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Editorial: Measure would rightly clarify what is a new tax

Oregonians may get the chance to vote next year on a pair of ballot measures that would have a significant impact on just about everyone in the state. Lawmakers will get what they deserve if the measure currently being called “A Tax Is a Tax” makes it to the ballot and is approved. It would […]
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New ballot bids on taxes and PERS

Bend firm on point for ballot measures. A partner in a Bend law firm with ties to the Republican Party is point man for proposed constitutional amendments on taxes and the Public Employees Retirement System. Source: New ballot bids on taxes and PERS; Bend firm on point for ballot measures

Legal battle brewing on hospital tax referendum

Part of a referendum that would undo a 0.7 percent tax increase on larger Oregon hospitals is facing the beginnings of a legal battle about wording and intent between the petitioners and the state’s lawyers. The problem, according Legislative Counsel Dexter Johnson, is that the referendum fails to identify both sections in the bill where the 0.7 percent tax increase is […]
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Oregonians will get tax kicker in 2018

Strong economy triggers tax rebate. Oregon taxpayers will receive $464 million in “kicker” tax rebates triggered by the torrent of unexpected cash coming into the state treasury. The state released its August economic forecast on Wednesday, which showed projected tax payments were outstripping original estimates. When tax revenues are two percent above projection, the state […]
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Here’s The Kicker: Oregonians To Receive A Tax Rebate In 2018

It’s official: Oregon taxpayers will receive a $464 million kicker next year. The kicker is that unique Oregon institution that dishes out money to taxpayers when the state’s economists under-predict how much revenue the state will collect over a two-year period. Source: Here’s The Kicker: Oregonians To Receive A Tax Rebate In 2018 . News […]
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Lukens column: Housing advocates would transform impact fees into luxury taxes — Opinion

Proposed changes would use system development charges to encourage ‘good’ development. If they know what system development charges are at all, most Bend residents probably believe the fees are supposed to cover the infrastructure-related costs of new development. You know, the street SDC collected from a new home is connected to the car trips it […]
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Political dispute costs irrigation district $1.9 million

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has vetoed funding for an irrigation efficiency project. A political dispute over new taxes on healthcare in Oregon is being blamed for an irrigation district losing $1.9 million to pipe an open canal. Source: Political dispute costs irrigation district $1.9 million – Water – Capital Press

Oregon Grocery Initiative May Sink Multnomah County Soda Tax

A proposed tax on sugary sodas in Multnomah County could fall victim to a statewide ballot measure sponsored by the Oregon grocery industry. The industry Source: Oregon Grocery Initiative May Sink Multnomah County Soda Tax | KUOW News and Information

Colorado bike tax? Republican lawmaker floats the idea.

State Sen. Ray Scott, the assistant majority leader from Grand Junction, wrote on Facebook that he plans to introduce some sort of bicycle tax in the wake of the Oregon legislature voting this month to levy a flat $15 sales tax on bikes worth more than $200. Source: Colorado bike tax? Republican lawmaker floats the […]
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Provider tax referral could put $333 million in play

If the referral makes it to the ballot, the parts of the law in question wouldn’t go into effect unless voters approve. If a trio of Republican lawmakers is successful in referring a major state health care financing law to the ballot, at least $333 million in state revenue could be at stake. Source: Pamplin […]
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