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Oregon workers union joins fray on child welfare

Calls to improve Oregon’s child welfare system grew louder Wednesday as one of the largest public employee unions released a report saying caseworkers are overburdened and the agency needs more staff. Source: Oregon workers union joins fray on child welfare

State Workers Could Soon Keep Airline Miles Earned On Oregon Taxpayers’ Dime

Oregon lawmakers are considering a measure that would let state workers keep the frequent flyer miles they earn while traveling on official business. Source: State Workers Could Soon Keep Airline Miles Earned On Oregon Taxpayers’ Dime . News | OPB

ODOT needs to regain public trust

Those who proclaim government agencies should be run like businesses are, in some ways, wrong. A case in point: If government services and infrastructure were awarded to low-population areas in proportion to the income they produce, large swaths of America wouldn’t have paved roads, bridges or anything but one-room schools. Basic politic principles and simple […]
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Oregon liquor commission chairman expected to step down, source says

The chairman of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is expected to announce he is stepping down. Source: Oregon liquor commission chairman expected to step down, source says | OregonLive.com

Dennis Richardson’s communications director submits resignation

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s communications director, Michael Calcagno, is transitioning out of his role at the state Capitol office and will resign next month, said Debra Royal, Richardson’s chief of staff. Source: Dennis Richardson’s communications director submits resignation | OregonLive.com

University of Oregon laying off 75 non-tenured faculty in cost-cutting plan, faculty union says

To save money, the University of Oregon is preparing to trim about 75 jobs from its non-tenured faculty, according to United Academics, the labor union representing the faculty. Plans call for reductions of 25 positions from the College of Arts and Science, 25 from the College of Education and 25 from other university units, the […]
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The Rise of the COO in State Government

Governors are slowly realizing that they need someone to take on the things they don’t have time for. In the summer of 2015, Oregon and other Western states suffered from brutal wildfires that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to contain and destroyed thousands of homes. At the worst moments of the crisis, the director […]
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Morning Roundup

Gov. Brown meets with Homeland Security, Homer Williams to propose second shelter and legislature could boost tiny home market. Source: Oregon Business – Morning Roundup

Oregon judges lobby Legislature for big pay, pension increases

A contingent of Oregon’s roughly 200 state judges visited the state Capitol this week on what has become a familiar quest: more pay and, indirectly, bigger pensions. Source: Oregon judges lobby Legislature for big pay, pension increases | Local | Eugene, Oregon

PERS proposals draw blowback from public employees

Public employees and union leaders packed a legislative hearing in Salem this week imploring lawmakers to avoid more reductions in benefits to bail out Oregon’s troubled public pension fund. Source: PERS proposals draw blowback from public employees | OregonLive.com