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Courts face growing need for interpreters

Umatilla, Morrow courts mirror statewide need for indigenous interpreters. In the Umatilla County courthouse, the question, “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” may be answered in a number of different languages. Across Oregon, requests for indigenous languages have spiked in the last year. As languages like […]
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Contractor shortages delay projects big and small

Umatilla County construction can take longer than expected when subcontractors are too busy to take on a new project. Hermiston residents are looking forward to construction wrapping up on new traffic signals on Northwest 11th Street after months of navigating through an ever-changing pattern of orange traffic cones surrounding two intersections. The new signals should […]
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Delay at state autopsy lab slowing death investigations

Cause of death still unknown for Michael Hart, inmate who died in Multnomah County jail. A staffing shortage at the state’s autopsy lab is creating a log-jam for law enforcement — and delaying the completion of death investigations. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Delay at state autopsy lab slowing death investigations

Getting the new shingles vaccine can take some time because of shortages

A second dose of Shingrix is due within six months of the first, but don’t worry if it takes longer. Ann Dieffenbach got her first shot of the new shingles vaccine, Shingrix, at her CVS pharmacy in Bethesda on Feb. 25. It’s a two-injection series, the second shot recommended two to six months after the […]
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Oregon wildfires blaze, causing shortage of volunteer firefighters

When smoke was first spotted at Silver Creek Falls State Park in what became the Silver Creek Fire, the first firefighters on the scene were from the Drakes Crossing Fire Department, a department outside of Silverton that relies heavily on volunteers. Though fire crews from Oregon Department of Forestry and other agencies came to fight […]
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Worker shortage could be bad news for Oregon economy

Orders are pouring into Columbia Steel Casting in North Portland. With the national economy surging, manufacturers are eager for the company’s steel and iron components. There’s a problem, though: the economy is so good here in Oregon that Columbia Steel can’t find enough workers to accommodate the growing demand. Source: Worker shortage could be bad […]
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In Bend, child care may be harder to find than housing

When Wintress Lovering decided to return to work and started looking for child care for her young daughter in February, she heard the same response from several centers: they were full, but maybe she could try in the fall — of 2019. Lovering eventually found a program that will take her two children — a […]
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Water shortages expected in much of Oregon

The NRCS is advising irrigators to plan accordingly for water shortages, especially in southern and southeastern Oregon where the snowpack was the lowest this season. Low winter snowpack combined with a drier-than-usual spring and rapid snowmelt will likely translate into critically low water supplies across parts of Oregon heading into summer, according to the USDA […]
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With peak tourism season upon the North Coast, hospitality industry left with job vacancies

Affordable housing, lack of training factors in worker shortage. With the height of tourism season approaching, many in the restaurant and lodging industry will face throngs of visitors with incomplete crews. The worker shortage on the North Coast is a consistent but growing problem. With Clatsop County’s unemployment rate hovering around 4 percent, employers across […]
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NRCS Predicts Water Shortages In Oregon This Summer

Reservoirs may provide some relief to thirsty Oregon residents this summer, despite minimal snowpack and less-than-average rainfall. From NRCS: The June Water Supply Outlook Report from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service predicts water shortages across much of Oregon this summer. Unseasonably warm temperatures in May combined with a drier than normal snow season will […]
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