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Oregon’s economy slowing, state revenue outlook darkens

Oregon’s top economists say the state’s revenue outlook is considerably darker over the next two years. Oregon’s long economic expansion is set for a considerable slowdown during the state’s next two-year budget cycle, though Oregon’s top economists said Wednesday they still don’t expect a recession. In fact, they expect taxpayers will get an even bigger […]
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As I See It: 104 helps protect Oregon families

It goes without saying that politicians don’t always see eye-to-eye on every issue. In my time serving in the Legislature, I worked closely with my colleagues, regardless of party to find solutions to strengthen our state. That’s when we were at our best, when we were working together. Measure 104 will protect families throughout the […]
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Measure 104 would require super-majority vote to raise fees;

Oregon voters are being asked to decide if lawmakers should be required to have a so-called supermajority of votes — or three-fifths majority — whenever they vote to change or repeal a tax break or increase or impose a fee. Measure 104 would change the definition of “raising revenue” in the Oregon Constitution to include […]
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Editorial: Liquor commission accidentally makes the case for tax-limiting ballot measure

Booze panel shows what happens when it’s easy for officials to squeeze the public. On July 5, an initiative petition that would make it more difficult for lawmakers to hike fees and taxes qualified for the November ballot. Three weeks later, in a seemingly unrelated move, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission showed voters why IP […]
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Editorial: Tax kicker seems likely to survive

A Republican legislator believes the 2019 legislative session will take up the possibility of changing or eliminating the state’s so-called “kicker” — Oregon’s oddball tax-refund law — as it considers ways to once again close a revenue shortfall that could be in the neighborhood of $1 billion. Source: Editorial: Tax kicker seems likely to survive | Editorial […]
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Sports betting: a good way to make revenue | Editorial

The U.S. Supreme Court didn’t exactly legalize sports betting in its decision last week. The court nullified a law passed by Congress that prohibited states from allowing sports betting. Oregon was Congress’ target when the law was initially proposed — and by the time it passed, it was meant to keep Oregon’s sports-betting contagion from […]
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Our view: Oregon’s leaders need long-term strategies

In the words of State Economist Mark McMullen, Oregon’s economy “is still pretty hunky-dory.” The current period of economic growth is on its way to becoming the longest on record, with little chance of a recession within the next year. As a result, the state is collecting far more in taxes than previously projected. But […]
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When Calling an Uber Can Pay Off for Cities and States 

In Chicago, a 15-cent fee on Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing services is helping to pay for track, signal and electrical upgrades to make the city’s trains run faster and smoother. Ride-hailing trips in Philadelphia are expected to raise $2.6 million this year for the city’s public schools through a 1.4 percent tax that will also generate […]
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Voters to decide health coverage fate

Voters will decide on Jan. 23 whether to approve funding to preserve Oregon’s expansion of health insurance coverage. The Rogue Valley chapter of the League of Women Voters hosted a forum Thursday at the Medford library to urge voters to approve Measure 101. While the league doesn’t take a position on political candidates, it occasionally […]
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Editorial: Don’t give the Legislature more freedom to tax

Some in Oregon believe the government that governs best taxes more. And to carry out their dreams, they aim to change the wording of the Oregon Constitution to make it easier to raise taxes. Voters should tell them no. Source: Editorial: Don’t give the Legislature more freedom to tax;