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Competing sites vie for Willamette intermodal facility

Proponents of locating an Oregon intermodal yard in Brooks and Millersburg both claim their preferred site has major advantages. Though the locations are less than 30 miles apart, supporters of competing sites for a Willamette Valley intermodal facility claim stark differences between the two. Source: Competing sites vie for Willamette intermodal facility – Oregon – […]
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FAA Budget Bill Could Bring Changes To Air Ambulance Business

Medevac helicopter companies are on the congressional radar, as a funding bill for the Federal Aviation Administration nears passage. Consumer protections against deceptive practices could become law. Air ambulance rides can be lifesavers. But how much should they cost? In the ongoing, crowdsourced “Bill of the Month” investigation, NPR and Kaiser Health News have received […]
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Oregon Transportation Officials Seek Federal Approval For Tolling Plan

The Oregon Transportation Commission on Friday unanimously agreed to ask the federal government for permission to impose tolls on sections of interstates 5 and 205 in the Portland area. The commission also called for a broader study of tolling throughout the area’s freeway network, saying that it could be a powerful tool for attacking growing […]
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Oregon will seek tolls on I-5, I-205, study tolling all metro highways

Oregon will ask federal highway officials for permission to toll congested sections of Interstate 5 and 205, but state transportation leaders don’t plan to stop there. The state’s top transportation decisionmakers also want to develop a plan to study tolling Oregon 217, I-405, I-84, U.S. 26 and other highways in the metro area. They want […]
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Herrera-Beutler seeks to brake Oregon tolling plan

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler Thursday said she is introducing a bill to prohibit tolls at the Washington-Oregon state line unless both the Washington and Oregon governors agree to it. Source: Herrera-Beutler seeks to brake Oregon tolling plan

Bus companies have difficulty competing for employees 

It’s not easy finding bus drivers. Aimee Cook, manager of Mid-Columbia Bus Company in Hermiston, said about 15 to 20 percent of their drivers turn over every year, and finding new ones takes active recruitment. “School bus drivers, the shortage of them, is a nationwide epidemic,” she said. The Umatilla County unemployment rate in May […]
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Editorial: Oregon’s war on cars aims to make drivers miserable

Get ready for more congestion, fewer parking spaces. In a recent editorial, we mentioned the “war on cars” being waged in Bend, which is working gradually to update its transportation system plan. As if on cue, an anonymous commenter claimed that there “is no  …  ‘war on cars’ going on.” Not only is this untrue, but the […]
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Editorial: Avoiding Portland traffic at all costs

It doesn’t take a traffic engineer to determine that Portland is highway-impaired. Traffic in Oregon’s largest city is slow. How slow is it? you ask. A few years ago, the state Department of Transportation estimated that 34,600 hours a day were wasted in Portland traffic jams. That’s nearly 4 years of people’s time that was […]
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Is the Willamette Valley’s proposed intermodal facility on the right track?

Competing plans for a state-funded intermodal facility would help ag shippers avoid Portland traffic jams. Though Oregon farmers try to avoid Portland’s legendary gridlock, the city’s traffic congestion still slows down the state’s agricultural economy. For the tens of thousands of trucks moving farm goods and other freight through the Portland area each day, it’s […]
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Oregon Is Planning a Large Buildout of EV Charging Infrastructure

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality along with the state’s Department of Transportation, Department of Energy and other agencies are partnering on a project to allocate some $10.9 million to build out a more robust infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. Source: Oregon Is Planning a Large Buildout of EV Charging Infrastructure