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Push for clean energy jobs in Oregon looks to reduce carbon footprint

EUGENE, Ore. – More and more Oregonians are getting into clean energy jobs, and some experts say the opportunities are just beginning. Founder of Tacovore, Steve Mertz, says the restaurant business isn’t just about making food. “At some point, businesses have to take a look at what’s important and why you’re even doing business in […]
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For $8.41 in Unpaid Taxes, the Government Took Uri Rafaeli’s House

State Library Ed. Note: Oregon is briefly mentioned in op/ed. If the story below is no longer available, state employees can access this Wall Street Journal story via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact us for access.  library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. How Michigan misuses a procedure meant to target pirate ships and […]
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Tax hikes in governor’s budget a ‘challenge to pocketbooks’

Legislative leaders predict rough road ahead for Brown proposal to raise revenue. Thousands of Oregonians could see more money taken out of their paychecks and companies would be writing bigger checks to fund Gov. Kate Brown’s proposed budget and revamp the state’s education system. Source: Tax hikes in governor’s budget a ‘challenge to pocketbooks’

Oregon senator tries to ward off EpiPen-like overcharges

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden introduced a bill with an Iowa Republican to more closely regulate how Medicaid is charged by pharmaceutical companies. Source: Oregon senator tries to ward off EpiPen-like overcharges

State urges taxpayers to be alert for scams

Despite the fact that we’re smack dab in the middle of the giving season, the Oregon Department of Revenue is advising taxpayers to not let their guard down as scam tactics are becoming more sophisticated and brazen by the day. Source: State urges taxpayers to be alert for scams

Brown, business leaders to talk taxes, spending Monday

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is scheduled to speak before the 2018 Oregon Leadership Summit on Dec. 3. One of Oregon’s oldest and most respected business organizations says the 2019 Oregon Legislature should raise personal and corporate taxes — if lawmakers also rein in the cost of benefits to public employees. Source: Pamplin Media Group – […]
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Oregon Supreme Court remands Starbucks wage and hour case

The Supreme Court of the state of Oregon has the remanded a case filed by Starbucks employees who sued the company for allegedly improperly calculating tax withholdings. According to the court, which ruled on the issue Nov. 8, the parties’ disagreements are better resolved through proceedings where those arguments can be fully developed rather than […]
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Economists say you’re sending an extra $1 billion into Oregon’s treasury

Taxpayers and lottery patrons are pouring millions of extra dollars into state coffers. By the end of the current budget cycle, state economists say, the state will tuck $1 billion more into its treasury than forecast 18 months ago. That comes on top of the $21 billion the state already expected to collect. Source: Economists […]
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2018 Ballot Results | State Tax Ballot Initiatives

2018 ballot results for top state tax ballot initiatives. We’ll be tracking the results for state and local tax ballot measures for 2018 election. Last month we covered top state tax ballot initiatives to watch. Here are the results, as of 9:30 AM on Wednesday. Further analysis to follow. Source: 2018 Ballot Results | State […]
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Measure 103: Voters overwhelmingly reject grocery tax ban in 2018 Oregon election

The initiative was losing by nearly 20 percent points in early returns Tuesday with more than 1 million votes counted. Source: Measure 103: Voters overwhelmingly reject grocery tax ban in 2018 Oregon election