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Oregon’s Daylight Saving Legislation Is Law, But Is It Living On Borrowed Time?

November 3rd is when Oregonians move the clock back an hour. But what’s that? Didn’t the legislature and governor nix Daylight Saving Time this year? As KLCC’s Brian Bull explains, yes…and no. Senate Bill 320 was signed into law this year.  It keeps most of Oregon in year-round Daylight Saving Time, meaning no switching hours. […]
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Capitol roundup: Candidates getting jump start on 2020

Money for campaign and roads among political topics. Bend was a big winner in the race for federal highway dollars, while runny nose reform was one of the unsung losers in the last minutes of the 2019 session of the Legislature. A $60.4 million award to the Oregon Department of Transportation to reroute U.S. Highway […]
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Logjam in Oregon House eases, for at least one day

The reading clerk in the Oregon House got a chance to rest her vocal chords Wednesday. That’s because for the first time in weeks, lawmakers agreed to waive a requirement that all bills be read aloud in their entirety before a vote can be taken. The provision is part of the Oregon Constitution, as is […]
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2 Oregon lawmakers demoted for rude behavior

Two Oregon lawmakers were demoted Thursday following complaints of disrespectful and rude behavior. House Speaker Tina Kotek removed Rep. Mitch Greenlick as chairman of the House Committee on Health Care. She also booted the Portland Democrat off the House Conduct Committee. Source: 2 Oregon lawmakers demoted for rude behavior

Oregon lawmakers Rep. Bill Post, Rep. Mitch Greenlick demoted for rude behavior

A leader of the Oregon Legislature demoted two lawmakers on Thursday for disrespectful and rude behavior as the statehouse struggles to make itself a more respectful workplace. Rep. Mitch Greenlick, a Portland Democrat, called a pharmaceutical lobbyist “stupid” during a health care committee hearing Tuesday on a drug pricing bill. Source: Oregon lawmakers Rep. Bill […]
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Oregon House Speaker Shuffles Committees After Conduct Complaints

Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek on Thursday announced a number of major changes to her members’ committee assignments, citing two incidents that occurred this week. In the most dramatic change, longtime state Rep. Mitch Greenlick, D-Portland, has been removed as chair of the House Committee on Health Care, which he has run since 2007. Source: […]
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House Speaker Tina Kotek Demotes Two Oregon Lawmakers for Their Rude Remarks

-Kotek explained her decisions as part of an effort to change Salem’s culture following a sexual harassment scandal.- Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek this morning demoted two lawmakers for their public remarks, as she tries to contain the fallout from a sexual harassment scandal that has paralyzed the Capitol. Source: House Speaker Tina Kotek Demotes […]
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Greenlick, Post stripped of committees amid Capitol culture change

House Speaker Tina Kotek demoted representatives, saying their behavior this week does not match the sort of culture legislative leadership is working to achieve. Source: Greenlick, Post stripped of committees amid Capitol culture change

Legislators prep for two years in ‘superminority’

Sen. Kim Thatcher and Rep. Bill Post, the two Republicans representing Keizer, are expecting a trying 2019 session. Democrats hold a supermajority in the Oregon Legislature and the governor’s office which means that Republicans have little recourse when it comes to stopping the bills they oppose without getting Democrats to cross the aisle. What Thatcher […]
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Ceasefire Oregon asks state to investigate Republican lawmaker

Ceasefire Oregon has called on the state House of Representatives to investigate Rep. Bill Post, R-Keizer, for posting the phone numbers and home addresses of the chief petitioners of ballot measure to ban assault weapons. Source: Ceasefire Oregon asks state to investigate Republican lawmaker | oregonlive.com