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Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Safety Rules For Oil Trains

The Trump administration has finalized a roll back of Obama-era regulations for oil trains. The rules, which date back to 2015, required railroads carrying crude oil or other flammable liquids to outfit their trains with more responsive electronic braking systems. The rules came in response to concerns about explosions and spills from mile-long trains of crude and […]
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Umatilla, Morrow counties prepare plans for railroad emergencies

Morrow, Umatilla and Polk counties are the first in Oregon to complete local emergency response plans for crashes and accidents of trains hauling hazardous materials. The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal coordinates emergency response planning for oil or hazardous materials spills or releases during rail transport. The state agency reported it recently worked with […]
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Post-derailment, Oregon passenger rail struggles to get back on track

Passenger rail “is always going to lag and struggle unless we want to put in dedicated resources,” says ODOT rail division chief. Oregon Amtrak service was on an upward growth trajectory until December 18, when a tragic accident derailed train cars on the inaugural run of a new track segment on the Cascades’ Seattle to […]
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Amtrak gives Oregon, Washington state timetable for activating positive train control 

Amtrak’s CEO has given Oregon and Washington state officials a timeline for when the company will activate automatic safety braking systems in the Pacific Northwest. This is the technology many experts believe could have prevented last month’s deadly train derailment south of Tacoma. Source: Amtrak gives Oregon, Washington state timetable for activating positive train control […]
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Amtrak’s Anderson outlines safety efforts for Oregon, Washington

Amtrak President and Chief Executive Officer Richard Anderson last week presented a status report to Oregon and Washington state officials on the railroad’s plan for responding to last month’s deadly derailment of an Amtrak Cascades train near DuPont, Washington. Source: Rail News – Amtrak’s Anderson outlines safety efforts for Oregon, Washington. For Railroad Career Professionals

Another Voice: ‘Stop placing profits ahead of safety’ on railroads

In the wake of Amtrak 501’s derailment earlier this week, we are once again reminded of the importance of incorporating modern technology to drastically improve outcome and, in some cases, prevent derailment altogether. Mosier Mayor Arlene Burns submitted this Another Voice, and mayors and council members from six other Oregon and Washington cities signed it. […]
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Our view: Safe train travel must be part of Pacific Northwest’s future

The Associated Press reported that since 1969, nearly 300 people have died in U.S. train crashes that existing technology could have prevented. Add the three people killed in last week’s crash south of Tacoma, Washington, and the toll is 301. It will be 12 to 24 months before the National Transportation Safety Board completes its […]
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Off the Rails: Protest oil train regulation rollback 

Gorge residents should be outraged at a decision by the federal government that puts us all in danger. As reported on the Greater Gorge page, A2, the Trump administration has rolled back a 2015 rule on oil train safety. Source: Off the Rails: Protest oil train regulation rollback | Hood River News

Railroads, officials discuss concerns

Wide-ranging meeting touches on safety, better communication. Representatives of the two major railroads that operate in the Columbia River Gorge and government leaders from around the area recently met in an effort to bridge communication gaps amid controversy. Source: Railroads, officials discuss concerns | The Dalles Chronicle

Editorial: Railroads essential to commerce

It was hardly surprising that the politically-driven Columbia Gorge Commission decided last week to reject Union Pacific’s proposal to build an extended railroad siding at Mosier. UP attorneys rightfully questioned why their project was being seen in an almost totally different light by commission officials in 2017. Source: Editorial: Railroads essential to commerce | The […]
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