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Erosion takes a bite — or two — from Haystack Rock

Protecting the famous sea stack. A boy picked up a chunk of stone and started methodically smashing barnacles in the protected marine garden at Haystack Rock. As he hit the small creatures and pummeled the rocks they lived on last Friday before he was told to leave the garden, he was unwittingly mimicking the natural […]
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Multnomah Falls Trails Closed Indefinitely Due To Unstable Rock

The closure affects the trail between Benson Bridge and the upper overlook at Multnomah Falls, as well as part of the connecting Wahkeena Trail. Multnomah Falls trails have been closed since a rockslide last week. The discovery of more unstable rock will prolong that closure until further notice. “We knew that there were some potential unstable […]
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Southern Exposure: Are we smart to embrace smart meters?

If you Google “smart meter dangers,” you may soon fear for your mitochondial functions like insomnia, tinnitus, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, irritability, listlessness, heart palpitations, and changes in cognitive behavior. Source: Southern Exposure: Are we smart to embrace smart meters? | Columns | dailyastorian.com

Director of Portland’s police oversight office to become Gov. Brown’s public safety adviser

Constantin Severe, the director of the city’s Independent Police Review, is resigning to serve as Gov. Kate Brown’s public safety adviser. Severe’s last day will be April 5. He served as director since 2013, and joined the independent police oversight office as an assistant director in 2008. Source: Director of Portland’s police oversight office to […]
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Why Pedestrian Deaths Are At A 30-Year High

“It’s great advice to tell people to use a crosswalk, but that’s not very useful if the crosswalk doesn’t exist,” says Tom Ellington of the Pedestrian Safety Review Board in Macon, Ga. Across the U.S., 6,227 pedestrians died in traffic accidents in 2018, the highest number in nearly 30 years. The findings from a Governors […]
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What Makes People Heed A Weather Warning — Or Not?

One social scientist says it’s how people interpret these warnings that matters, and that “we need to get out there and do a better job of understanding their perspective.” “We have not had anything of this nature before.” It’s something commonly heard in the aftermath of deadly disasters. It’s what Alabama Sheriff Jay Jones said after […]
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State Officials Urge Safety Tips for Oregon Coast Spring Break

Everyone and their dog is out on the Oregon coast during this first spring break week, and those trying to get away from it all are simply bringing it with them. With those crowds, revelers and beach explorers comes a new wave of safety tips from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD), who want […]
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Scientists Argue For More Comprehensive Studies Of Cascade Volcanoes – Eurasia Review

The string of volcanoes in the Cascades Arc, ranging from California’s Mt. Lassen in the south to Washington’s Mt. Baker in the north, have been studied by geologists and volcanologists for over a century. Spurred on by spectacular events such as the eruption of Mount Lassen in 1915 and Mount St. Helens in 1980, scientists […]
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Scientists Getting New Tools To Monitor The Northwest’s Volcanoes 

A new early warning system for the Northwest’s volcanoes will equip geoscientists to get an earlier reading on eruptions and other geological activity. Source: Scientists Getting New Tools To Monitor The Northwest’s Volcanoes . News | OPB


Longer days and warmer temperatures herald the return of spring to the Oregon coast, and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) reminds visitors to be safe while exploring the shoreline. Source: SAFETY TIPS FOR YOUR SPRING VISIT TO THE OREGON COAST – Tillamook County Pioneer