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Tensions rising as Oregon Legislature passes halfway mark

Oregon’s 2017 Legislative session hit its halfway mark last week, as hundreds of bills died for lack of committee action. That, in itself, isn’t unusual. It’s part of the regular winnowing process of legislation. Source: Tensions rising as Oregon Legislature passes halfway mark

Oregon has a spending problem

Additional business taxes and other revenue will only help if the state also curbs its spending State budget challenges are nothing new to Oregon. It seems we have spent the last two decades or more trying to balance budgets and ensure sufficient revenue to fund schools and other important public services. Source: Oregon Local News […]
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4 Things To Know As Oregon’s Tax And Budget Wars Heat Up

Earlier this week, the Oregon Legislature’s top budget writers released a list of potential cuts they say they’ll have to make if lawmakers don’t find new money to fill a $1.6-billion budget shortfall. Democratic legislative leaders say they want voters to understand what’s at stake. Republicans say it’s an attempt to scare the public into encouraging legislators to […]
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Include revenue generating when looking for budget solutions

With our state facing an extraordinary budget hole, it is time for our Legislature to explore novel ideas. We need a system that not only protects our most vulnerable and youngest citizens, but ensures that we create a fair tax system where citizens and businesses can thrive. Source: Include revenue generating when looking for budget […]
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A Bill To Hike Oregon Income Taxes Isn’t What It Seems

Oregon lawmakers briefly considered a measure Thursday that would have hiked the income tax on wealthy Oregonians. But the bill may live to see another day. House Revenue Committee Chair Phil Barnhart quickly ended a hearing on the bill that would have created a new, larger tax bracket for people earning more than $250,000 per […]
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The unnecessary burden of filing taxes

Every April I get shudders just thinking about the pending deadline for filing taxes. I am not exaggerating when I say the task feels like a form of purgatory. Submitting tax returns is a chore that seems unnecessarily complex and burdensome for the average American, and reflects problems with the tax system overall. Source: Oregon […]
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The Resurgence of Gross Receipts Taxes

States are considering a number of taxes to help raise revenue and close budget gaps, including the gross receipts tax. In this article, the Tax Foundation’s Nicole Kaeding discusses the history of gross receipts taxes and their impact on businesses. Source: The Resurgence of Gross Receipts Taxes | Bloomberg BNA

Oregon Realtors Will Spend $750,000 on a Bill to Give a Tax Shield to Top 20 Percent of Earners

Senate Bill 849, the First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account Act, would allow Oregonians to deduct pretax income of $5,000 a year ($10,000 per couple) from their paychecks and put it in a tax-free investment account to be used later as a down payment on a first home. Source: Oregon Realtors Will Spend $750,000 on a […]
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Oregon Legislature wrestles with extending rooftop solar incentive — or letting it die

A parade of witnesses testified Wednesday in favor of a bill that would extend the Residential Energy Tax Credit, which Oregon’s governor wants to see expire as scheduled at the end of this year. Source: Oregon Legislature wrestles with extending rooftop solar incentive — or letting it die – Portland Business Journal

Oregon tax changes to know: Wolves, marijuana, charities and more

Have wolves been eating your livestock? In past years, Oregon taxpayers could claim a credit on their taxes if they could prove they’d lost animals to wolf attacks. No longer. Oregon wolves are no longer endangered, so state law no longer allows the credit. Source: Oregon tax changes to know: Wolves, marijuana, charities and more […]
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