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Measure making it harder to tweak taxes makes ballot

An initiative petition that would make it harder for the Legislature to tweak state taxes qualified for the November ballot Thursday. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Measure making it harder to tweak taxes makes ballot

Oregon’s Initiative Process Could Mean 2018 Votes On Taxes, Abortion, Immigration

Oregonians could be voting on taxes, abortion and immigration this fall. With the Friday, July 6, deadline approaching for initiative petitions, the lineup of ballot measures for voters is becoming more certain. At this point, three tax-related measures appear headed to the statewide ballot — although Gov. Kate Brown is attempting to work out a compromise […]
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Oregon Voters Could Decide To Make It Harder For Legislature To Raise Revenue

With rising pension and health care costs, the state of Oregon is facing a likely budget shortfall. One ballot measure this November could give voters significant influence over how lawmakers find money to fund the state’s school and fix the roads. Source: Oregon Voters Could Decide To Make It Harder For Legislature To Raise Revenue

Eight things about Salem’s unclaimed $151 million winning Powerball ticket

Oregon Lottery officials are still waiting for the winner of the $151 million Powerball jackpot to claim their prize. The winning ticket was purchased in Salem. Lottery officials said the specific store location won’t be revealed until after the ticket has been redeemed and validated.   Source: Eight things about Salem’s unclaimed $151 million winning […]
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Happy Valley not happy after its newly won control of parks revoked

Less than a month before Happy Valley’s new parks district would take effect, the state says that due to a technical flaw, the withdrawal from the NCPRD is kaput. Source: Happy Valley not happy after its newly won control of parks revoked

Supreme Court Tax Ruling Could Have Consequences For Oregon Businesses 

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that internet retailers can be required to collect sales taxes from states where stores lack a physical presence. In Oregon, where there is no sales tax, small businesses are worried they’ll have to buy expensive software to determine how much to charge for each purchase from each state. Source: Supreme Court Tax Ruling […]
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Judge: Bend broke law by using hotel tax to fix roads

City must now reallocate $350,000 to tourism marketing. The city of Bend broke a state law when it redirected some of its tourism marketing budget to fix roads, a Deschutes County judge ruled Wednesday. The Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association and two local hotels sued the city last fall, following a unanimous Bend City Council […]
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Renting homes better than buying under new U.S. tax plan, study says

Portland is No. 7 in comparing deductible state taxes and homeownership expenses. Although owning property in the U.S. has a checkered past in terms of separating people (and voters) by economic class, it looks like renting living units instead will see its day in the sun — for married households, at least. Source: Pamplin Media […]
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Editorial: Oregon should ban taxes and fees on groceries

New taxes are as popular as a yellow jacket buzzing the baby’s crib. But some Oregon legislators don’t know when to quit. They have even tried to put new taxes on essentials such as food. Most states, at least, exempt food from sales taxes. Oregon should join them and do a bit more. Source: Editorial: […]
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Governor releases tax returns

Gov. Kate Brown and her husband, Dan Little, received more than $152,000 in income and paid more than $15,000 in state taxes and more than $21,000 in federal taxes in 2017, according the couple’s tax return. Source: Governor releases tax returns