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This Prison’s Captive-Raised Lambs Could Be The Best Thing To Happen To Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep aren’t doing that well. One big reason is pneumonia. But these animals are getting help from an unlikely place: a prison in eastern Washington. Growing up, Gary Kempler remembers watching flocks of bighorn sheep near his hometown of Clarkston, Washington. “Good size herds along the river,” Kempler said — he could see up […]
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Online shoppers in Washington avoid sales tax on some buys, high court to reconsider

The U.S. Supreme Court has been asked to reconsider rules, allow states such as Washington to collect millions more in sales tax from online shoppers. Sales Tax: $0. Online shoppers have gotten used to seeing that line on checkout screens before they click “purchase.” But a case before the Supreme Court could change that. Source: […]
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Closed Oregon Trails In Columbia River Gorge Jam Trailheads On Washington Side

More than 30 popular hiking trails on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge remain closed because of hazards left in the wake of last year’s Eagle Creek wildfire. That has park rangers wrangling crowds on the unburned Washington side of the Gorge. Unsafe conditions will likely keep many trails on the Oregon side […]
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Washington State Parks | Philomath Robot  – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The closure of several Oregon hiking trails in the Columbia River Gorge after the Eagle Creek Fire has sent more visitors to Washington State Parks’ Gorge trails. Meryl Lipman, a spokeswoman for Washington State Parks, tells us what hikers should expect when they head to Washington. Small food delivery robots called DAX are roaming the sidewalks […]
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Washington Says No To Poisoning Native Shrimp To Protect Oyster Beds

Washington regulators turn down shellfish growers’ request to use pesticide on native shrimp. Washington regulators have tentatively denied a controversial request by shellfish growers to poison burrowing shrimp that damage commercial oyster beds. Growers say controlling the shrimp is vital to the shellfish industry in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor. Source: Washington Says No To […]
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Washington, Oregon Sue EPA Head Over Alleged Clean Air Act Violations

Washington and Oregon have joined a lawsuit alleging U.S. Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt is violating the Clean Air Act. The lawsuit says the government needs to limit methane emissions from existing oil and gas facilities. The suit, filed by 14 states, Chicago and Washington, D.C., says Pruitt and the EPA are ignoring an Obama-era […]
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Priest Rapids Dam On The Columbia River Has Sprung Leaks

In Central Washington, Grant Public Utility District officials have declared what they’re calling a “non-failure emergency” at the 1950’s-era Priest Rapids Dam northwest of Richland.  Crews discovered leaking in the dam’s spillway structure when they were drilling inspection holes. Source: Priest Rapids Dam On The Columbia River Has Sprung Leaks | NW News Network

New Tsunami Maps For SW Washington Coast Show ‘Shocking’ Flooding

The worst-case scenario for flooding from a tsunami along the Pacific Northwest coast just got even worse. The worst-case scenario for flooding from a tsunami along the Pacific Northwest coast just got even worse. Washington’s Department of Natural Resources with help from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and FEMA re-mapped the maximum tsunami threat from Grays […]
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Washington’s Wolf Population Growth Slows, Worrying Advocates

Growth in Washington’s gray wolf population slowed dramatically last year, raising concerns from an environmental group that says the state should stop killing wolves that prey on livestock. At the end of 2017, Washington was home to at least 122 wolves, 22 packs and 14 successful breeding pairs, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife […]
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Atlantic Salmon Farms Banned, 7 Months After Great Fish Escape

Atlantic salmon farming has been banned from Washington state waters.. Gov. Jay Inslee signed the ban on non-native fish farms into law Thursday morning in Olympia. Source: Atlantic Salmon Farms Banned, 7 Months After Great Fish Escape . News | OPB