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Depleting SAIF will jeopardize rural prosperity

Local businesses are the job engine of Oregon’s economy. Our long-term prosperity is dependent on attracting and retaining businesses that create a strong base of middle-class jobs in rural Oregon. To accomplish this, it is imperative that Oregon protect assets that provide us a competitive advantage over other states. One such strength is Oregon’s affordable […]
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Opinion: For rural Oregon, clean-energy bill is an economic opportunity

Over the past several weeks at five hearings around the state, Oregonians have heard a lot about House Bill 2020, a bill that would create an economy-wide cap-and-invest program. While a poll shows public opinion broadly favors the concept, voices in the debate have frequently focused on the costs – costs of action, costs of […]
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Rural towns face higher suicide rates than big cities

Tony Long-Drew of Still Waters Counseling in Estacada realizes his practice would be different if he worked in a big city. “If you just hang a shingle saying you’re a counselor, that won’t work in a small town,” he said. “You have to put yourself out there and establish rapport with the town.” Long-Drew and […]
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ACLU calls for DAs to make policies public

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon is pushing the state’s district attorneys to be more transparent about how their offices operate. Some local district attorneys expressed concerns that could mean a one-size-fits-all approach that won’t work in rural Oregon. The state’s ACLU branch on Tuesday morning issued the 41-page “A Peek Behind the Curtain: […]
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Smith: Without mills, forest health is at risk

“No mill. No market. No forest.” These were the words of Evergreen Magazine’s Jim Petersen over 15 years ago. They came to mind as Swanson Group announced the impending closure of the company’s sawmill in tiny Glendale, north of Grants Pass. The closure is another example of Oregon’s neglect for its rural communities, and the […]
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Carbon bill revised with nod to rural Oregonians

Oregon’s cap-and-trade policy would regulate polluters and transform Oregon’s economy. Proposal’s architects say the new version will be a cleaner, more effective bill. Source: Carbon bill revised with nod to rural Oregonians

Second version of carbon cap bill gives nod to rural Oregonians, pulls coveted exemptions from industry

Oregon’s cap and trade policy would strictly regulate polluters and transform Oregon’s economy. The proposal’s architects say the new version will be a cleaner, more effective bill. Climate advocates are coming up roses after legislative revisions to a proposed carbon pricing policy for Oregon left unchanged the most significant mandates while softening the impact across […]
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Our View | Salem comes to Eastern Oregon

Oregon legislators are to be commended for going outside Salem to hear from non-urbanites about the state budget and other issues. But lawmakers should go further, adding more rural perspective to the urban voices that seem to dominate at the Oregon Capitol. The road-trip public hearings are a start. Source: Our View | Salem comes […]
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Guest column: Don’t ignore the evidence on La Pine health

 grew up in Central Oregon. I was born at St. Charles in Bend, and spent the next 18 years living in La Pine. I graduated from La Pine High School in 2010. The majority of my family has worked in health care in one capacity or another, so I have seen first hand the struggles […]
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Franell | A permanent solution to net neutrality for rural Oregon

Across our country, approximately 23 million Americans living in rural areas lack sufficient access to the internet. Many of these people are our friends and neighbors right here in Eastern Oregon, who are not connected to the single most important driver of economic growth, job creation, and a better quality of life. Bridging this digital […]
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