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Ashland museum gets a grant to take science-based learning on the road

ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum recently received a $140,000 grant to train teachers at five Southern Oregon public schools in innovative STEM and makerspace activities for students. ScienceWorks was one of seven museums in the U.S. — and the only one on the West Coast — to receive the funds. Source: Ashland museum gets a grant to […]
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SOU professor helps women in STEM fields advance

Southern Oregon University chemistry professor Hala Schepmann will co-direct a $999,899 grant to help advance mid-career women in the STEM fields. The grant comes from the National Science Foundation as a part of the NSF ADVANCE program. Source: SOU professor helps women in STEM fields advance | Mail Tribune

SOU grant could benefit schools across the nation

A $299,000 National Sciences Foundation grant to Southern Oregon University to enhance computational thinking in public schools won’t be reinventing the wheel. Instead, it involves elementary school teachers who will figure out how to incorporate CT into what they are already doing in the classroom. Source: SOU grant could benefit schools across the nation | […]
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Several Small Cities Offer Big Tech Employment Opportunities

State Library Ed. Note: Bend ranks #21among job locales with more than 4,000 positions. Forget about San Jose. Small, off-the-radar areas offer tech opportunities.Although salaries in the tech field are generally higher in larger metropolitan areas, a select group of less-populated cities can be considered hidden gems. Using occupational data from the Bureau of Labor […]
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High Tech Employment Totals 91,000 in 2018.

The core high-tech industry is a crucial and dynamic piece of Oregon’s economy. Core high-tech industries are defined as industries with a concentration of STEM employment at least five times higher than the national average for all industries. In December 2018, private-sector employment in core high-tech industries reached 92,634, and those employers paid more than $893 […]
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Bills for cross-state licensing still alive

House Bill 2457, one of four “border bills” moving through the Legislature, was heard by the Senate Education Committee on Tuesday. With no opposition, it now awaits further action by the committee. The bill was passed earlier in the House. As written, the bill directs the Department of Education and education license agencies to facilitate […]
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Merkley Not Running| Lower Voting Age | Diversifying Computer Science – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Should 16-year-olds be allowed to vote? We’ll talk to Oregon state Sen. Shemia Fagan, D-Portland, about why she wants to refer that question to the ballot in 2020. And we’ll hear from 17-year-old Amira Tripp Folsom, who spoke in favor of the bill at a recent press conference. A University of Oregon professor has developed a program […]
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Half of academic scientists leave the field within 5 years, according to a new study

It’s a dramatic shift from 40 years ago, and has serious implications for the way scientific knowledge is produced. If you’re trying to understand changes in how scientific knowledge is produced and distributed in recent decades, you could do a lot worse than studying the chart above, which is from a new paper published in the […]
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Can tech and the humanities exist side by side? Can they afford not to?

The two sides of America’s education divide — tech and the humanities — are coming together in a unique partnership to make students more employable. As technology permeates our daily lives, the societal benefits of a digital society are coming under greater scrutiny. Even some rank-and-file employees in Silicon Valley are beginning to wonder about […]
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Lane County schools to recieve federal grant funds to boost computer science education

Students in Lane, Deschutes and Jefferson counties could soon benefit from a $642,000 grant awarded by the federal government that aims to expand and improves the transition of students in high school Career Technical Education programs to post-secondary education and employment. The funding will give students enrolled in Career Technical Education programs more opportunities for […]
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