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Editorial: Oregon should track record requests

Oregon should track record requests. Oregon’s public records law could be getting some changes in the next legislative session. Ginger McCall, the state’s public records advocate, supports holding state agencies and other Oregon public bodies more accountable. The proposal is to require public bodies to keep a list of public records requests, track their progress […]
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Private messaging apps increasingly used for public business

One app promotes itself as a way to discuss sensitive negotiations and human resources problems without leaving a digital record. Another boasts that disappearing messages “keep your message history tidy.” And a popular email service recently launched a “confidential mode” allowing the content of messages to disappear after a set time. The proliferation of digital […]
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Secret messaging raises public records concerns

By now, most social media-savvy consumers are familiar with Snapchat, the smartphone app that features photos that disappear as soon as the recipient views them. It was only a matter of time before text messaging got the same treatment. Enter Confide and Signal, two apps that are marketed as ways to keep your messaging safe […]
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Editorial: Texting slips through public records loophole

When a city councilor, school official or state worker sends a text message relating to the public’s business, it is a public record in Oregon. That’s a potential problem. State laws and policies haven’t caught up to the technology. Most public bodies in Oregon don’t automatically retain an archive of text messages, as they do […]
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How do Oregonians define government transparency in the digital age?

As a news media company, filing public records’ requests is automatic for us, and we get our dander up any time a public agency tries to interfere with the public’s right to know. Source: How do Oregonians define government transparency in the digital age?

Editorial: Brown’s move on records is troubling

The news is troubling for anyone concerned about the transparency and openness of Oregon state government: Gov. Kate Brown is considering new limits on what state employee information can be released to the public — and may end up proposing legislation to that end to the 2019 Legislature. Source: Editorial: Brown’s move on records is […]
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Editorial: Let voters decide

It appears Oregonians may be asked to vote on at least three tax-related ballot measures in November. One deserves opposition. The other two deserve your support. Source: Editorial: Let voters decide;

Editorial: BLM is again less than open about public records

Here’s a tale of two federal agencies — the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management — and how they handle releasing public information. Although neither agency would be mistaken for a patron saint of openness, the Forest Service can be open, while the BLM routinely practices concealment and delay. Source: Editorial: BLM is […]
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Shed some light on kneeling staff – Opinion

Eugene School District bureaucrats became alarmed recently when five Churchill High School staff members knelt during the playing of the national anthem at a student assembly, and promptly wrote a letter to each. At least two of the staff members groused to the Eugene School Board, urging the defense of free speech and democracy. District […]
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Portland’s three strikes on public records: Guest opinion

While many Oregonians are cheering on the Beavers in the College World Series, there is another game the City of Portland is playing with people seeking public records. On May 30, the Oregonian Editorial Board wrote about this issue in “Two strikes on public records; will city go for a third?” It did. And it […]
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