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Don’t want to pump your own gas? Local gas stations say don’t worry

Rural gas stations now allowed to offer 24-hour self-serve gas, but many say nothing will change. A new law allowing rural counties in Eastern Oregon to permit 24-hour self-serve gas stations does not mean changes are imminent. The rule, which went into effect Jan. 1, states that counties east of Portland with populations under 40,000 […]
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Oregon as a laughingstock

Never mind that what triggered a lot of the “get-a-life” comments aimed at Oregonians from around the country last week was an esoteric pump-your-own gas law that affects less than 10 percent of the state’s population. We deserve any ridicule and eye-rolls that come our way. Source: Oregon as a laughingstock

Oregonians Aren’t Pumped About New Law Allowing Self-Service Gas Stations

A new law took effect this week allowing drivers in certain rural Oregon counties to pump their own gas. For decades, the state has required an attendant to pump gas for drivers. Many Oregonians were outraged this week when a new law took effect allowing motorists in rural counties to pump their own gas, representing […]
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Guest Opinion: Clean energy would strengthen Oregon rural communities

2017 was a year of compromise and disappointments in the battle for controlling climate change, both nationally and locally. Oregon’s temperature has been steadily climbing for years. We’ve seen early snowmelt, blistering heat waves, heavy downpours and a dangerous uptick in wildfire risk. The erratic weather trends will only worsen and will detrimentally impact our […]
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Libraries work to stay relevant 

Almost everyone now has a smartphone in their pockets — a portal to random facts or the president’s stream of consciousness. As information becomes easier to access, public libraries have had to examine the services they provide and prove to patrons that they remain relevant. Source: Libraries work to stay relevant – Local News – […]
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‘I don’t even know HOW’: Some Oregonians panic about new self-service gas law

A new law that took effect this week in Oregon will allow residents in rural counties to pump their own gas — a divergence from the state’s decades-long history of having attendants pump gas for drivers. Under House Bill 2482, which took effect Monday, retailers in counties with a population of less than 40,000 are allowed to have self-service […]
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Pump Possibilities

Two years after Oregon began allowing drivers in rural counties, including Baker, to pump their own fuel during certain hours, the law is changing to allow self-service fueling around the clock in some cases. Source: Pump Possibilities;

Fractured West

In Oregon and elsewhere, rural residents increasingly balk at Democrats’ progressive governance. Just on the eastern side of the Cascades, the city of Bend lies in the transition zone, in more ways than one. (Where the clouds and the rain vanish farther east, so do Democratic Party voters.) Source: Fractured West | City Journal

Rural Counties Watch Closely As Douglas County Considers Rezoning Farm Land

Douglas County Commissioners will consider a plan Wednesday to open up 35,000 acres of rural land to 20-acre home plots. The land is currently zoned for farm and forest use.  The rezoning effort sets up a potentially major shift in how Oregon — known for its conservative land use laws — manages a growing population. Source: Rural […]
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Hit-or-miss in Crook, Jefferson for self-serve gas

Gas stations in Crook and Jefferson counties were mostly noncommittal Thursday about their plans to permit self-service by motorists in the new year. Some employees reached by phone were unaware of any plans by their managers to put self-service into place. Others were unaware the law that allows self-serve gasoline in rural counties, passed by […]
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