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Oil Train Bills | Legal Sudafed Again?

Two bills in the Oregon Legislature attempt to limit oil spills from trains running through the Columbia River Gorge. EarthFix reporter Tony Schick tells us more. Some Oregon lawmakers say pseudoephedrine should no longer be a Schedule III drug, requiring a prescription to obtain, but others argue that restricting access to to the decongestant is important […]
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State Civil Rights Protections & Oregon Water Coalition

  Constitutional law scholar Jim Oleske with Lewis & Clark Law School joins us to address some of the state civil rights issues raised by the new Trump administration guidelines for transgender students and other cases. Irrigators in central and eastern Oregon should have plenty of water this summer, but drought will always be a worry. […]
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New I-5 Bridge? | Sea Grant Funding At Risk | Airbnb Lawsuit

The Columbia River Crossing project died after failing to gain the support of Washington legislators in 2013, but now lawmakers in Washington are pushing for a bill that would reexamine the issue of replacing the I-5 bridge between Portland and Vancouver. According to a budget memo obtained by the Washington Post, The Trump administration is […]
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Gerrymandering In Oregon & Paid Family Leave

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson is advocating for a change in the way Oregon handles redistricting in order to prevent gerrymandering. We talk to Reed College political science professor Paul Gronke about the pros and cons of letting an independent panel control the way district lines are drawn. There are currently two paid family leave bills […]
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Principals Respond To Campus Hate Speech

High school principals have always had to deal with the appropriate way to respond to pranks and graffiti. But with the rise of incidents of hate speech in public schools nationwide, the issues have become even more complex. Principals Carol Campbell with Grant High School and Rollin Dickinson with Lake Oswego High School share their […]
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Expanding Oregon Health Plan – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A bill supported by both Republicans and Democrats in the Oregon Legislature would extend the Oregon Health Plan to cover children who are undocumented immigrants. Republican Sen. Jeff Kruse explains the bill. Source: Expanding Oregon Health Plan | Teaching English | Portland City Council Protests . Radio | OPB

New Report On Mental Illness In Jail – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Sarah Radcliffe, a lawyer with Disability Rights Oregon, tells us about a new report detailing the treatment of mentally ill inmates at the Multnomah County Detention Center. Sheriff Mike Reese responds. Source: Human Resources Sexual Harrassment At Work | Mercy Corps Out Of Turkey | Portland Developer Mark Edlen | New Report On Mental Illness In […]
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 Local Superintendent Wins Award – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The School Superintendents Association has chosen North Clackamas Schools superintendent Matt Utterback as its superintendent of the year. He’ll tell us how he managed to raise graduation rates, and improve education outcomes for low-income, minority and special education students. Source: Talking Business | . Radio | OPB

Lumber Dispute – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A long-standing trade dispute between the U.S. and Canada over softwood lumber is heating up again. Naomi Christensen from the nonpartisan Canada West Foundation joins us to provide some context. Source: Lumber Dispute | Inter-Generational Friendships | DACA Case . Radio | OPB

Anti-Government Groups – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Ryan Lenz, senior writer at the Southern Poverty Law Center, joins us to explain the connection between anti-government activists and the movement to transfer federal lands to local control. He is speaking on a panel on public lands privatization Saturday as part of the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in Eugene. Source: News Roundtable | Sen. […]
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