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Editorial: Homeless focus overlooks important piece of the puzzle

Oregon Speaker of the House Tina Kotek hopes to persuade the state Legislature to commit at least $40 million to help finance new shelters for the homeless this year. If she’s successful, the money will be a good step in efforts to provide relief for Oregon’s least fortunate residents, though it’s a long way from […]
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Guest Column: Four questions control session’s fate

Four questions will determine the fate of the 2020 Oregon Legislature. Several days of legislative committee meetings this week will provide the first clues to the answers. Source: Guest Column: Four questions control session’s fate | Columns | dailyastorian.com

Guest Column: Rural lawmakers unload

State Rep. Caddy McKeown, D-Coos Bay, minced no words. “My communities have been in a recession for about 40 years now,” she told participants at the Oregon Leadership Summit last week. “We have high rates of poverty, child abuse, domestic violence, obesity, the capital murder rate, shorter life span, all because poverty has been imposed […]
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Oregon counties bracing for major public safety cuts after lawmakers slash funding

Oregon counties are bracing for significant public safety cuts over the next two years after state lawmakers dramatically reduced funding for community corrections. Hit hardest is Multnomah County. The sheriff’s office and the Department of Community Justice are expecting to see $5. 4 million in reductions. This budget cut will require layoffs to parole and […]
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Our view | State should prepare for economic downturn now

Rep. Greg Smith, R-Heppner, should get kudos for a realistic review of the state’s economic future. Smith met with the East Oregonian editorial board last week and said during the wide-ranging interview that the state must prepare for an economic downturn. And an economic downturn is going to happen. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow […]
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Smith worries about saving for a rainy day

The Oregon Legislature passed a balanced budget and funded new programs and projects this year. But Rep. Greg Smith, R-Heppner, is hoping that the next budget cycle will see a better balance of spending and saving. Smith, who met with the East Oregonian’s editorial board on Thursday, said the state needs to prepare for the […]
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Guest column: State’s SAIF raid is an idea that should stay dead

Gustafson Logging Co. recently celebrated 45 years of being in business. Over that time, we’ve seen a lot of things in the logging industry change and evolve. Not the least Source: Guest column: State’s SAIF raid is an idea that should stay dead | Columns | dailyastorian.com

Editorial: Voters to get the final say on big issues

State voters will get the final say on a couple of issues that occupied legislators this session — and it also seems likely that they’ll be called upon to pass judgment on one of the session’s big-deal items. Voters will get to decide whether to increase the state’s tobacco tax to help plug a budget shortfall […]
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Is Oregon Addicted to the Lottery?

Oregonians forked over $12 billion last year on slim chances to win big. Here’s how our state lottery plans to keep feeding that habit. The cashier at Ray’s Food Place in Jacksonville knows the man with the white Fu Manchu ’stache buying scratch-it tickets. Hope Brown comes into the grocery store a couple times a […]
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Oregon’s legislative session has ended

Oregon’s legislative session ended Sunday afternoon. he Oregon State Legislature adjourned Sunday evening after senators considered a flurry of bills in two days. The 160-day session adjourned after sending Gov. Kate Brown a new two-year state budget and dozens of policy priorities. A fuller picture of the two-year budget won’t be made available until July. […]
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