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How safe is microwave technology? 

Oregon is facing an unprecedented environmental challenge: wireless technology. Our cellphones, towers, “smart” meters, security systems, routers, etc. expose us to microwave radiation that is billions of times stronger than that which occurs in nature. The wireless industry assures us this technology is safe, but is it? Source: How safe is microwave technology? | Mail […]
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Police negotiators fill unique, critical role

Central Oregon emergency response isn’t all SWAT. Once a month, an elite police force meets on the bottom floor of the Bend Police Department headquarters. They have a particular set of skills — skills many of them have acquired over long careers. “Tell me more about that,” Bend officer Chris Stoaks asks a fellow officer […]
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Editorial: Find a solution for Juniper Canyon

To get to homes in Crook County’s Juniper Canyon, there’s only one way in or out. County officials and residents have been worried for years that the single access road could be a safety problem in the event of a wildfire or other emergency. Creating a second access road needs to be a priority for […]
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Editorial: Joint Terrorism Task Force critical to Portland’s safety

The Portland City Council will yet again debate whether Portland police officers should remain on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. The city has cycled in and out of the group of local and federal law enforcement agencies numerous times since the task force was created in 2000, when partnerships focused on prevention were recommended […]
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Opinion: Our task force protects Americans and upholds the Constitution

The mission of the FBI is twofold: to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution. This means we must protect citizens across Oregon’s diverse communities while simultaneously protecting their rights. Source: Opinion: Our task force protects Americans and upholds the Constitution – oregonlive.com

Opinion: Portland should remain in Joint Terrorism Task Force

For the second time in the history of the Joint Terrorism Task Force’s existence in the city of Portland, city commissioners are considering a resolution to withdraw. This is a mistake and jeopardizes public safety. First, let’s make sure everyone understands what the task force is and what it is not. There is a lot […]
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Lake Oswego named safest city in Oregon

Rankings are based on statistics from the latest FBI Uniform Crime Report; Coos Bay finishes last. With police currently investigating a homicide in the River Run neighborhood, the timing of last week’s announcement by the National Council for Home Safety and Security probably could have been better. Source: Lake Oswego named safest city in Oregon

How to make e-scooters truly safe

It will take aggressive efforts by local governments, as well as businesses, to make electric scooters a safer ride. The question for cities should not be whether to allow electric scooters on their streets. It should be how to welcome them safely. Recent studies on scooter-related emergency room visits provide not an argument for prohibition […]
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Electric scooters send more people to the hospital than bicycles and walking, new study finds

A newly released study has found that more people were injured riding standing electric scooters than by riding bicycles or traveling on foot, according to statistics from two Los Angeles hospitals. Documenting injury statistics from Sept. 2017 to August 2018, the study — published this week in the medical journal JAMA Network Open — found […]
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Our view | Rural response

The state of Oregon must begin grappling with the lack of reliable emergency response in its wildest and most remote places. The state of Oregon must begin grappling with the lack of reliable emergency response in its wildest and most remote places. Cash-strapped, tax-burdened rural Oregon counties are playing host to more adventurous visitors, while […]
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