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Oregon Has the Nation’s Oldest Sanctuary Law. It Might Not Survive This Election.

“The battle for Measure 105 sets the stage for what happens in the rest of the country.” Thirty years before blue states like California went to war with the Trump administration over enforcing immigration policies, an Oregon state representative named Rocky Barilla proposed the law that created the nation’s first sanctuary state. At the time, he recalls, […]
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Editorial: Voters should preserve state’s sanctuary law

Considering how divisive and heated the debate over United States immigration policy has gotten over the last few years, here’s a bit of Oregon history that seems hard to believe: More than three decades ago, when Oregon lawmakers enacted what became the nation’s first “sanctuary law,” the measure wasn’t controversial: It passed the Senate on […]
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Guest column: Please vote ‘no’ on Measure 105

Unity and inclusiveness are part of our values. I am voting “no” on Measure 105 for three main reasons. One, because I am opposed to racial profiling and discrimination. Two, because our local law enforcement should not spend money from their limited budgets to do the job of federal immigration agents. And three, because I […]
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Oregon voters to decide whether to repeal state ‘sanctuary law’

On Nov. 6, Oregon voters will decide the fate of the state’s 31-year-old “sanctuary law. ” The law, which passed almost unanimously in 1987, limits the amount of cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration enforcement. It says no Oregon law enforcement agency can use its money, equipment or personnel for the purpose of […]
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Sanctuary law faces repeal in November

In the month following the 2016 presidential election, Selene Torres-Medrano helped organize an immigration forum at Umatilla High School. Torres-Medrano said the audience filled the cafeteria to hear from local leaders on the issue, including Umatilla County Sheriff Terry Rowan. She said Rowan assured the crowd that his deputies would not target undocumented immigrants. Source: […]
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Oregon Voters To Decide The Fate Of State’s Sanctuary Law

Oregon’s sanctuary law for immigration is simple on paper. It says no law enforcement agency can use its money, equipment or personnel for the purpose of detecting or apprehending people whose only violation is being in the country unlawfully. But what makes the law confusing is that it has not been interpreted by the courts. […]
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‘OPB Politics Now:’ Breaking Down Measures 105 And 106

Oregon is a consistently liberal state. Yet conservative activists have succeeded in putting measures on the November ballot that would change state law on abortion and immigration. On this week’s “OPB Politics Now,” OPB news director Anna Griffin, senior political reporter Jeff Mapes and reporters Dirk VanderHart and Conrad Wilson break down Measures 105 and […]
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Editorial endorsement: Vote no on 105 repeal of Oregon’s sanctuary law

More than 30 years ago, Oregon lawmakers made a powerful statement against racial profiling. With a 29-1 vote in the Oregon Senate and another 58-1 vote in the House, lawmakers created the nation’s first sanctuary law. Source: Editorial endorsement: Vote no on 105 repeal of Oregon’s sanctuary law | OregonLive.com

UO, OSU presidents urge public to vote against repealing Oregon sanctuary law

University of Oregon President Michael Schill and Oregon State University President Edward Ray say Oregonians should “reject hate and vote against Measure 105.” The two university leaders issued a joint opinion, posted in a voter’s guide on the Oregon Secretary of State Office website, encouraging Oregonians to vote no on the measure that would repeal […]
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Brown, Buehler on Oregon economy, homelessness

Debate for Oregon’s Future next Tuesday, hosted by KOIN 6 News. The economy is often an issue in campaigns. Homelessness rarely is, but in this year’s race for Oregon governor, both issues are taking a large role. KOIN 6 News anchor Jeff Gianola sat down with Kate Brown and Knute Buehler for extensive one-on-one interviews. […]
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