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WDFW offers blueprint for managing Blue Mountains elk

The elk roam in four counties in southeast Washington; damage to agriculture has been a long-standing problem. The Blue Mountains elk herd will grow on public lands, but not on farmland, according to goals set in a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife plan that’s circulating for comment. The department estimated last year the southeast […]
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Washington ag director talks trade uncertainty

Agriculture bears the brunt of trade disputes and disruptions as part of retaliatory tariffs, says Derek Sandison, director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Small farmers will be hurt worst as U.S. trade disputes play out, the head of Washington’s agriculture department says. Source: Washington ag director talks trade uncertainty – – Capital Press

Garbage from pot industry piles up

Washington state’s penchant for getting high is trashing the place. Plastic “doob tubes” and small Mylar bags used to package pot are moldering in gutters, bleaching out in landfills and bobbing in waterways. Concentrated nutrients and fertilizers left over from cannabis growing operations are being dumped in public sewers and making their way past wastewater […]
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From Steel Imports To Subarus, Trump’s Tariff War Hits SW Washington

In Washington, the Trump administration’s trade tariffs are having a huge impact across the state — from cherry growers in eastern Washington to steel imports at the Port of Vancouver. For many at the Port of Vancouver, the impacts of President Trump’s escalating trade war are already here. That’s the message U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., […]
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WDFW backtracks on shutting down wolf-tracking data 

Fish and Wildlife’s new director says he heard “loud and clear” ranchers want GPS coordinates of wolves, especially during grazing season. Washington wildlife managers have canceled for now a plan to withhold the exact locations of radio-collared wolves from ranchers. Fish and Wildlife had planned to switch off the GPS data this week in favor […]
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Can Washington Make A Plan To Save The Orcas?

The governor’s orca task force met in Wenatchee to come up with a long-term plan to help the recovery of the orca population that spends much of its time in or around the Puget Sound. In late July, an orca calf died within half an hour of its birth. The mother carried the dead calf […]
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Editorial: Wildlife officials lose track of priorities

Wildlife managers are right to protect wolves — but not when human lives are at risk. Brad Thompson is the Washington deputy supervisor for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Last week he met with the Okanogan County commissioners to discuss events before and after a 25-year-old Forest Service employee was rescued by helicopter July […]
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The Entire Northwest Is Abnormally Dry, With Severe Drought In Parts Of Washington And Oregon

The U.S. Drought Monitor says the entire state of Washington is abnormally dry. In Oregon, nearly 90 percent of the state is facing moderate to severe drought. “What we’re experiencing is part of what the entire western united states is experiencing,” Kristin Johnson-Waggoner said. She’s a communications manager with the Water Resources Program in Washington Department of Ecology. […]
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Worst could be over for razor clams in Oregon and Washington state

States keep close eye on a popular draw. It’s a mix of good news and bad news for razor clam populations in Oregon and Washington state this summer. Fishery managers say after several years of strange ocean conditions and harmful algae blooms, there’s a feeling that the worst is behind them for now. But Oregon […]
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Safeguarding guns falls to families

People with dementia who own guns pose a threat to themselves or others, but removing their access to firearms can be easier said than done. As is often the case with guns, there is no simple answer, no piece of legislation that will remove every risk. Instead, family members must be prepared to take responsibility. […]
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