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Public Records Advocate | Non-Binary Gender ID  – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is backing a bill that would create a public records advocate position in state government. Brown joins us to talk about what this new position would look like. She’ll also speak publicly for the first time about her reaction the the latest news that her predecessor, John Kitzhaber, will not face federal charges. On […]
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Nice to see some teeth in public records law — Opinion

In a win for transparency in government, the state House of Representatives last week approved a bill that will make it easier for Oregonians to access public records. Senate Bill 481 had been approved by the state Senate in April. It goes next to the desk of Gov. Kate Brown, who has indicated she plans […]
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Our View: Legislature is busy passing bills – Opinion 

While discussions over the state budget and tax reform get most of the attention in the Oregon Legislature these days, lawmakers are quietly passing bills that are less weighty but make important changes in how government operates and conducts elections. Measures recently adopted by both houses of the Legislature and sent to the governor include […]
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Editorial: Finally, a win for open records

The Oregon Legislature has passed, without opposition, a bill that is the first in decades to actually put some teeth back in the state’s public records law instead of just slowly pulling those teeth out one by one. The bill is headed to the desk of Gov. Kate Brown, who has said she looks forward […]
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Our View: Legislature is busy passing bills

Editorial: Bill would improve Oregon’s public records law

Oregon’s public records law will get a bit stronger soon, assuming Gov. Kate Brown signs Senate Bill 481. She should do so. The most important feature of the bill is this: It generally requires public agencies to acknowledge public records requests within five days and to satisfy them within the following 10. Source: Editorial: Bill […]
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How Oregon tried to block pollution records from public

Miles Johnson, an attorney for Columbia Riverkeeper, wanted to see reports showing how much water pollution 17 different cities and businesses spew into the Columbia River. Source: How Oregon tried to block pollution records from public | OregonLive.com

Legislature sends bill to governor setting deadlines for public records requests

Government agencies would have to respond in five days to acknowledge receipt of request, then provide documents in 10 days or explain why they can’t A bill to set deadlines for responding to public records requests is headed to Gov. Kate Brown’s desk, after the House of Representatives unanimously approved the measure on Monday, June […]
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Oregon bill will set public records deadlines

Oregon government agencies will soon face deadlines to respond to public records requests, under a bill that’s headed to Gov. Kate Brown’s desk. Source: Oregon bill will set public records deadlines | OregonLive.com

Exceptions to public records | Opinion |

We’ve written before about the 550 or so exemptions that have entwined themselves around Oregon’s public records law in the decades since it was passed in 1973. At the time, the Oregon law was a model of government transparency, an example for the rest of the nation to follow. Source: Exceptions to public records | […]
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