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Oregon Kid Governor video, anti-bullying book released 

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has announced the release of an educational video: A Capitol Tour & Civics Lesson with Oregon’s Kid Governor Dom Peters. The video is available at http://orkg.kidgovernor.org/ “Dom’s video is geared toward fifth-graders, but everyone will enjoy watching and learning,” said Secretary Richardson. “In the video, Dom talks with Governor Kate Brown, […]
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Three Former Oregon Secretaries of State Call On Dennis Richardson To Investigate Signature Fraud Allegations

Richardson’s office has already certified signatures for the anti-tax initiative petition 31 for the November ballot. Three former Oregon secretaries of state today called on the current secretary of state, Republican Dennis Richardson, to investigate allegations of signature gathering fraud on initiative petition 31, an anti-tax measure that has qualified for the November ballot. Source: […]
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Secretary of State Dennis Richardson Says Gun Control Measures Might Have Made Oregon Ballot With His Reforms

Measure proposing to regulate semiautomatic weapons fails will not move forward. Richardson wants to make it easier to gather signatures. As a state representative six legislative sessions, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point) was a strong supporter of gun rights. That adds some interest to Richardson’s response today to the announcement by gun control […]
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Editorial: Change rules for ballot initiatives

No matter what you think about a pair of initiative petitions that would impose new restrictions on guns in the state, their sponsors should have enough time to gather signatures to have a shot at putting them on the ballot. They’re not likely to. Source: Editorial: Change rules for ballot initiatives;

Our Opinion: Oregon a leader in urging people to vote

Vote-by-mail and motor voter both were aimed at removing obstacles to participating in the democratic process.That’s Oregon. Given our pioneer heritage, it’s no wonder Oregonians take pride in blazing new trails for public policy. Whether it’s a law putting a bounty on discarded bottles or protecting our beaches from development, the state has a rich […]
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Oregon could open campaigns to cryptocurrency donations

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson claimed last week that the change would ‘expand participation’ in state elections. Oregon may soon allow people to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to donate to political campaigns. Cryptocurrency is privately issued and exists only digitally, but is surging into the mainstream as a medium of exchange. Source: Pamplin Media […]
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Sec. of State Richardson wants to let Oregon political campaigns accept cryptocurrency donations

Oregon’s Secretary of State Dennis Richardson announced this week he wants to give political campaigns in the state the right to accept donations in Bitcoin and other non-government-backed digital “cryptocurrencies. ”Richardson argued that the move is “a new and innovative way to expand participation in Oregon elections.” Source: Sec. of State Richardson wants to let […]
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Campaign contributions by Bitcoin? Oregon elections chief favors ‘yes’

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson proposed a rule change Tuesday to allow cryptocurrency donations to political campaigns. The proposed amendment would update Oregon’s campaign finance manual to allow campaigns to accept cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, as donations. Campaign expenditures via cryptocurrency would still be prohibited. Source: Campaign contributions by Bitcoin? Oregon elections chief favors ‘yes’ […]
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Court punts on gerrymandering – Opinion

Gerrymandering — drawing political districts to achieve a particular result — is nearly as old as the republic, but the U.S. Supreme Court has never ruled on the practice except in regard to minorities’ voting rights. It ducked the issue again this week, declining to rule in a pair of cases for technical reasons. But […]
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Editorial: Protecting our rights in elections

Two news stories last week serve as a reminder of how far Oregon has come in its efforts to remove barriers to voting — and to offer safeguards against continuing efforts to hack into the nation’s election systems. Last Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court — in a narrow 5-4 decision — ruled that states may boot people off […]
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