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PGE study: low-carbon grid is doable, affordable

The energy and transportation sectors are not only capable of executing steep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, doing so could save households and businesses money in the long run, according to a study that Portland General Electric  circulated this week. Source: PGE study: low-carbon grid is doable, affordable

The Greater Portland Tech Challenge

Public agencies pose transportation challenges for tech firms to begin to solve in February for an international audience in June. Autonomous cars running along the Lake Oswego trolley line? It could happen. Source: The Greater Portland Tech Challenge

Freeways top list of Clackamas County priorities

Officials discuss various options for funding at State of the County event Jan. 31 Clackamas County “continues to grow and prosper, and that is not to say that we have solved all of our problems,” said County Board Chairman Jim Bernard in introducing the State of the County event this week. Source: Freeways top list […]
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Understanding Oregon’s ‘cap and invest’ climate bills

Oregon lawmakers this week dove into the most complicated and controversial debate of the upcoming 35-day legislative session: legislation that sets up a market-based, carrot-and-stick approach to reducing greenhouse gas pollution. The two bills will pit environmental advocates determined to see the state do more to combat climate change against business interests who believe the […]
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Smoking, driving, gun ownership change with Oregon laws taking effect Jan. 1

The Oregon Legislature passed hundreds of laws in 2017, many that will impact the daily lives of thousands of Oregonians. There are new transportation taxes, the prospect of new health care taxes, and a number of laws proposed to make everyone a bit safer in 2018. Source: Smoking, driving, gun ownership change with Oregon laws taking […]
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Oregon has some new car laws

From pumping gas to pumping a bicycle pedal, new state laws will change the way Oregon residents get around in 2018 — and how much they will pay to get behind the wheel or handlebars. Source: Oregon has some new car laws

December focus: To toll, or not to toll?

Transportation professionals weigh in on how congestion pricing may impact trucking industry Truck drivers carry nearly 75 percent of all freight in the Portland metro area, taking into account transportation modes that also include rail, water, air, pipeline and multimodal methods of transporting goods. Source: December focus: To toll, or not to toll?

Washington joins Oregon in pay-by-the-mile experiment

Beginning early next year, a group of Washington drivers will be keeping close tabs on the number of miles they drive and how much they spend on gas. They will be part of a pilot program to test out a proposed pay-by-the-mile road tax, similar to what Oregon rolled out in 2015. Source: Washington joins Oregon in […]
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Here are new transportation taxes that will take effect in 2018

Three taxes associated with the $5.3 billion transportation package that was signed into law over the summer will be taking effect Jan. 1, with one more targeting wages coming later in the year. The bi-partisan transportation plan will help fund projects across the state. In Salem it will provide $85.7 million over nine years for the expansion of […]
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Washington Hopes Oregon Will Join I-5 Bridge Replacement Conversation

Washington state lawmakers are moving ahead with an effort to revive a plan to replace the aging Interstate 5 Bridge. They remain hopeful their counterparts in Oregon will join them. Source: Washington Hopes Oregon Will Join I-5 Bridge Replacement Conversation