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Fix Oregon’s budget before the job-stealing robots arrive

As riveting as Steve Brown’s speech on the future of robotics was, you can’t blame anyone attending the annual Oregon Leadership Summit on Monday for feeling anxious by the time he finished. In roughly half an hour, he laid out the technological advancements that have quickly enabled the development of robots capable of mimicking human activities and […]
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State funding request for Wallowa County integrated health clinic will wait until 2019

Timing can be as important as substance when requesting direct grant funds from state coffers. Progenitors of a new integrated health services clinic are discovering that reality. Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness and Winding Waters are planning to build a combined clinic in Enterprise and are hoping for as much as $2 million in direct […]
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Oregon National Monument Faces An Uncertain Future

  Will President Trump shrink the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument? President Trump ordered the shrinking of two national monuments in Utah this week. Attention immediately shifted to the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, which Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke says should also be smaller. We talk through the politics of these moves and get into Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s actions […]
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Editorial: Governor has a shot at leadership

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Gov. Kate Brown, speaking last week at the annual Oregon Leadership Summit, called for state leaders to find a long-term solution to Oregon’s Source: Editorial: Governor has a shot at leadership | Editorial | democratherald.com

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson says Oregon Health Authority owes General Fund $100M; OHA says he’s wrong

Please contact the State Library for access to this premium story from the Portland Business Journal. library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. Dennis Richardson contends the money is available because OHA over-estimated enrollment, but OHA says its enrollment forecast is also identical to the actual numbers and there’s no excess funds. Source: Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson […]
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Stress-Testing States | Moody’s Analytics Economy.com

State Library Ed. Note:  Oregon is listed as well prepared for recession. We need to look back and make sure we’ve adequately learned the lessons of the Great Recession. One of the few great inescapable facts in the field of economics is the reality of the business cycle. No matter how high-flying an economy might […]
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Kate Brown to business leaders: State budget troubles linger

Gov. Kate Brown on Monday again called for state leaders to find a long-term solution for Oregon’s budget problems. Source: Kate Brown to business leaders: State budget troubles linger

Republican plan to hurt blue states could backfire — Guest Opinion

Many blue states are in big, big trouble. Perhaps Republicans should be wary of causing them more, if they really think it through. The new Republican tax plan is, on the whole, a bunch of tax cuts weighted toward the rich. To partly offset the cost of those cuts, the bill also closes some deductions […]
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Editorial: 2018 session faces new challenges

What kind of workload will the Oregon Legislature be facing during its 2018 session, scheduled to start in just about three months? Voters will answer part of that question during a Jan. 23 special election on whether to partially overturn health care taxes approved earlier this year by the Legislature. You may be trying to […]
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State budget cuts close Deschutes County family court

Lawmakers had trimmed the budget by more than $600,000. Higher-than-expected state budget cuts have caused Deschutes County Circuit Court to end a longstanding family court program, and future cuts may turn some courtrooms dark. The court’s budget was reduced by 6.5 percent — slightly more than $600,000 — as a result of the biennial budget […]
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