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Editorial: State Senate deserves credit on records reform

Oregon state senators should be praised for overwhelmingly passing a bill last week that sets a deadline for public bodies to respond to public records requests. Senators passed the bill 29-0 and it is now being considered in the House. If passed there, it would set a precedent and close a beginning chapter of ongoing […]
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Sunshine unit will protect public records against unworthy exemptions: Editorial agenda 2017

It was a good day in the fight for public records when Gov. Kate Brown stepped in earlier this month to stop a state agency from suing an Oregon newspaper, which had requested documents about an alleged killer released from the Oregon State Hospital. Brown then pushed the Psychiatric Security Review Board to hand over […]
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Opinion – Police photos should remain public record | As We See It

Police photos involving dead crime victims would be exempt from public records laws under Senate Bill 508, which unfortunately was passed by the Senate Committee on Judiciary last week on a unanimous vote. Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin argues in support of the bill that it would never be appropriate for such photos to be […]
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State Senate passes public records request response deadline

The legislation by a task force convened by Attorney General Rosenblum now heads to the House The state Senate has passed a bill to set a deadline for public bodies to respond to public records requests. If passed by the House, the deadline would set a precedent in Oregon, where government entities effectively have an […]
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Editorial: Here’s how open records become secret

Here’s a followup to a recent piece about the battle that Les Zaitz, the editor and publisher of the weekly Malheur Enterprise, fought (and won) to gain access to public records. It’s also a story about how exemptions to the Oregon Public Records Law often get approved by legislators in haste and with little oversight […]
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Oregon Senate unanimously OKs public records reform

The Oregon Senate on Tuesday unanimously passed Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum’s public records reform legislation, Senate Bill 481. Source: Oregon Senate unanimously OKs public records reform – KTVZ

Other Views: Suing citizens over records is wrong – Opinion

For almost 50 years, records compiled or acquired by a public agency in this state — any type of agency at any level, from a lowly cemetery district to the Oregon Supreme Court — have been open for inspection unless expressly exempted. But during that same span, ever since the Watergate scandal drove adoption of […]
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Governor’s bill would allow her to influence public records advocate, council

Gov. Kate Brown’s plan to add transparency to state government is undergoing significant changes as it wends its way through the Legislature. Some of these changes would give her proposed “public records advocate” more independence. But others would undermine the power of the public and journalists to help determine which records public agencies must make […]
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Mental hospital doctors suspected for years accused killer was faking, records show

State doctors suspected nearly 20 years ago that Anthony W. Montwheeler was feigning mental illness to avoid prison, newly disclosed records show. The records, a portion of state files on Montwheeler, give no indication that officials acted on that suspicion until Montwheeler admitted his ruse two years ago. Source: Mental hospital doctors suspected for years […]
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Think Too Much: Records case is a symptom of a broken system — Opinion

Les Zaitz has been fighting for access to public records for decades, but the veteran journalist still was surprised by the twists and turns in his most recent fight. Zaitz, the longtime Oregonian reporter who recently left the paper to run the weekly Malheur Enterprise, was seeking records from the Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Board. […]
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