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Oregon counties sue state for $1 billion, claim poor forest management

The question of how Oregon should manage its state forests could receive an answer when a trial in Linn County wraps up this week between the state and 14 counties suing it for breach of contract. The counties, including Marion and Polk, claim they are owed about $1.4 billion because the state didn’t adequately manage more than […]
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Residents critical of state over Norriston Heights timber sale

Clearcut on hold for a year. Representatives from the Oregon Department of Forestry met with Arch Cape residents Monday following the decision to delay the Norriston Heights timber sale. The discussion was facilitated by Clatsop County commissioners and staff who hope this will be the first of many talks until a solution is found. The state […]
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Failing forestry: Oregon wanted to clearcut above their water supply. The plan’s on hold for now.

The first Roger Neugebauer heard about the Norriston Heights timber sale was two days before the end of the public comment period, which closed May 2. A neighbor emailed him and described the Oregon Department of Forestry’s plan to clearcut the 77-acre forest plot. Source: Failing forestry: Oregon wanted to clearcut above their water supply. […]
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Recreation impacts debated in logging lawsuit

Environmentalists want a 100-acre Oregon logging project overhauled to better accommodate recreational users, arguing that existing federal plans will degrade scenic qualities and increase fire risks. Source: Recreation impacts debated in logging lawsuit

Chetco Bar salvage timber sales fall short

The timber industry’s appetite for salvaging timber from the Chetco Bar and other 2017 wildfires has dried up quickly, with charred timber going unsold, keeping the Forest Service from reaching its logging targets here this year. The past three salvage sales offered by the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest have failed to receive any bids, including […]
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County commission weighs in on timber sale

The Clatsop County Board of Commissioners has asked the state to delay a controversial timber sale near Arch Cape. In a letter sent to Astoria District Forester Dan Goody on Thursday afternoon, commissioners cite ongoing concerns about how harvest operations on more than 70 acres of state land on the east side of U.S Highway […]
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Timber sale taps into anxiety over logging on the coast

A 70-acre state clearcut planned near Arcadia Beach. It could be several years before trees are cut on state land off U.S. Highway 101 between Arcadia Beach and Hug Point, but a proposed timber sale has already tapped into broader concerns about water quality, habitat conservation and tourism on the coast. The Norriston Heights timber […]
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Keene and DellaSala: Lane County’s forests being whittled down – Opinion

The Shotcash BLM timber sale would clear cut some 1,200 acres of ecologically healthy, still-growing, 60-80 year old timber within the heavily logged Mohawk River drainage. In a watershed checkerboarded with thousands of acres of clear cuts and almost entirely depleted of older forests, the BLM claims it needs more seedling plantations. We think this […]
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Starved of timber in a sea of trees

Citing a lack of federal timber, the Swanson Group recently announced the permanent closure of its sawmill in Glendale, which had operated since 1951. This is yet another economic sacrifice in Douglas County as federal forest management policies fail to deliver their ecological and economic goals. To put this in perspective, the Swanson mill consumed […]
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Trump’s executive order will aggressively cut more forest trees

The president is intent on pushing up timber sales in spite of the shutdown. He says he wants to curb wildfires. Experts say logging trees won’t help. With a partial government shutdown looming, President Trump quietly issued an executive order that expands logging on public land on the grounds that it will curb deadly wildfires. […]
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