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Our View: Medford is safer than raw numbers suggest

“Medford Ranks #1 For Violent Crime in Oregon” was an alarming headline that showed up on Facebook recently. It wasn’t fake news — that is, a complete fabrication — but it wasn’t quite true, either. And even when it was true — three years ago — it doesn’t mean Medford residents need to fear being […]
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Rural Muslims fight for safety, inclusion

Life as a Muslim in rural Oregon can mean invasive questions, awkward stares at the checkout counter and limited community resources. Khan is establishing a local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in an effort to help that underserved population. Source: Rural Muslims fight for safety, inclusion | OregonLive.com

Warning signs posted after shark sightings

Dorsal fins spotted off Cannon Beach. Officials are not sure what to make of recent possible shark sightings off Cannon Beach, but they have adopted a cautious approach. On Tuesday, both a surfer near Haystack Rock, as well as a person on the shore in Cannon Beach, reported seeing dorsal fins. Since then, the state […]
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Englewood dike close to failing

The Englewood dike is on the brink of failure. If it breaches, it would cause significant flooding damage to properties in the area and city infrastructure, including a sanitary sewer main. The Englewood Diking District, which spans from Old Wireless Lane to California Ave, is mostly on land within the county, with a small portion […]
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Commentary: Communities can become ‘fire-adapted’ — Guest Opinion

In recent years wildfire seasons in the western United States have become so intense that many of us who make our home in dry, fire-prone areas are grappling with how to live with fire. Source: Commentary: Communities can become ‘fire-adapted’ | The Dalles Chronicle

Bend dam rated high hazard

North Canal Diversion Dam is in populated area. A 105-year-old dam in Bend is on a list of 17 Oregon dams rated as a “high” hazard if they were to collapse, with no emergency plan for how to handle a catastrophic failure. A pending state law would force local officials to plan for the worst. […]
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Eclipse could bring chaos to Oregon’s forests and mountains

Whoever scheduled the solar eclipse for Aug. 21 should be fired. That’s the joke, at least, among land managers bracing for the tidal wave of humanity expected to descend on the nation’s public lands for the once-in-a-lifetime event. Source: Eclipse could bring chaos to Oregon’s forests and mountains

Eclipse watchers expected to overload Salem public safety agencies, roads

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to swarm the Salem area for the Great American Eclipse next month, overloading highways, city streets and bridges and endangering the capabilities of police, fire and medical services to respond to emergencies, public safety Source: Eclipse watchers expected to overload Salem public safety agencies, roads

Long winter causes problems on Pacific Crest Trail

Hikers jumped to Oregon to avoid Sierras, encountered more snow. A winter that was colder and wetter than usual up and down the West Coast has caused problems for one of the region’s most iconic summer activities: Hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail. Source: Long winter causes problems on Pacific Crest Trail; Hikers jumped to […]
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Oregon Department of Forestry planning ahead, asking residents to do the same

The Oregon Department of Forestry is sharing resources in this early part of the season. Aircrafts and engines are being shared with the Ana Fire in the east as well as the Chetco Bar Fire in the west. ODF staff said they’re fully staffed and planning ahead. Source: Oregon Department of Forestry planning ahead, asking […]
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