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New rail spur links Willamette Valley timber to world

A new rail spur is now handling inbound freight in North Bend thanks to the collaborative efforts of a tribal entity, a public agency and a private business. “This is really the perfect symbiotic relationship,” said Ray Doering, director of communications for the Coquille Economic Development Corporation. He said timber producers would rather use the […]
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Another Voice: ‘Stop placing profits ahead of safety’ on railroads

In the wake of Amtrak 501’s derailment earlier this week, we are once again reminded of the importance of incorporating modern technology to drastically improve outcome and, in some cases, prevent derailment altogether. Mosier Mayor Arlene Burns submitted this Another Voice, and mayors and council members from six other Oregon and Washington cities signed it. […]
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Safe train travel must be part of Pacific Northwest’s future | Opinion

The Associated Press reported that since 1969, nearly 300 people have died in U.S. train crashes that existing technology could have prevented. Add the three people killed in last week’s crash south of Tacoma, Washington, and the toll is 301. It will be 12 to 24 months before the National Transportation Safety Board completes its […]
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Oil Train Safety Rules Getting Rolled Back By Trump Adminstration

The Trump administration is rolling back a requirement for trains carrying highly explosive liquids — like the oil trains that run through the Columbia River Gorge en route to Northwest refineries. The 2015 rule was supposed to make these hazardous trains more safe, following a number of derailments. But that was under President Obama, Now, President […]
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Railroads, officials discuss concerns

Wide-ranging meeting touches on safety, better communication. Representatives of the two major railroads that operate in the Columbia River Gorge and government leaders from around the area recently met in an effort to bridge communication gaps amid controversy. Source: Railroads, officials discuss concerns | The Dalles Chronicle

Senators call for oil train halt in wake of Eagle Creek Fire

Burlington Northern Santa Fe says 40 trains will keep chugging daily through the gorge. Two Oregon senators say the risk of rockfall and flooding has made the Columbia River Gorge too dangerous for oil tankers. But freight officials plan to keep rolling on down the line. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Senators call for oil […]
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Northwest Truckers Strained By Gorge Wildfires And Highway Closures

While truckers have it the worst, the fire forced Union Pacific to stop trains that run along the Oregon side of the Gorge. The U.S. Coast Guard has also restricted traffic along a 20-mile stretch of the Columbia River. For the last three days, truck driver David Cassidy has been taking the long road east […]
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Regulators Pull Plan To Test Truckers, Train Operators For Apnea

Two U.S. agencies withdraw a proposal to screen truck drivers and train operators for apnea, a year after saying it “can cause unintended sleep episodes and resulting deficits in attention.” Source: Regulators Pull Plan To Test Truckers, Train Operators For Apnea . News | OPB

Mosier okays UP railroad settlement

A group of Mosier officials voted Monday to accept the terms of the latest $2.4 million offer from Union Pacific Railroad, subject to further negotiations on the scope of the release provided to the railroad in return for their payment and in-kind donations. Source: Mosier okays UP railroad settlement | Hood River News

Rail spur upgrade to benefit Elgin

Track to be upgraded for first time since 1960s. With a state grant funded through ConnectOregon and additional funding from the Boise Cascade Corporation, construction is under way to upgrade part of the train track that leads into the Boise Cascade timber plant between Hemlock and Baltimore streets in Elgin. Source: Rail spur upgrade to […]
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