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Oregon crime labs drowning in urine samples

One day in September, a car heading down the road in Jackson County caught the attention of a law enforcement officer. The officer pulled the car over and arrested the driver on suspicion of driving while high. After providing a urine sample at the station, the driver was released with a citation and a court […]
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As we live and (cough) breathe

Unhealthy air has prompted exasperated residents to search for relief from the smoke that is expected to hang in the valley for at least a month longer. Many are staying indoors, while others are buying indoor filtration systems, wearing masks and sometimes leaving the area to get a break from the smoke. “We can’t really […]
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Hiking near wildfire zones? What to know before dashing up that trail

Dana Hendricks had a front-row seat when 176 hikers got stranded by fast-moving wildfires last year in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge. The veteran trail manager who lives just upriver from where it happened said the harrowing episode underscores why those heading into wilderness need to be prepared for a fire. Although all the hikers eventually […]
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What You Need To Know About Flash-Bangs – OPB’s Think Out Loud

OPB’s “Think Out Loud” spoke with a former police officer who now studies less-than-lethal weapons. Portland Police have temporarily suspended the use of flash-bangs after reports the devices caused injuries when police used them during a Patriot Prayer rally and counter-demonstration earlier this month. Source: What You Need To Know About Flash-Bangs . Radio | OPB

Don’t fear the TSA cutting airport security. Be glad that they’re talking about it.

We need to evaluate airport security based on concrete costs and benefits, and not continue to implement security theater based on fear. Last week, CNN reported that the Transportation Security Administration is considering eliminating security at U.S. airports that fly only smaller planes — 60 seats or fewer. Passengers connecting to larger planes would clear […]
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Our view | What to do with shrinking frontier Oregon?

R There is a problem with funding public safety in rural Oregon, and nowhere is that more clear than in Wheeler County. Chris Humphreys, who has been sheriff there since 2013, declared his intention to leave the office — and that change in management caused each of his deputies to find work elsewhere. That will […]
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Are Washington Lakes Safe To Swim In?

Jackson Ludwig loves lakes. In 2003, Ludwig had a summer job as a Green Lake lifeguard, and the lake closed because of a toxic algae bloom. “Where I was from — Moscow, Idaho — there’s not a lot of lakes to swim. And so being here was like, ‘Oh my God, there’s all these lakes […]
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Air Quality Analysis Says Portland’s Harriet Tubman Middle School Should ‘Limit’ Outdoor Activities

A report finds significant air quality problems at a middle school building slated to open this fall in North Portland. A study of air quality at Harriet Tubman Middle School has found high levels of at least three toxic chemicals related to nearby Interstate 5: acrolein, benzene and napthalene. The report found the air quality […]
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Guest column: Are cell towers safe at close distance?

Last summer, neighbors received notification from Verizon that the Trinity Episcopal Church, in partnership with Verizon, was considering placing a high powered, 5G cell tower inside of the church’s downtown steeple on NW Broadway Street, close to the neighborhood and Amity Creek Elementary school. I was initially not concerned until others began raising questions about […]
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Toxic algae blooms can happen on the Oregon Coast: Learn how to recognize the danger

The Oregon Coast isn’t immune to the threat of toxic algae blooms, like the one causing problems with drinking water in the state capital of Salem. Bodies of water like Tenmile Lake in Lakeside have been areas of concern in the past. There are no current warning along the coast, but Oregon Health Authority’s toxicologist David […]
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