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Editorial: Clouds loom over sunny jobs report

Oregon’s unemployment rate in February tumbled to 4 percent, a remarkable figure in that it appears to be the lowest unemployment rate in the state in 40 years. In fact, it might be even better than that: State economists reported on Tuesday that the 4 percent rate is the lowest reported in Oregon since they […]
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Oregon’s top budget writer endorses $500M in cuts, $500M in new taxes

The Oregon Legislature’s senior budget writer said Friday he would like to see the state’s $1.6 billion funding gap filled equally with taxes on hospitals, cuts to services and other new taxes. The plan sketched by Sen. Richard Devlin, D-Tualatin, if enacted, would almost certainly require Oregon corporations and households to pay more than a […]
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OUR VIEW: Making a long-term investment

In a year when legislative monetary handouts will be limited, the saddest casualty of fiscal prudence may be proper funding for higher education in Oregon. Granted, there remains time on the legislative clock for lawmakers to boost spending, but the die may already be cast. That’s because the state faces a whopping unpaid subsidy called PERS […]
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Residents give input to committee

Agriculture was a focal point for local citizens who voiced their concerns via video to state lawmakers Thursday. A packed room in Ontario greeted the Joint Ways and Means Committee sitting at the Capitol in Salem on Thursday as it took comments from residents, including farmers and students from Malheur County on the state budget. […]
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Oregon predicts state uninsured rate to triple under GOP health care plan

A new state analysis predicts the Republican health care plan would lead to as many as 465,000 Oregonians losing coverage in the next decade. It would also cut off billions in federal money for Medicaid and other services. The Republican alternative to the Affordable Care Act could result in 465,000 fewer Oregonians with health insurance […]
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456k Oregonians would lose health coverage under GOP bill

Report predicts losses to private market, Medicaid Up to 465,000 Oregonians would lose health coverage by 2023 under the Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, according to a new state report. Of those, 80,000 would lose coverage next year. The American Health Care Act, unveiled by members of Congress last week, would mean […]
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Editorial: Budget path still open for Legislature

Normally, polls taken by various groups during the heat of a legislative session need to be taken with a grain of salt, or two: You need to view them through the lens of the group that’s paid for the poll. What is the group’s agenda? How do the poll results tie into that agenda? And […]
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Editorial: Poll should give legislators backbone for cuts

Oregonians apparently have no trouble understanding that their Legislature spends too much. After soundly defeating the ill-conceived Measure 97 corporate tax boost in November, 62 percent of respondents to a newly released poll said the state has a spending problem. Fifty-four percent said the impending $1.6 billion budget shortfall should be closed entirely or mostly […]
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No silver bullet for schools | Opinion

Improving education requires a comprehensive effort Oregonians by and large support public education, and many would like to see more resources going to it. But a poll released this week underlined what backers of Measure 97 learned at the polls last year: There is no magic bullet for increasing school funding. Source: No silver bullet […]
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Oregon lawmakers consider cutting Measure 98 funding

Improving graduation rates is the goal for both the Medford School District and Measure 98. The measure passed with requirements for statewide career-technical education, college credit courses, and dropout prevention programs. Source: Oregon lawmakers consider cutting Measure 98 funding | KTVL