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Washington’s double standard on rail — Guest Opinion

Vilifying rail because the commodity it carries — under requirement of federal law — has no place in the permitting process. Perceptions of railroads appear to be relative to where you live these days. If you live in the big city, trains that whisk you from one urban center to the next are “state-of-the-art,” but […]
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Evergreen state first to certify ‘organic’ pot

Washington will be the first state to certify organically grown marijuana Washington tops the country in many organic crops such as apples and pears, and may soon lead the nation in government-sanctioned organic marijuana, too. Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation this week to make the Evergreen state the first to recognize organic pot. Source: Capital […]
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Kate Brown and Jay Inslee ask President Trump for more Hanford cleanup money

Governors Kate Brown and Jay Inslee are asking President Donald Trump for more money to clean up the Hanford nuclear site in Washington, after a tunnel where nuclear was stored collapsed earlier this month. In a letter to President Donald Trump and federal energy and budget officials, the Oregon and Washington governors said the incident […]
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Governors ask for more clean-up funding after nuclear waste site collapse

 Two governors are urging the Trump administration to provide more funding for nuclear waste clean-up at a former weapons manufacturing facility in Washington. In a letter to President Trump and other top officials, Govs. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) and Kate Brown (D-Ore.) said the federal government should provide enough funding to “accelerate the safe and efficient […]
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BPA nixes costly and controversial I-5 power line proposal

The Bonneville Power Administration has canceled a costly and controversial transmission line that would have run 80 miles from Troutdale through southwest Washington. The project would have cut a 150-foot wide path through Clark and Cowlitz counties to Castle Rock, Wash., with steel transmission towers rising more than 300 feet above the ground in some […]
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BPA pulls plug on $722M I-5 Corridor transmission project 

Agency says there are smarter, less expensive ways to relieve congestion issues. The Bonneville Power Administration is dropping a plan to build a 79-mile high-voltage transmission line in Southwestern Washington after determining that it can address power congestion issues without the controversial $722 million project. Source: BPA pulls plug on $722M I-5 Corridor transmission project […]
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Hanford contractor finds radioactive contamination on worker’s clothes

A worker at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state got radioactive contamination on his clothing this week during an incident at an underground waste storage tank that indicated a possible leak. Source: Hanford contractor finds radioactive contamination on worker’s clothes | OregonLive.com

BNSF Railway challenges state’s review of Longview coal dock

BNSF Railway has appealed a final environmental review of the Longview coal project, arguing the state and county overstated or miscalculated the risk of cancer for people living near the rail line to the terminal site. A final environmental impact statement released in April says diesel particulate emissions from trains serving the Millennium Bulk Terminal […]
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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Signs I-5 Bridge Replacement Bill

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed 28 bills into law Wednesday morning, including a measure that would revive plans to replace the aging Interstate 5 bridge over the Columbia River. Source: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Signs I-5 Bridge Replacement Bill . News | OPB

Inslee signs bridge bill

With a swipe of his pen, Gov. Jay Inslee made it official on Wednesday: Southwest Washington legislators will renew conversations around how to ease traffic on the congested Interstate 5 Bridge.With the implosion of the Columbia River Crossing project still fresh in legislators’ minds, Senate Bill 5806 treads lightly. Source: Inslee signs bridge bill | […]
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