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Guest column: State’s SAIF raid is an idea that should stay dead

Gustafson Logging Co. recently celebrated 45 years of being in business. Over that time, we’ve seen a lot of things in the logging industry change and evolve. Not the least Source: Guest column: State’s SAIF raid is an idea that should stay dead | Columns | dailyastorian.com

Editorial: Voters to get the final say on big issues

State voters will get the final say on a couple of issues that occupied legislators this session — and it also seems likely that they’ll be called upon to pass judgment on one of the session’s big-deal items. Voters will get to decide whether to increase the state’s tobacco tax to help plug a budget shortfall […]
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Is Oregon Addicted to the Lottery?

Oregonians forked over $12 billion last year on slim chances to win big. Here’s how our state lottery plans to keep feeding that habit. The cashier at Ray’s Food Place in Jacksonville knows the man with the white Fu Manchu ’stache buying scratch-it tickets. Hope Brown comes into the grocery store a couple times a […]
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Oregon’s legislative session has ended

Oregon’s legislative session ended Sunday afternoon. he Oregon State Legislature adjourned Sunday evening after senators considered a flurry of bills in two days. The 160-day session adjourned after sending Gov. Kate Brown a new two-year state budget and dozens of policy priorities. A fuller picture of the two-year budget won’t be made available until July. […]
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Reform the kicker so that it serves the interest of all | Mail Tribune

Ten years ago, Oregon lawmakers were scrambling to fill a massive budget shortfall. The Great Recession had choked our economy, and Oregon’s revenue collections had slowed to a trickle. Teacher layoffs loomed. So too did cuts to services for seniors, foster children, and services that benefit all Oregonians. Lawmakers managed to get enough votes to […]
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Lawmakers call for more resources as wildfire season looms

  With fires burning longer, larger and hotter, lawmakers in vulnerable districts say the state isn’t reacting quickly enough to changing climate. Saturday marked the official start of Oregon’s wildfire season, but without new resources the state is only incrementally more prepared to combat fire this summer than in past years. Source: Pamplin Media Group […]
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Guest column: Five more PERS myths

The recent column by Knute Buehler described five PERS myths. Oregon’s PERS problem dates back to the mid-1970s when America was stuck in years of double-digit inflation. We could not afford to give our employees cost of living raises, so instead we offered excellent retirement benefits. Essentially, Oregon’s public employees loaned employers the money to […]
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Brown pushes to reverse cuts to OSP

Gov. Kate Brown renewed her call to better fund the Oregon State Police Thursday, after a state trooper who was shot 12 times was awarded the national medal of valor. Nic Cederberg was awarded the nation’s highest police honor at the White House Wednesday for being the sole state trooper to pursue a man who […]
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Half of 2020 Tax Kicker May Go To Transportation

On Wednesday, May 15, Oregon budget officials announced the state will take in over $22 billion to be spent over the next two-year budget cycle, $870 million more than estimates in March projected. This could mean a $1.4 billion tax rebate for Oregonians, but legislators may want to use half of the money for new […]
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Oregon House speaker wants to cut tax rebate in half

House Speaker Tina Kotek is introducing a plan to halve cut the tax rebate Oregon residents receive. The Portland Democrat announced the idea Thursday, the day after state economists revealed that the “kicker” tax rebate could be the largest in state history. Source: Oregon House speaker wants to cut tax rebate in half | Local […]
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