon’s nascent public records advisory council, but the fate of the […]
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Our View: Public records requests are not a side chore – Opinion

Oregon has taken a small step toward enhancing public access to government records. School districts, local governments and state agencies now face a potential $200 penalty if they ignore a request for public records or take too long to respond. Source: Our View: Public records requests are not a side chore – Opinion – The […]
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Gov. Brown signs bill that would fine agencies for undue public records request delays

Government agencies could be fined up to $200 if they ignore or improperly delay the release of legally-requested public records under a bill signed by Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday. House Bill 2353 allows a district attorney, the Attorney General or a judge to order a fine or request a fee waiver if they find […]
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Sunshine vs. secrecy: The battle never ends

It’s spring, and in America’s state capitals legislatures are winding up their business and, too often, bringing out the padlocks. All 50 states give the public the right to see government records and documents, but many legislatures are weighing changes in their open-records laws. These changes rarely end up making our government more transparent. Instead, […]
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Kate Brown’s top aides went into overdrive doing campaign-like work during heated governor’s race, records show

After taking office in 2015, Gov. Kate Brown struggled to outline a clear vision of her priorities for the state. That problem was apparent by the second half of 2018 when, with the race for governor heating up, voters told opinion researchers they were unsure what the governor stood for. Source: Kate Brown’s top aides […]
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Editorial: Cities wrong to oppose public records bill

Oregon House Bill 2353 would put teeth in the Legislature’s 2017 law that set deadlines for fulfilling public records requests of government agencies in the state. The measure would allow district attorneys, the attorney general’s office and the courts to levy a $200 fine if deadlines were not met. In addition, they could lower or […]
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Public records bill moving forward in Salem

Government bodies in Oregon could be fined $200 if they don’t comply with public records requests in a timely manner under a bill moving forward in the legislature. Source: Public records bill moving forward in Salem – oregonlive.com

Opinion: Efforts to hide government records never stop

The fight over public access to government documents has often involved the mundane grist of government, such as studies and budgets and memos and emails. Source: Opinion: Efforts to hide government records never stop – oregonlive.com

Public records rule change slipping ‘through the cracks’

Proposal to fine jurisdictions when they don’t comply runs into well-organized opposition as it heads to the Senate. A legislative proposal to enforce Oregon’s public records law passed unanimously in the House in late April.  But this week, the bill’s sponsor and supporters had to scramble to keep it alive before the Senate takes it […]
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End secrecy around police shootings – Opinion

Lane County District Attorney Patty Perlow has closed the books on another officer-involved shooting. It remains unclear if the top local prosecutor prioritizes serving the public or the police. Perlow kept a lid on everything, at least on the police side of things, for weeks while she investigated whether the shooting was justified. Such secrecy […]
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