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Editorial: Gross receipts tax proposal gets worse

The Oregon Legislature must, by law, come up with a balanced budget by July 10. That’s a problem. The state expects to pay out about $1.4 billion more in the coming two years than it will have in revenues coming in. The solution? If you’re a legislative Democrat, that’s obvious: Raise taxes, but do so […]
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Gross receipts tax bill appeared, but with blank figures

Lawmakers saw in black and white what a gross receipts tax on Oregon businesses might look like, and, at first glimpse, the impression is long and complicated. The bill, currently known as Legislative concept No. 3549, is 111 pages long, and it would take effect in January, according to the draft presented to the Joint […]
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Lawmakers ‘close’ to compromise proposal for new gross-receipts tax on businesses

With the 2017 legislative session’s clock ticking, Oregon lawmakers are inching closer to a compromise proposal for a major new tax on businesses. For weeks, leading Democratic lawmakers, helped by some moderate Republicans, have been negotiating the details of a tax on corporations’ total sales — or gross receipts — in Oregon. Source: Lawmakers ‘close’ […]
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House approves tighter tracking for medical marijuana

The legislation, already passed by the Senate, follows concerns about a federal crackdown. The Oregon House of Representatives on Monday, May 22, passed a bill 51-to-7 that requires medical marijuana to undergo the same tight-looped tracking as the recreational product. Source: Oregon Local News – House approves tighter tracking for medical marijuana

Oregon’s “Kicker” Kicks the State While It’s Down

Oregon is facing a budget shortfall of $1.4 billion or more in the coming biennium, but here’s the kicker (literally): Oregonians are likely to get a tax refund designed for when the state experiences an unexpected revenue windfall. Source: Oregon’s “Kicker” Kicks the State While It’s Down – Tax Foundation

Erik Lukens column: Oregon’s endless money squabble — Opinion

— OpinionState needs a governor committed to finding an ‘operational center’ Revenue is piling up at such a steady clip, Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis reported Tuesday, that the state General Fund is a whopping $370 million fatter than it was expected to be only two months ago. Democratic and Republican legislative leaders responded to […]
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Oregon is sitting on $3.3 billion in bad debt from unpaid taxes, fines and fees

The Oregon Legislature and Gov. Kate Brown had high hopes on the Department of Revenue to help with the $1.4 billion revenue shortfall only to find that the agency has a long track record of delivering disappointment. Source: Oregon is sitting on $3.3 billion in bad debt from unpaid taxes, fines and fees

Our View: No guts, no glory on transportation package – Opinion

Lawmakers hashing out the details of a massive transportation package are divided over how large it should be, and whether voters would accept the tax increases necessary to pay for it. Taxes are never an easy sell, but if shippers, business interests and motorists can be brought on board and legislators agree to campaign for […]
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Gross receipts tax might be only option | Guest Opinion 

The governor and Legislature are battling on two fronts to balance the state budget for the next biennium. On the first, the government has no choice but to curb spending. Source: Gross receipts tax might be only option | Opinion | argusobserver.com

OUR VIEW: Proposal deserves fair review

New taxes are rarely popular. That is why the recommendations released Monday by the legislative committee charged with developing a viable plan to address the states infrastructure woes will be debated and argued over. That is how it should be, but in the end, the Legislature needs to adopt the initiatives recommended by the board. Source: […]
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