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Portland’s Fantasy Transit Map: What If We Spent Billions To Fix the Morning Commute with Something Other than Cars?

Jim Howell fought the Mount Hood Freeway. Now he has a new and equally unlikely plan. This month, the Oregon Legislature debuted an ambitious plan pitched as a “fix” for Portland’s traffic woes—featuring $1 billion to widen urban freeways. Jim Howell says there’s no surer way to waste a billion dollars. Source: Portland’s Fantasy Transit […]
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Happening at the Capitol: Equal pay, fracking, transportation funding, gross receipts tax, Indian week

With seven weeks to go before the Oregon Legislature adjourns, the big dollar compromises are beginning to materialize: details of transportation funding, outlines of a gross receipts tax and other crucial matters. Time to keep your eyes peeled. Source: Happening at the Capitol: Equal pay, fracking, transportation funding, gross receipts tax, Indian week

My View: New roads aren’t answer to congestion

Anti-government libertarian John Charles weighed in with an April 25 op-ed on House Bill 3231, which would allow the formation of special taxing districts to finance limited-access highways. Contrary to Charles’ goofy endorsement, this bill would simply create more of the problems it purports to solve. Source: Oregon Local News – My View: New roads […]
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Lawmakers seek transload facility funds 

State Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ontario, said there is support for locating a transload facility in Malheur County to improve shipment of local commodities out of the valley. Source: Lawmakers seek transload facility funds | Local News Stories | argusobserver.com

Sources Say: Democrats have slim options for raising business tax

Also, former Transportation Commissioner Steve Novick has a new gig and his city gas tax is bringing in more money than expeected. The May 4 Sources column was too brief when speculating that Democrats in the 2017 Oregon Legislature could bypass Republicans and refer their emerging business gross receipts tax proposal directly to the voters. […]
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3 things that could derail Oregon’s $8.2B plan to fix roads and ease congestion

A meeting Wednesday exposed divides – many of them along urban and rural lines – among Oregon lawmakers crafting a transportation package. Some Republicans balked at a proposed statewide tax on workers to fund public transit improvements, while a Democrat dismissed the gas tax as an outdated method of raising infrastructure revenue. Source: 3 things […]
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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Signs I-5 Bridge Replacement Bill

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed 28 bills into law Wednesday morning, including a measure that would revive plans to replace the aging Interstate 5 bridge over the Columbia River. Source: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Signs I-5 Bridge Replacement Bill . News | OPB

Inslee signs bridge bill

With a swipe of his pen, Gov. Jay Inslee made it official on Wednesday: Southwest Washington legislators will renew conversations around how to ease traffic on the congested Interstate 5 Bridge.With the implosion of the Columbia River Crossing project still fresh in legislators’ minds, Senate Bill 5806 treads lightly. Source: Inslee signs bridge bill | […]
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Tolls, bike tax part of $8.2B Oregon transportation plan

Oregon state lawmakers unveiled out a massive 10-year transportation package this week that would raise $8.2 billion from Oregonians through new taxes and fees when they visit gas stations, buy new cars and get their paychecks. Source: Tolls, bike tax part of $8.2B Oregon transportation plan | McClatchy Washington Bureau

Good News for Transportation Options

Oregon legislators Monday evening unveiled the framework for a transportation funding package that begins to answer Oregon’s glaring need for innovative solutions to keep people and goods moving safely and efficiently. Source: Good News for Transportation Options | MyCentralOregon.com