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Against the grain | Science – Journal Article

Forest scientist Jerry Franklin became known for helping protect old-growth trees from logging. Now, he’s arguing for letting the chainsaws loose in some forests. Jerry Franklin has spent much of his life in the company of giants. From his childhood in the woods of Washington state to a scientific career that catapulted him to international […]
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Guest column: National forests need active management

As Oregon’s wildfires near containment, there are discussions in Salem and Washington, D.C., about the causes of this summer’s fires and the staggering costs of fire suppression to taxpayers. It’s too late to reverse the damage of this year’s fire season, but it’s not too early to start thinking about protecting our forests and communities […]
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Guest Opinion: Making hay from fire

The impact of many natural disasters has certainly led to increased talk of climate change. That issue is definitely a part of the discussion surrounding a severe wildfire season here in the Northwest. A larger issue, however, is the rush by politicians, industry and environmentalists to make hay from fire, using the fires as ammunition […]
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Our view: Astoria wise to invest in a healthy watershed

Routinely thinning the forest enhances its health and biological diversity, while improving fire safety and generating revenue and forestry jobs. It has become commonplace among political elites to observe that clean, fresh water will increasing become one of the world’s most precious and fought-over resources as this century progresses. Source: Our view: Astoria wise to […]
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Amid raging wildfires, fire management practices criticized

Intense wildfires plaguing much of the West have rekindled controversy over logging restrictions and fire management practices that critics say have created explosive fire seasons. Oregon’s U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat, took to the floor of the Senate on Thursday to describe the toll the fires have taken. Source: Amid raging wildfires, fire management […]
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Wildfires may be a wakeup call to urban residents

Critics sometimes describe federal forest policy as “paralysis by analysis.” Portland’s downtown disappeared from view this week as thick smoke from wildfires settled in for an uncomfortable stay. And that made it a problem, even though forest fires have been burning elsewhere in the West for several weeks. All told, there were 65 active fires […]
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Mid-Valley suffers ill effects of fires in mismanaged forests — Guest Opinion

Oregon can protect natural resources, air quality and public health if it abandons misguided policies. With over 353,000 acres burning across Oregon, it’s time for our leaders to take action and support reforms to our broken system of federal forest management. The Chetco Bar Fire, burning over 177,000 acres alone, and the 10,000-acre Eagle Creek […]
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New logging rule allows continued harm to streams (Guest opinion)

Too little, too late is the name of the game when it comes to protecting streams from harmful forestry practices in Oregon. Source: New logging rule allows continued harm to streams (Guest opinion)

Plant disease puts local economy at risk

A stand of dead tanoaks, swaying like skeletons in the wind, are clustered in front of forester Randy Wiese as he stands on Alder Ridge Road. The trees are infected with Phytophthora ramorum, a non-native, invasive plant pathogen that has devastated tanoak populations in Curry County and continues to spread. Source: Plant disease puts local […]
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Oregon company sees bright future in tall wooden buildings

Freres Lumber is building a new plant to make mass plywood panels. Freres Lumber Co. of Lyons, Ore., has received a $250,000 U.S. Forest Service grant that will help it gear up for what the company sees as an emerging market: Using wood products in tall building construction. The company will apply the money to […]
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