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Rural Muslims fight for safety, inclusion

Life as a Muslim in rural Oregon can mean invasive questions, awkward stares at the checkout counter and limited community resources. Khan is establishing a local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in an effort to help that underserved population. Source: Rural Muslims fight for safety, inclusion | OregonLive.com

SWOCC leads rural Oregon colleges in student success

A person would think that when you enroll in a community college, you’d rocket through first-year courses. Blast through a second year, and it’s onward to graduation, then a university or into a career. That’s not always reality. Source: SWOCC leads rural Oregon colleges in student success | South Coast Strong | theworldlink.com

Healthy, Happy Smiles program brings dental services to rural kids

A school-based oral health program aims to reduce the cavity rate of Eastern Oregon children who receive their preventative dental services. The Healthy, Happy Smiles program was launched in 2016 in Grant, Harney, Baker and Malheur counties. Source: Healthy, Happy Smiles program brings dental services to rural kids – Local News –

2017 Oregon Legislature: Session produced good things for rural Oregon — Guest Opinion

On Friday, July 7, the gavel came down one last time to signal the end of Oregon’s 2017 legislative session. It was the final moment of a packed, productive, sometimes disappointing and occasionally contentious five months in the Capitol. From the first day of the session, much of our discussion, sometimes heated, centered around our […]
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Editorial: A glimmer of hope in opioid battle 

New federal statistics released this month show, at long last, a glimmer of hope in the nation’s battle against opioid addiction. But this latest news, while welcome, does not change the fact that we still face a long battle with the addiction adversary. A new analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found […]
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Rural poor need better access to healthy food | Opinion

Imagine you’re living in a small Oregon town with $10 to feed your family of four. Your options are limited to burgers from the local fast-food chain or snack food from the corner convenience store. Either way, you can’t win. Source: Rural poor need better access to healthy food | Opinion | Eugene, Oregon

Insurers Seek to Pull Out of Rural Counties in 2018

State officials say they hope to convince some health insurance companies to return – especially to Douglas, Lane, Lincoln and Tillamook counties, where Providence is the only company offering individual plans on marketplace exchanges next year. Rural Oregonians will have fewer health insurance options than ever in 2018, unless state officials are able to lure […]
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Organic farming best option for rural economies | Opinion |

There are a variety of approaches we could take to boost the economy of Oregon’s rural counties. We can look back, and try to recapture a fragment of Oregon’s old economy based on resource extraction, or we can look forward to more stable and sustainable opportunities. Organic agriculture and commerce is one such opportunity; however, […]
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Rural areas struggle to attract primary care providers

Umatilla County works to bring primary care physicians to area. Good Shepherd Medical Center will soon acquire longtime Hermiston practice Gifford Medical Center. It will add three doctors and three nurse practitioners, increasing its total count to 11 primary care providers. But Hermiston continues to see a need for health care providers, a problem it […]
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Rural counties are where jobs are needed most—and that includes jobs pumping gas | Editorial

Pull up to a gas station in Oregon and it’s easy to determine whether someone lives in the state or not. If the driver moves to start pumping their own gas, it’s a sure tell that they’re from out of state. Oregonians don’t have to pump their own gas and haven’t done so since 1951. […]
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