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Washington Sets Deadlines To Clean Up Hanford Nuclear Wastes

Washington is setting new deadlines to clean up radioactive waste in underground storage tanks on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. The state of Washington is setting new deadlines to clean up a former plutonium production site that contains a massive quantity of radioactive waste. Such deadlines are usually set through negotiations among the Washington Department of […]
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Walden stresses need to improve progress of Hanford cleanup 

Oregon Rep. Greg Walden stressed the need to improve progress of nuclear waste cleanup at the Hanford Site during a hearing Wednesday before the Energy and Commerce Committee. Source: Walden stresses need to improve progress of Hanford cleanup | Local News | eastoregonian.com

Federal Government Says 2nd Hanford Tunnel With Radioactive Waste All Sealed Up

The project to stabilize and seal a large tunnel of radioactive waste has been completed at the Hanford nuclear reservation, according to the U.S. Department of Energy and its contractor. The so-called Tunnel 2 project started in October 2018 at the massive cleanup site near Richland, Washington. Source: Federal Government Says 2nd Hanford Tunnel With Radioactive Waste […]
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Federal Plan Could Reclassify Hanford Nuclear Waste

A new proposal from the Trump administration could dramatically change the way the government cleans up radioactive tank waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington. In fall 2018, the Department of Energy released a proposal to downgrade the rating of some of the country’s high-level radioactive waste to a lower status. But critics say it could be bad news […]
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Federal Hanford Cleanup Watchdog Put To Sleep By Government Shutdown

There are several agencies and a group of stakeholders who watch over cleanup at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. But the partial government shutdown is blocking some of that important oversight. In the past 10 years, the Environmental Protection Agency office in Richland, Washington, has shrunk from nearly 10 experts working on Hanford issues to just three […]
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Review finds Hanford nuclear waste tanks at risk of leaking

Evaluation findings suggest building more tanks to hold the 56 million gallons of waste may be required. An evaluation of nuclear waste storage tanks at the Hanford site in eastern Washington state indicates more of the newest tanks could be at risk of developing leaks. The Tri-City Herald reports tank farm contractor Washington River Protection […]
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Walden: A safe place for Hanford’s waste

For communities along the Columbia River, nuclear waste sitting at the Hanford site remains a worrisome neighbor. Fifty-six million gallons of Cold War era toxic, nuclear waste are sitting in corroding and leaking metal tanks. The threat of potential environmental disaster and pollution persists in in the minds of Oregonians and people throughout the Pacific Northwest. […]
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National Academy Of Sciences Examine How To Treat Hanford’s Liquid Tank Waste

The National Academy of Sciences plans to meet in Richland several more times over this year and will make recommendations to the federal government. The National Academy of Sciences is conducting days of meetings in Richland, Washington, this week. On the agenda is what to do with a lot of liquid radioactive waste at the Hanford […]
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Radioactive Waste At Hanford Keeps Spreading

Radioactive waste keeps spreading at a demolition site at Hanford. This week, officials have found more contamination on a worker’s boot, on a work trailer and a personal vehicle. Now, a rental car that’s possibly contaminated has ended up in Spokane. It’s now on a trailer headed back to the Tri-Cities for testing. Source: Radioactive Waste […]
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2nd tunnel at Hanford at high risk for collapse

There is a high risk that a second tunnel filled with radioactive waste might collapse at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington, the U.S. Department of Energy said Friday. A tunnel partially collapsed on May 9, forcing 3,000 workers to shelter in place for several hours. There were no injuries or release of airborne radiation […]
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