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Oregon House passes bill targeting Comcast’s taxes

The Oregon House approved a bill Monday that would charge interest to companies that dispute their large tax obligations, an action aimed squarely at Comcast.The telecommunications giant has been fighting elements of its local property taxes since 2009, and over the years its accumulated debt has reached $147 million, pending resolution of its dispute. Source: […]
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Oregon is sitting on $3.3 billion in bad debt from unpaid taxes, fines and fees

The Oregon Legislature and Gov. Kate Brown had high hopes on the Department of Revenue to help with the $1.4 billion revenue shortfall only to find that the agency has a long track record of delivering disappointment. Source: Oregon is sitting on $3.3 billion in bad debt from unpaid taxes, fines and fees

Our View: No guts, no glory on transportation package – Opinion

Lawmakers hashing out the details of a massive transportation package are divided over how large it should be, and whether voters would accept the tax increases necessary to pay for it. Taxes are never an easy sell, but if shippers, business interests and motorists can be brought on board and legislators agree to campaign for […]
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OUR VIEW: Proposal deserves fair review

New taxes are rarely popular. That is why the recommendations released Monday by the legislative committee charged with developing a viable plan to address the states infrastructure woes will be debated and argued over. That is how it should be, but in the end, the Legislature needs to adopt the initiatives recommended by the board. Source: […]
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Sources Say: Democrats have slim options for raising business tax

Also, former Transportation Commissioner Steve Novick has a new gig and his city gas tax is bringing in more money than expeected. The May 4 Sources column was too brief when speculating that Democrats in the 2017 Oregon Legislature could bypass Republicans and refer their emerging business gross receipts tax proposal directly to the voters. […]
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3 things that could derail Oregon’s $8.2B plan to fix roads and ease congestion

A meeting Wednesday exposed divides – many of them along urban and rural lines – among Oregon lawmakers crafting a transportation package. Some Republicans balked at a proposed statewide tax on workers to fund public transit improvements, while a Democrat dismissed the gas tax as an outdated method of raising infrastructure revenue. Source: 3 things […]
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A big transportation plan | Opinion

Fuel taxes have paid for the state’s network of roads and bridges since Oregon pioneered the gas tax in 1919, and for the most part a new legislative proposal sticks with that reliable method for the first part of a second century. It’s an ambitious proposal, and it needs to be — the backlog of […]
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Tolls, bike tax part of $8.2B Oregon transportation plan

Oregon state lawmakers unveiled out a massive 10-year transportation package this week that would raise $8.2 billion from Oregonians through new taxes and fees when they visit gas stations, buy new cars and get their paychecks. Source: Tolls, bike tax part of $8.2B Oregon transportation plan | McClatchy Washington Bureau

A budget fix takes shape in Salem

House Democrats on Thursday proposed to levy a 0.95 percent tax on Oregon businesses’ sales over $5 million. The tax would bring in a net of nearly $2.2 billion for schools and other services in the upcoming two-year state budget. Source: A budget fix takes shape in Salem | OregonLive.com

Oregon Democrats unveil plan for tax that raises $1.4 billion for schools

Oregon’s Democratic lawmakers came up with the most detailed plan yet on Thursday for fixing the state’s wobbly budget by tapping business coffers. Source: Oregon Democrats unveil plan for tax that raises $1.4 billion for schools