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When a College Employee Shoots a Student

State Library Ed. Note: Story describes campus safety and security at Portland State University. Armed security forces have been standard on campuses for several decades. Is that too big a risk? “Twenty-one, mental. He’s a mental,” a university police officer said into his radio as his car approached Charles Thomas, a fourth-year student at the […]
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‘Help is on the way’: The life of a dispatcher

Dispatchers go through months of training to take emergency calls. Caitlin Slette remembers one of her first calls as an emergency dispatcher. “On my second or third day working on my own, I got a call from someone way out in the county,” she said. “(He) said there was someone at his door who thought […]
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Elk culling an option for public safety

New pilot program offers a pathway. A new state pilot program intended to control the urban deer population could help cities like Gearhart cull the elk herds that roam the North Coast. Cities that declare deer a public nuisance can petition the state Department of Fish and Wildlife for help to reduce population levels starting […]
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The Computer System That Decides Who Stays in Jail Is Recommending the Release of People Accused of Violent Crimes

Why are Portland’s serious offenders being released from jail instead of low-level violators? On a Sunday morning last month, a computer told Multnomah County deputies to let a man charged with murder go free. The March 18 recommendation by the computer program is the most alarming example of what deputies, defense lawyers and judges all […]
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Part I: Our Frozen Dead: Hypothermic ‘Domicile Unknown’ Deaths

A growing number of deaths the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office investigates are among people experiencing homelessness. When Michael Jensen was found dead in his tent, his feet were sticking out of the tent, and he was lying on his right side “with his hands up under his chin like he was cold,” a homeless […]
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Editorial: Driverless cars pose several challenges

The accident in Arizona in which a driverless car struck and killed a woman Sunday night appears to be the first pedestrian death involving self-driving technology. It won’t be the last, but that’s not a reason to abandon the idea of autonomous vehicles. People just need to understand that no technology is perfect. Still, there […]
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Editorial: Real-time information is a big boon to officers

Let’s say you’re a law enforcement officer who works in Linn County and you’ve just pulled someone over on a traffic stop. You might be interested in knowing, in real time, that the vehicle involved in the traffic stop was pulled over a couple of weeks ago for speeding outside of Philomath. That’s information that […]
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Mid-valley public safety agencies sharing data

Linn County, the city of Albany and the Albany Fire Department have been working together for about a year with a $1.3 million Computer Aided Dispatch program that allows the three public safety agencies to share data in real time. Source: Mid-valley public safety agencies sharing data | News | democratherald.com

State Officials Send Safety, Warning Reminders for Oregon Coast; Video

State Parks is sending out reminders about beach safety. With the arrival of spring comes many more visitors to the Oregon coast, and it’s cause for Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) to send out reminders about beach safety. “March can be a tricky time of year on the coast,” said Lisa Stevenson, OPRD beach […]
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Hikers Are Still Ignoring Columbia Gorge Trail Closure Signs, and Search and Rescue Teams Aren’t Having it Anymore

“The safety of volunteers will be weighed first when considering Search and Rescue response for those who become injured or lost.” Last summer’s Eagle Creek fire destroyed thousands of acres of the Columbia River Gorge, including numerous beloved hiking trails. Many trails are now hazardous minefields, full of falling trees and rocks and eroding land. […]
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