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Federal tax reform plan could hike Oregon income taxes

Elimination of deduction for state income taxes would disproportionately affect Oregonians. Oregonians generally could pay more in state income taxes under the new federal tax reform plan unveiled Thursday by U.S. House Republicans. The plan faces uncertain prospects, but one proposed change could disproportionately affect Oregonians: its provision largely eliminating federal deductions for state and […]
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News 10 Special Report: The Price of Healthcare Part 1

In a little less than two months Oregonians will be able to vote on a ballot measure that could repeal a healthcare tax. Referendum 301 which is now ballot measure 101 is to veto the Healthcare Tax that was passed by. Source: Price of healthcare part 1 | KTVL

Oregon, New York Top List of States Hit by Ending Tax Deductions

The House tax bill that Republicans released Thursday would eliminate individual tax breaks for state and local income tax deductions, while preserving a break for state and local property taxes. Source: Oregon, New York Top List of States Hit by Ending Tax Deductions – Bloomberg

4 things students should know about January’s Measure 101 ballot

During the 2017 legislative session in early summer, lawmakers in Oregon approved a tax on hospitals and other health care providers. This tax is used to fund health care for low-income Oregonians, and it’s matched by federal dollars. Source: 4 things students should know about January’s Measure 101 ballot – Emerald Media

The farms, about 12 acres each, will power about 450 homes

National solar energy company Cypress Creek Renewables said last week that it is in the midst of investing nearly $1 billion in solar energy development in Oregon, including building five new solar farms in Marion and Polk counties. Source: The farms, about 12 acres each, will power about 450 homes

Failed solar manufacturer SoloPower’s Oregon wreckage grows

Please contact the State Library for access to this premium story from the Portland Business Journal, library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800 Shuttered company owes the county nearly $2.7 million in additional taxes. Source: Failed solar manufacturer SoloPower’s Oregon wreckage grows – Portland Business Journal

Buehler Calls for Bipartisanship, Backs Partisan Referendum

A referendum from a group of Oregon House Republicans to repeal the tax funding package for Medicaid has given Rep. Knute Buehler an opening to debate the governing Democrats on healthcare, but it has infuriated the healthcare industry that relies on that funding to do business. Source: Buehler Calls for Bipartisanship, Backs Partisan Referendum | […]
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Taxpayers Have Their Own Bill of Rights in Colorado. But Who Benefits?

The unique anti-tax tool has defined spending in the state, and it may spread to more states. The blue tag on the streetlight outside Robert Loevy’s Colorado Springs home in 2010 didn’t signal an upcoming utility project. It was a receipt to show he had paid the $100 to keep his light on for the year. […]
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Do tax cuts stimulate the economy more than spending?

President Trump recently released his tax plan, but he’s also said he wants to stimulate the economy with infrastructure spending. Is one more effective than the other at boosting growth? During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to boost the economy both by cutting taxes and investing more money in infrastructure. Usually, however, politicians and policymakers have favored […]
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State says it’s too early to judge collection efforts

As of mid-2016, the state was owed about $3.3 billion in unpaid taxes, fees and fines. Five months after Gov. Kate Brown ordered the state to shore up its debt collection practices, the revenue department says it’s too early to tell how much money it’s brought in as a result. As of mid-2016, the state […]
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