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Battling concussions: Where’s the trainer?

RATTLED: Small and rural schools in Oregon are least likely to have athletic trainers. Once classes let out for the day at Aloha High School, student athletes start lining up outside Shelly Jones’ training room. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Battling concussions: Where’s the trainer?

Rural dwelling bill perturbs farmland advocates

Despite assurances the bill won’t affect “exclusive farm use” zones, a proposal to allow more dwellings in “rural residential” areas has perturbed farmland conservationists. County governments could permit the construction of “accessory dwelling units,” commonly known as “granny flats,” under Senate Bill 88, but only in rural residential zones if certain conditions are met. Source: […]
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Families file suit over students’ shortened days

Disability Rights Oregon filed a lawsuit Tuesday accusing school districts in rural Oregon of cutting school days short for children with disabilities, blaming the state for failing to provide the resources to offer a full day of education. The four plaintiffs in the suit claim that practice violates state and federal laws, and are suing […]
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Federal shutdown impacts rural Northwest

As the partial federal government shutdown continues into its fourth week, some rural Northwest communities are feeling the pinch. In western Oregon wolves are under federal protection, but federal employees assigned to monitoring them with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and USDA Wildlife Services are on furlough. Steve Niemela, Oregon Department of Fish and […]
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Our view | Rural response

The state of Oregon must begin grappling with the lack of reliable emergency response in its wildest and most remote places. The state of Oregon must begin grappling with the lack of reliable emergency response in its wildest and most remote places. Cash-strapped, tax-burdened rural Oregon counties are playing host to more adventurous visitors, while […]
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New faces, old problems in frontier emergency response

If your car drives off the road, your house catches fire, or your ex is pounding too loudly on your door in Wheeler County, know this: It’s likely to be a long time before help arrives. Currently, a four-person sheriff’s office patrols the rural county in north-central Oregon. Yet a system of volunteer firefighters and […]
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Oregon’s 2018 in Review | Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

2018 was another banner year for the economy. Jobs in Oregon are on pace to increase 2.1% which is good growth for the ninth year of an economic expansion. More importantly these gains are still strong enough to accommodate the influx of new residents and the Oregonians entering or coming back into the labor market. […]
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Governor establishes rural broadband office

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has established an office that will develop broadband opportunities for rural and underserved areas of the state. Brown signed an executive order to create the Oregon Broadband Office on Dec. 14. Eastern Oregon Telecom CEO Joe Franell is chair of the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council, a statewide committee that backed the […]
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Oregon opens broadband office to connect rural residents

An executive order creates a statewide coordinating office to be staffed by four or five employees charged with ensuring everyone is online. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown issued an executive order this week creating a state broadband office, fueled primarily by a desire, officials say, to bring high-speed internet access to rural and low-income areas. “This […]
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Murmurs: Oregonians Born in Oregon Are Disappearing

As the year draws to a close, demographic figures compiled by Portland State University show the gap between the number of deaths and births is the narrowest since the 1930s. “Population growth is slowing,” says Josh Lehner, a state economist. Source: Murmurs: Oregonians Born in Oregon Are Disappearing