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Let’s hear opponents’ plan | Opinion |

How would they pay for Medicaid without taxes? Oregonians will almost certainly vote in January on a complicated plan to finance the state’s share of Medicaid costs. Last week, opponents turned in what appear to be enough petition signatures to refer the plan to a public vote. That gives Oregonians three months to arrive at […]
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Wildfires Put State Budgets Under Pressure

The federal government spent more than $2 billion on fires from Florida to Washington this year. States spend untold millions more. The wildfires that tore through over a million acres of Montana this year damaged homes, cloaked communities in smoke, and burned a hole in the state budget. Source: Wildfires Put State Budgets Under Pressure

Oregon has no time to waste in searching for budget solutions: Editorial Agenda 2017

Legislators achieved the seemingly impossible last session with the passage of a $5.3 billion transportation package. Somehow, throwing together a bipartisan group of lawmakers and sending them to talk with Oregonians around the state helped build the trust and buy-in needed to support a list of projects and the taxes to fund them. The lack […]
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Costs from major natural disasters can stress state budgets

A summer of natural catastrophes, from epic hurricanes to scorching wildfires, has exposed another peril in disaster-prone states: How to pay for the rescues, repairs and rebuilding. The combined tab from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma is expected to hit $200 billion or more. While the federal government is expected to pay most of that, the […]
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Bentz: Legislature should prioritize revenue/PERS reform

A coalition has filed an initiative petition requiring state and local agencies to use excess revenue to pay down PERS obligations. A prominent legislator who helped shepherd a massive transportation package through the Legislature earlier this year is meeting resistance from leadership on his calls to prioritize budget and tax reform. Source: Pamplin Media Group […]
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Kicker is bad policy, but lesser of evils facing Oregon: Editorial Agenda 2017

There are so many reasons that Oregon should get rid of the fervently popular kicker. The policy of refunding taxpayers because collections came in 2 percent or more than projected is shortsighted and based on unrealistic expectations of accuracy in forecasting. Certainly, the public would benefit far more by allowing the state to put excess […]
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David Sarasohn: The struggles to pay for Oregon

It took 10 years of legislative effort, Mark Hass points out, to get Oregon to a policy of full-day kindergarten. So, the Beaverton state senator insists, to have another legislative session slip by without revenue reform is no cause for despair. Still, it’s not exactly encouraging. Source: David Sarasohn: The struggles to pay for Oregon […]
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My View: Alaska’s pension woes sound familiar

A local news segment about state budget problems droned out of the radio last week as we passed a sign that read, “0 Moose Killed On This Highway Since July 1.” “Another year, another budget deficit,” my friend said as he kept an eye on the road to avoid changing the number on the moose […]
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Could nonprofits replace cut services?

Tight state budgets encourage legislators to look around for other ways to ensure the provision of public services. Source: Pamplin Media Group – My View: Could nonprofits replace cut services?

Editorial: Sign the petition to put taxes on the ballot

Among the budget-balancing efforts approved by the 2017 Oregon Legislature and signed by the governor is House Bill 2391, which raises some $605 million to keep the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) whole while balancing the state budget. Source: Editorial: Sign the petition to put taxes on the ballot;