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State considers controversial carbon cap

GOP not sold on market pollution fix. Oregon would join an air pollution “market” stretching from California to Quebec under a plan unveiled Monday at the Capitol. The Senate and House environment committees held a joint meeting where Democrats touted a carbon “cap-and-invest” program they plan to introduce next year. “We are not on track […]
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Bentz: Legislature should prioritize revenue/PERS reform

A coalition has filed an initiative petition requiring state and local agencies to use excess revenue to pay down PERS obligations. A prominent legislator who helped shepherd a massive transportation package through the Legislature earlier this year is meeting resistance from leadership on his calls to prioritize budget and tax reform. Source: Pamplin Media Group […]
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New ballot bids on taxes and PERS

Bend firm on point for ballot measures. A partner in a Bend law firm with ties to the Republican Party is point man for proposed constitutional amendments on taxes and the Public Employees Retirement System. Source: New ballot bids on taxes and PERS; Bend firm on point for ballot measures

State economists tackle pot, but gaps persist in young industry

Economists say Oregon will see net marijuana revenues of about $142 million in the next two years. Oregon state economists are crunching numbers on a product that in many other states remains illegal — marijuana. Under House Bill 3470, passed this legislative session, state economists have been asked to project future tax revenues from pot. […]
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PERS panel close to finishing

Brown wants $5 billion in new revenue ideas by Nov. 1. Gov. Kate Brown’s special panel tasked with finding money to help pay for $24.5 billion in unfunded state benefits looked at ideas big and small during a meeting Friday to winnow suggestions on how to generate more money for the state’s cash-strapped Public Employees […]
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By Taxing Bicyclists, Has Oregon Paved The Way To The Future Of Infrastructure Funding?

Oregon, perhaps the most bicycle-friendly state in the country, has become the first state to implement a bicycle tax. The new law places a $15 excise tax on new bikes that cost $200 or more. The move has drawn harsh criticism from bike advocates and several lawmakers around the country who say it will dis-incentivize […]
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Put health law on ballot | Editorial | 

Among the budget-balancing efforts approved by the 2017 Oregon Legislature and signed by the governor is House Bill 2391, which raises some $605 million to keep the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) whole while balancing the state budget. The law, nearly universally panned by the Legislature’s Republicans, closes the health care financial gap by raising taxes. […]
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How Driverless Cars Could Be a Big Problem for Cities

The technology could signal the beginning of the end of parking tickets and other revenue sources. Some cities’ budgets could take a big hit. Like a growing number of cities, Austin, Texas, is getting ready for the arrival of autonomous vehicles. On any given afternoon, self-driving test models can be seen darting along a Formula One race […]
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Lottery revenue grows despite new Ridgefield casino

Three months in, Oregon State Lottery revenues have slowed but continue to grow in the wake of ilani Casino Resort’s debut. The three-month-old ilani Casino Resort 16 miles north of the Oregon-Washington border has slowed but failed to stop growth in Oregon State Lottery sales. “It is a slow move downward at this point,” said […]
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Grocers seek state constitutional ban on taxing food

The Northwest Grocery Association is seeking a ballot measure in 2018 to constitutionally bar taxes on food. The association filed paperwork Tuesday to petition for an initiative proposing a constitutional amendment prohibiting taxes at every point of food sales, from production, processing, wholesale and retail, with the exception of meals served at restaurants. Source: Grocers […]
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