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Our view: Emergency scanners a critical tool for public

Police scanners have been the background noise in newsrooms as long as the technology has been available. And journalists have long been tasked having one ear tuned to them, speeding out the door as soon as the fire department is dispatched to a blaze or police and medics are dispatched to an accident scene. Source: […]
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Local emergency scanner transmissions could become off limits to public

Deschutes County already uses encryption for scanner traffic. Police and fire scanner transmissions in Umatilla and Morrow counties could soon be silent. Shawn Halsey is the director of the Umatilla Morrow Radio & Data District, the local governing body with the task of providing public safety communications for emergency agencies in the two counties. He […]
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Justice reinvestment: Clatsop County uses new tools for pretrial release

Measure risk, ease jail overcrowding. On another day, Kyle Long would have probably stayed in jail. The 24-year-old faced an escape charge for allegedly running from Warrenton police in May. His score on a new risk assessment tool to help judges decide whether defendants should be released before trial was 95 out of 100. Source: […]
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Marion County law enforcement, prosecutors brace for opioid epidemic

The case of the “Grandpa Bandit” made Paige Clarkson realize the addictive power of opioids. When she first became a prosecutor, Clarkson, a Marion County deputy district attorney, heroin- and opioid-related crimes were relatively rare. Source: Marion County law enforcement, prosecutors brace for opioid epidemic

Editorial: Encryption of police radio traffic should be debated

Elected officials in Deschutes County failed the public by allowing law enforcement to encrypt police radio traffic without a public debate. Deschutes County commissioners did express some concern about the switch to encryption but deferred to the 911 user board and the strong opinions of law enforcement. The issue never even came up before the […]
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Editorial: Build a new jail big enough to meet demand

It will come as no surprise to anyone in Jackson County who has been paying attention that the jail is too small. But fixing the problem is far from easy, and fraught with potential pitfalls.T he existing county jail was built 36 years ago, when the county’s population was 134,546. Today, the population is estimated […]
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A question of safety at Jordan Cove — Guest Opinion

In the mid-twentieth century, the discovery that chilling natural gas turned it into a liquid that took up only 1/600th of its original volume inspired two industrial advances, ‘peak-shaving’ and LNG shipping.   ‘Peak-shaving’ meant storing LNG as a gas company’s back-up supply. To meet a sudden spike in demand, as during a cold spell, […]
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Use more restrictions to deal with especially dangerous pedophiles | Editorials |

When it comes to crimes, there are probably none more detestable than those against children. They ruin lives and leave emotional scars that rob victims of their innocence and can last a lifetime. Kids deserve better and so do their families. So it’s understandable that the news that a “level 3” sex offender has served […]
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Oregon’s smoky summer prompted changes to high school sports

Athletes now have to move indoors sooner but stricter changes may be coming. This summer’s scorching wildfires and the smothering air they created across Oregon have already prompted stricter health guidelines for high school athletic teams — but the group that issued the changes, the Oregon School Activities Association, says more changes may be coming. […]
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Turkey Trouble | Lead Dust  – OPB’s Think Out Loud

There have always been wild turkeys in Pilot Rock, Oregon. But in the last few years, the flock has grown. Now there are over 100 birds wandering through town, stopping traffic, and making a mess of the houses and cars they roost over at night. The city of Portland is considering tightening the regulations that […]
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