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Pesticide exam fees may go up and online in Washington

The Washington State Department of Agriculture plans to scrap paper tests and adopt online testing for pesticide applicators. The computer tests will be more convenient and prevent cheating, but will cost more to take, according to the department. The department administered more than 10,000 tests last year to applicators, exterminators and pesticide dealers. The tests […]
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Inslee unveils $675 million plan to reverse crisis in Washington’s mental-health system

Seeking to reverse the multitude of crises that have engulfed Washington’s mental-health system, Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday released a plan that would radically reshape the care of patients by building hundreds of new community and hospital beds. Seeking to reverse the multitude of crises that have engulfed Washington’s mental-health system, Gov. Jay Inslee on […]
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States cite climate worries in push to stop US coal sales

Four states that say burning coal will hurt their residents as it makes climate change worse are trying to stop the Trump administration from selling vast reserves of the fuel that are beneath public lands. Attorneys for California, New Mexico, New York and Washington argue the coal sales have been shortchanging taxpayers because of low […]
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Electric ferries, no more coal power: After carbon-fee defeat, Inslee rolls out clean-energy proposals

Inslee said his proposals, which he called “a clean energy smart deal,” would put Washington state on track to meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2035. Source: Electric ferries, no more coal power: After carbon-fee defeat, Inslee rolls out clean-energy proposals | The Seattle Times

Lawmakers From Oregon And Washington To Discuss Replacing Interstate 5 Bridge

Oregon lawmakers are ready to return to the table and restart discussions with Washington to replace the Interstate 5 bridge. In a press release sent out on Friday, Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, said the meeting “signals a new level of collaboration between the two states.” The bipartisan group of lawmakers from Oregon and Washington will […]
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Oregon to join in Interstate 5 Bridge replacement talks

Move comes five years after collapse of Columbia River Crossing project. Five years after pulling its support for a controversial replacement of the Interstate 5 Bridge, Washington has convinced Oregon to resume talks about the increasingly outmoded crossing. On Friday, Washington Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, announced that Oregon legislative leaders have agreed to appoint members […]
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How to enact policies that are effective in slowing climate change

The ‘California model’ offers a way past the shoals of lobbyist influence. Last month, voters in Washington state rejected a ballot proposal to introduce a carbon tax by a vote of about 57 percent to 43 percent— despite the governor’s strong support for the policy. The defeat is not surprising — proponents of the carbon tax were outspent by […]
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Oregon recycling centers seeing more non-redeemable containers — from Washington

Last year, Oregon’s 5-cent bottle deposit went up to 10 cents, and the number of bottles being redeemed has skyrocketed. From July through September of this year, the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative says 500 million cans and bottles were turned in around the state. But many of those came from across state lines, mainly Washington. […]
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France’s protesters are part of a global backlash against climate-change taxes

State Library Ed. Note:  Story is included since it discusses efforts to implement taxes in US, including by the state of Washington. Leaders in the United States, Canada, Australia and elsewhere have run into similar opposition. The single most effective weapon in the fight against climate change is the tax code — imposing costs on […]
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Let Washingtonians, wherever they are, speak up in Olympia via videochats

The state Legislature should expand its use of remote video testimony at committee meetings, so that citizens don’t always have to make the long trek to Olympia to make their voices heard. Snowy mountain passes and crowded freeways shouldn’t be barriers to participating in our democracy. Yet for many people who live far from the […]
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