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Quick Look: Portland Would Fare Better than Rural, Eastern Oregon Under Republican Obamacare Replacement

Higher earners would fare much better– but only up to a point– under Trump-backed Obamacare replacement The cuts and gains Oregonians would face under the American Health Care Act proposed by Republicans in the U.S. Congress seem almost arbitrary at times. Across the state, residents are divided among eleven pricing tiers. Source: Quick Look: Portland […]
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Republican Healthcare Overhaul Would Cost Rural, Poor and Old Oregonians the Most

Please contact the State Library for access to this premium story from the Lund Report. We can be reached at: library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. Analysis of people buying marketplace insurance shows that those earning $20,000 per year would lose the most, financially, while those in Portland would fare better than those in rural eastern Oregon   […]
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Editorial: Boost the arts in rural Oregon

The Oregon Arts Commission last year turned up its nose at the work in the arts done by the High Desert Museum and yanked grant funding. The museum lost two grants it had been receiving from the commission for several years, worth about $20,000 annually. The arts commission justified the cut by saying it has […]
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Make Oregon’s biggest housing subsidy work for Coos County

The severe housing crisis afflicting Portland has received a lot of well-deserved media coverage, but not enough has been said about the housing challenges facing rural Oregon. According to a recent analysis by a state economist, when you look at the cost of housing in Coos County, you see that it is among the least […]
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Rural Oregon doctors, hospitals fear Republican plan

In the days since he helped fellow Republicans unveil their long-awaited health care plan, Congressman Greg Walden has watched nearly every major group in the medical and insurance industries come out against it. Now some of that pushback is coming from rural Oregon, including his own district, which could be hit hard by the plan. […]
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Mitchell gets boost to cell service

Mitchell, a bucolic town just miles from Oregon’s Painted Hills, is getting a boost to cellphone service. U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, announced in a written statement that T-Mobile is bringing cellphone service to Mitchell this summer. Source: Mitchell gets boost to cell service – Local News – East Oregonian

House bill sets up local tech boom

The push to bring tech jobs to Klamath County and has taken a large step forward as state legislators recently submitted a tax incentive bill encouraging businesses to relocate and and hire locally. Introduced March 1 by Rep. Mike McLane, R-Powell Butte, and Rep. E. Werner Reschke, R-Klamath Falls, HB-3206 would give tax breaks to companies […]
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Editorial: Rural communities should ensure contraceptive care

The good news: Teen pregnancies are down throughout the U.S. and Oregon. The not-so-good news: Rural areas like ours account for a disproportionate share of them due to less access to reproductive-planning services. Source: Editorial: Rural communities should ensure contraceptive care

ACA and the working poor

Hard work alone won’t get you health care in rural counties When Cindy sits down to figure out her budget, she puts “health insurance” in the list of what she calls “set bills.” Then she begins the monthly exercise in frustration. Both she and her husband work. They have children. They don’t drink gourmet coffees […]
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Conference Explores Aging in Rural Oregon

The event, which is being held in Hood River, is sponsored by the Office of Rural Health. The challenges faced by an aging population in rural communities takes center stage at a conference scheduled for April 20-21.