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Editorial: Gov. Brown trips up on transparency

Earlier this year, Gov. Kate Brown’s chief of staff proclaimed in Trump-like fashion that Brown has had “the most transparent administration in memory.” Which raises the question: In whose memory? Her mixed record just took another dive this week when the Brown administration sought to delay releasing key information in two separate incidents – school performance ratings in […]
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Editorial: Gov. Brown has a disappointing record on openness

Gov. Kate Brown swept into office in 2015, declaring: We “must strengthen laws to ensure timely release of public documents.” But her record is disappointing. We wrote recently about the way Brown is denying the public access to legislation state agencies plan for the 2019 session until after the November election is over. Source: Editorial: […]
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Zoom Care Releases Transparency Report, Including Harassment Allegations 

The Portland area provider of urgent care and other services expects other health care services to follow suit. The co-founder and chief executive of Portland-based Zoom Care says an ambitious transparency initiative his company has launched represents the future of health care in the United States. A nationally recognized expert in the field just happens […]
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DHS not fulfilling its promises of openness

What a terrible time for the Oregon Department of Human Services to conceal what it’s doing to improve foster care. Source: DHS not fulfilling its promises of openness

Nike splits with other Oregon businesses, kills ‘corporate transparency’ initiative

Oregonians are headed toward a contentious fall election season, with Nike joining public employee unions in opposing two anti-tax ballot initiatives put forward by other Oregon businesses. The unusual alliance formed over the last week with help from Gov. Kate Brown and allowed the sportswear giant to head off a third ballot initiative that would […]
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Hospitals Offset Drug Costs for People with High-Deductible Health Plans

Project Access Now has expanded the scope of its Pharmacy Bridge program beyond uninsured people. Oregon hospitals contributed $400,000 to fund the program for the fiscal year ending next week. Before Obamacare, many non-profit organizations were focused primarily on assisting the large number of uninsured people with healthcare needs, including prescription drugs. Source: Hospitals Offset […]
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Transparency dawns on health care dark ages: Guest opinion

We are physicians who run a healthcare company, ZOOM+Care, which cares for about 20,000 people per month in Portland and Seattle. On May 23, ZOOM+Care published the first-of-its kind Zoom Transparency Report that delivers an in-depth examination of how ZOOM+Care and its insurance partners are delivering on the promise of higher quality at a lower cost. […]
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Editorial: Measure would make bad situation worse;

For all its scenery and outdoor recreation, Oregon has its problems. It has a reputation for being a tough place to do business, and if backers of Initiative Petition 25 have their way, that reputation will only get worse. Source: Editorial: Measure would make bad situation worse;

Guest column: Oregonians need protection from drug costs

My name is Ann Neilson, and I’m from Madras. I’ve lived in Madras for almost 45 years and have worked as a registered nurse here for most of that time. I also have severe chronic dry eye syndrome and need a medication called Restasis to treat it, a drug for which there is no generic […]
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The Call For Drug-Price Transparency Is Growing Louder — But Will It Matter?

State Library Ed. Note: Story discusses Oregon’s recently passed & signed drug-price transparency legislation. Newly appointed Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has been charged with bringing down drug prices. He’s a fan of demanding transparency from drug companies, but many states have already done that, and the impact on pricing is unclear. Last […]
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