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Grocers seek state constitutional ban on taxing food

The Northwest Grocery Association is seeking a ballot measure in 2018 to constitutionally bar taxes on food. The association filed paperwork Tuesday to petition for an initiative proposing a constitutional amendment prohibiting taxes at every point of food sales, from production, processing, wholesale and retail, with the exception of meals served at restaurants. Source: Grocers […]
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Editorial: Sign the petition to put taxes on the ballot

Among the budget-balancing efforts approved by the 2017 Oregon Legislature and signed by the governor is House Bill 2391, which raises some $605 million to keep the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) whole while balancing the state budget. Source: Editorial: Sign the petition to put taxes on the ballot;

Business & Labor Politics | Oregon Governor Kate Brown – OPB’s Think Out Loud

We reflect on the 2017 Oregon legislative session and look ahead to 2018. Now that the 2017 legislative session is over, Oregon’s business community and the state’s labor coalitions are looking ahead to possible 2018 ballot initiatives. Oregon Education Association president John Larson and Oregon Business Council vice president Jeremy Rogers discuss corporate taxes, the public employee pension crisis, and […]
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Two men enter, one tax plan leave – Editorials

This is how to put Oregon schools and state government on a path to stable, sustainable funding: Stick Ontario Republican Cliff Bentz and Beaverton Democrat Mark Hass in a room and give them the task of developing a fair tax plan for the state. That is the idea of Oregon House Republican Leader Mike McLane, […]
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Legislators reflect on session

Sen. Bill Hansell, Rep. Greg Smith and Rep. Greg Barreto had bills they were excited to pass and topics they wish were tackled during the 2017 legislative session. As legislators return to their normal lives after months in Salem, they are bringing back to their districts tales of triumph — and of ways the legislature […]
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Director’s Desk: Legislative session leaves little for the poor to celebrate — Opinion

The state Legislature has sent the message that the government cares more about protecting corporations than about protecting poor Oregonians. The 2017 Oregon legislative session started with big promises. Both the business community and legislators said they would find a way to avoid massive cuts to safety-net programs by creating a revenue package that would […]
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Oregon Legislature Approves Plan to Start Charging Tolls on Two Interstate Highways Running Through Portland

The Oregon transportation bill instructs the state to ask federal permission for “value pricing” on I-5 and I-205. The Oregon Legislature has managed its big achievement of the 2017 session: It passed a massive transportation bill on July 6. The bill calls for Oregon to raise $5.3 billion in new taxes and fees over the […]
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OUR VIEW: Lawmakers deserve praise for transit bill

The Oregon Legislature got it right this week when it approved a $5.3 billion transportation upgrade plan for the state. The Senate, on a 22-7 vote, passed House Bill 2017 Thursday, a day after the House of Representatives approved the legislation. The ambitious road upgrade for the state is a long overdue project that will […]
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Brown surrenders on PERS reform

Gov. Kate Brown has waved the white flag, saying the Oregon Legislature will not be able to reform the Public Employees Retirement System. Sen. Bill Hansell (R-Athena) is all for reforming that system in ways that won’t violate the contracts in place, but he said the Democrats made a mistake when they included PERS reform […]
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Oregon has struggled to make money off of rangeland

– Fighting wildfires have added to the cost of managing nearly 600,000 acres of rangeland in Eastern Oregon. – The nearly 600,000 acres of state rangeland leased to ranchers to graze livestock have struggled quietly to generate a profit for decades, even as similar management issues involving the Elliott State Forest are a higher priority […]
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