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Editorial: Top Oregon officials should set a good example

If there’s anything that frustrates Oregonians, it’s politicians or government employees using their position for personal advantage. It’s one thing when the behavior is clearly illegal. Fortunately, Oregon politicians and public employees don’t get indicted for taking bribes left and right. It can be just as frustrating, though, when there is nothing criminal but the […]
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Gateway DMV worker busted on numerous felonies

Officials say she slipped information to a friend, which helped him steal cars and property in outer East Portland, and beyond … More and more victims who had vehicles and goods stolen from them now know why they, specifically, were targeted for criminal activity. That, after a woman was arrested on July 19 for allegedly […]
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Oregon DMV worker, boyfriend accused of using driver information to steal from cars in Portland metro area

An Oregon DMV worker and her boyfriend have been indicted in an alleged scheme to steal dozens of cars in the metro area over at least two years using driver’s license information, authorities say. Source: Oregon DMV worker, boyfriend accused of using driver information to steal from cars in Portland metro area – oregonlive.com

Editorial: Union win is a taxpayer loss

State employees are celebrating a big pay raise and a boon for their health benefits. Some 24,000 state employees will get 10% to 15% pay raises over the next two years and a 3% cost-of-living increase. If that wasn’t enough, their health insurance premiums won’t go up, under an agreement between the state and Service […]
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Editorial: Legislature prepares health care boon for state employees

What the Legislature takes away, the Legislature can return. Thus, thanks to House Bill 2266, lawmakers are poised to restore public employees’ ability to have spouses get double coverage from state health insurance plans. Members of the House Rules Committee performed last week “gut and stuff” surgery on HB 2266, which originally required the Oregon […]
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Oregon state, school workers could get to keep double health insurance

Couples who both work for Oregon state government or schools could continue doubling up on health insurance coverage under a bill moving quickly through the Legislature this week. Source: Oregon state, school workers could get to keep double health insurance

Kate Brown’s top aides went into overdrive doing campaign-like work during heated governor’s race, records show

After taking office in 2015, Gov. Kate Brown struggled to outline a clear vision of her priorities for the state. That problem was apparent by the second half of 2018 when, with the race for governor heating up, voters told opinion researchers they were unsure what the governor stood for. Source: Kate Brown’s top aides […]
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Editorial: Kill public employee insurance bill

Just two years ago, Democrats in the Oregon Legislature and Gov. Kate Brown made a sensible move. Faced with a budget shortfall, they changed health care insurance coverage for public employees so they weren’t entitled to double coverage. Now, with the full support of our governor, they’re about to undo the good they did in […]
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State investigated workers at Polk County child welfare for child abuse

Records show a supervisor and a paralegal were investigated for first-degree official misconduct, endangering the welfare of a minor and private indecency. This month, the state chose not to prosecute. The workers remain on paid leave. Source: State investigated workers at Polk County child welfare for child abuse | Salem Reporter | News about Salem […]
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Longtime DHS employee dies in crash on Highway 11

A woman who had worked for the Department of Human Services for 26 years was killed on Friday night by an alleged drunken driver. While driving a state vehicle on Highway 11 around 7 p.m., Adelaida “Lolly” Solis Torres, 52, a Self-Sufficiency Programs manager for DHS, was hit by another vehicle, driven by John Mattila, […]
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