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Southern Oregon’s Unemployment Rates are Higher than Country’s Average

New statistics released by the State of Oregon Employment Department. Jackson County’s unemployment rate is 4.4%. This is one of the lowest in the state. Josephine County and Curry County are 5.5%. Klamath County is 5.8%. As of September 2018 over 77,000 people in Oregon are unemployed. This is 8,000 less than last year at […]
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State Ag Director assesses Southern Oregon

On a patio overlooking a barbera vineyard off Dark Hollow Road, the state’s highest agriculture officer took note of issues facing local wine growers. While smoke-filled summers remains a burning issue, Oregon Agriculture Director Alexis Taylor heard how herbicide and pesticide drift from neighboring properties can damage vineyards, about the perils of red blotch disease, […]
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Life expectancy varies widely by neighborhood

People living in the wealthier parts of Medford and Ashland can expect to live almost 20 years longer than those living in central Medford next to I-5. The neighborhood running along the interstate in downtown Medford has an average life expectancy at birth of only 66.2 years the worst in Oregon, according to a new […]
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Burning impact: S.O. fires affected land mildly

Only 2 percent of the land affected by the 211,801-acre Klondike and Taylor Creek fires on the Wild Rivers and Gold Beach Ranger Districts burned at high severity; an additional 75 percent burned at “low” or “very low” severities — or remained “unburned,” according to a recent U. S. Forest Service assessment. About 20 percent […]
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Small towns slowing down

Lower population projections mean less expansion under state land-use laws Towns in Jackson County are predicted to see less growth between now and 2043 than predicted in 2015, and the new numbers will impact the ability of the cities to add land for growth under state land-use regulations. Source: Small towns slowing down | Mail […]
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Housing prices will attract outsiders

Forget the smoke, forget the elbow room, and take a look at housing prices. At least in the eyes of one economist, who is a member of the California Treasurer’s economic advisory council and who appears on CNN, Southern Oregon and the upper reaches of Northern California are among the last bastions of affordable housing […]
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El Nino following bad-water year

Wimpy winter weather followed by a near-record dry spell this summer created one of the top 10 driest Rogue Valley water years on record, and the prospect of a warm and dry El Nino pattern doesn’t bode well for parched reservoirs. The 11.47 inches of rain measured at the Medford airport in the 12 months […]
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A fruitful hemp harvest, but for how long?

Southern Oregon’s growing contingent of hemp growers are harvesting their fields and drying their crops. And with demand for hemp booming, the market looks promising. But some farmers wonder what the future holds. Source: A fruitful hemp harvest, but for how long? | Mail Tribune

Oregon Shakespeare Festival lays off 16, citing wildfire losses

The Ashland arts organization has already reported $2 million in losses due to heavy smoke from this summer’s wildfires in southern Oregon. Source: Oregon Shakespeare Festival lays off 16, citing wildfire losses

Governor wants to spread the word about smoke

Gov. Kate Brown says part of the process of preventing more summers of smoke in Southern Oregon is to make sure the rest of the state knows just how many people were affected and for how long. “It’s critically important that there be some better cross-fertilization,” Brown told a room of regional leaders in tourism, firefighting, wine […]
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