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Oregon tax changes to know: Wolves, marijuana, charities and more

Have wolves been eating your livestock? In past years, Oregon taxpayers could claim a credit on their taxes if they could prove they’d lost animals to wolf attacks. No longer. Oregon wolves are no longer endangered, so state law no longer allows the credit. Source: Oregon tax changes to know: Wolves, marijuana, charities and more […]
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Washington Supreme Court Ruling Touted As ‘Landmark’ For Tribal Sovereignty

A state Supreme court decision Thursday gives a Washington tribe the right to transport goods and services across state lines without taxation. Source: Washington Supreme Court Ruling Touted As ‘Landmark’ For Tribal Sovereignty . News | OPB

No silver bullet for schools | Opinion

Improving education requires a comprehensive effort Oregonians by and large support public education, and many would like to see more resources going to it. But a poll released this week underlined what backers of Measure 97 learned at the polls last year: There is no magic bullet for increasing school funding. Source: No silver bullet […]
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Individual Income Tax Insights: Oregon Tax Court Says ‘No’ to State Refund Offset for Spouse’s Federal Student Loan Debts

The growing student debt crisis has been the subject of much discussion over the last several years. As of Dec. 31, 2016, the total outstanding amount of federal student loan debt in the United States was almost $1.3 trillion, according to data compiled by the U.S. Department of Education.[1] In addition to this massive burden […]
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Oregonians would pass a smaller, more targeted Measure 97, poll suggests

Most Oregonians believe large businesses should pay more in state taxes, but they also believe that the state should close its $1.6 billion budget gap mainly with spending cuts. Source: Oregonians would pass a smaller, more targeted Measure 97, poll suggests | OregonLive.com

Guest Opinion: Time to discuss tax reform in Oregon

The Rogue River Room at Southern Oregon University was filled to capacity recently as residents gathered prepared to give members of the Ways and Means Committee a piece of their minds. Over the next 2½ hours, 60 speakers described the impact that state funding has on the programs and institutions that affect their lives — […]
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Oregonians prefer spending cuts to tax increases to close state’s $1.6 billion budget gap, poll finds

Most Oregonians would prefer that state lawmakers close a $1.6 billion budget gap by decreasing spending rather than increasing taxes, according to a new poll released Monday by the Oregon School Boards Association. But a majority of the 600 poll respondents — all registered voters — also said they believe that big businesses pay too […]
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Poll: Voters would support corporate tax hike to support K-12 education

The poll by DHM Research also shows voters would be willing to give up their personal income tax kicker refunds if the money went to education. A new poll shows that a majority of voters would like to see the state curb spending to make up a $1.6 billion revenue deficit but also would support […]
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Art tax legality to be considered by Oregon Supreme Court

The tax was approved by a majority of city voters returning ballots in the November 2012 election. It is intended to provide Portland schools with funding for art teachers that have been lost because of state education funding shortfalls. Nonprofit arts organizations in Portland receive some of the money, too. Source: Oregon Local News – […]
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In theory, new biz taxes could cover shortfall

Analysts warn that proposals don’t take into account ‘behavioral’ responses to increased taxation. Certain types of state business taxes could raise enough additional revenue that match the state’s projected budget shortfall of nearly $1.8 billion, according to an analysis from Oregon’s nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office. Source: Oregon Local News – In theory, new biz taxes […]
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