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Editorial: State should follow BOLI’s lead on records

Public records belong to the public, but obtaining them in Oregon can be a challenge. If you request public records in Oregon, for instance, the agency that maintains them may well charge for them. A lot. Likewise, the state’s workplace and civil rights laws and rules can be more difficult to obtain than they should […]
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Our Opinion: A modest fix for Oregon records law

Our reporting for the ‘Rattled in Oregon’ concussion series proves why the 2019 Oregon Legislature should approve House Bill 2353. Oregon legislators like to talk about government transparency and accountability. Making those things actually happen can be more difficult. Here’s a timely example. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Our Opinion: A modest fix for Oregon […]
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Oregon Business – Five Bills To Keep An Eye On

We’re in the midst of a particularly busy 2019 legislative session. Here are a few bills that could affect businesses and nonprofits on issues ranging from education, property taxes and gun sales. Source: Oregon Business – Five Bills To Keep An Eye On

Editorial: Protect those who request public records from lawsuits

Request public records in Oregon and you put yourself at risk of being sued. That needs to change. With some amendments, House Bill 3399 would be a useful change in the law. Public agencies and corporations have sued Oregonians in recent years in at least a few examples. Source: Editorial: Protect those who request public […]
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Should DAs defend record requests? Lawmakers tinker with complicated system

Supporters of a bill want to keep public record requesters out of court; opponents worry it puts district attorneys in a difficult legal spot. Legislators are weighing a proposal that would put Oregon’s attorney general and district attorneys in the position of defending public records requests in court. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Should DAs […]
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Editorial: Don’t hide teacher misconduct

Oregon lawmakers are considering a pair of bills that would tighten the way in which sexual misconduct allegations against teachers and other school district personnel are handled. They are important changes to the law. Among other things, Senate Bill 156, introduced on behalf of Portland Public Schools, would require the state Teacher Standards and Practices […]
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Oregon Ranks Worst For Public Records Response Times, According to Nationwide Analysis

Oregon agencies’ average response time is 148 days, which was the worst by more than three weeks. Oregon ranks dead last among all states for prompt responses to public records requests, a new nationwide analysis by MuckRock found. Source: Oregon Ranks Worst For Public Records Response Times, According to Nationwide Analysis – Willamette Week

Cummings served with public records suit

City Councilor refuses to turn over notes taken during official business, citizen files lawsuit Source: Pamplin Media Group – Cummings served with public records suit

Editorial: No special treatment for the press

The Oregon Legislature has, for now, at least a dozen bills dealing with public records on its plate. One, House Bill 2345, would require state agencies to charge members of the media only half what they charge the public to fulfill a public records request. It’s a bad idea. Source: Editorial: No special treatment for […]
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Cities, counties: Don’t make us pay for records delays

 Oregon’s local governments have misgivings about a proposal that could lead to fines for cities, counties, special districts, school districts and state agencies that don’t respond to requests for public documents in a timely manner. Source: Cities, counties: Don’t make us pay for records delays