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New logging rule allows continued harm to streams (Guest opinion)

Too little, too late is the name of the game when it comes to protecting streams from harmful forestry practices in Oregon. Source: New logging rule allows continued harm to streams (Guest opinion)

Plant disease puts local economy at risk

A stand of dead tanoaks, swaying like skeletons in the wind, are clustered in front of forester Randy Wiese as he stands on Alder Ridge Road. The trees are infected with Phytophthora ramorum, a non-native, invasive plant pathogen that has devastated tanoak populations in Curry County and continues to spread. Source: Plant disease puts local […]
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Oregon company sees bright future in tall wooden buildings

Freres Lumber is building a new plant to make mass plywood panels. Freres Lumber Co. of Lyons, Ore., has received a $250,000 U.S. Forest Service grant that will help it gear up for what the company sees as an emerging market: Using wood products in tall building construction. The company will apply the money to […]
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As I See It: County chose wisely on timber suit 

No one knows everything about any one subject. That was proven true by the May 26 “As I See It” opinion piece, which argued that Benton County commissioners made a mistake when they decided to remain as plaintiffs in the Linn County lawsuit filed against the Oregon Department of Forestry. The piece was full of […]
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Judge sides with class action members on state motions

A judge has struck down a number of motions to dismiss a $1.4 billion class-action lawsuit against the Oregon Department of Forestry, a move that could clear the way for the case to go to trial next summer. Source: Judge sides with class action members on state motions | News | democratherald.com

Judge: Federal laws don’t shield Oregon from timber lawsuit

Federal environmental laws do no preclude a class action lawsuit against Oregon by local governments seeking $1.4 billion for insufficient logging. The lawsuit, on behalf of 14 counties and numerous taxing districts within them, argues that Oregon’s forest management policies have deprived local governments of logging revenues from forests they donated to the state.

Ron Wyden: A winning formula for all of Oregon (Guest opinion) |

In every nook and cranny of our state, I have heard from people eager for solutions to achieve the goal shared by rural and urban Oregon: To generate jobs in rural Oregon while protecting our timeless treasures. Based on what I’ve heard from Oregonians and others working toward that shared objective, here’s my four-step roadmap […]
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As I See It: Benton County’s timber suit mistake

As a former Josephine County school board member and county commissioner for 14 years, one of the reasons I relocated to Corvallis last year was to join a progressive community that is forward-looking, understands the need to address human-caused climate change, and places a high value on education. I was leaving a Josephine County that […]
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Oregon Approaches New Streamside Buffer Rules

The term “streamside buffers” sounds innocuous enough, but it’s a subject of some tension in Oregon. The Oregon Department of Forestry proposes new rules for the buffers in part of the state… meaning logging on private lands by certain streams will have to leave more land untouched to preserve water quality. Source: Tue 8 AM […]
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Oregon timber counties struggle as federal support dries up

So much timber money once flowed into this rural Oregon county that its leaders set up committees to find ways to spend it. Today, Douglas County’s library system is on life support, and its sheriff’s department is on track to lose funding. Source: Oregon timber counties struggle as federal support dries up | McClatchy Washington […]
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