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Editorial: Needed progress made on surprise medical billing reform

If you can get past most of the contentious debates about health care, you can find reforms that Democrats and Republicans can agree on. Surprise medical billing is one. Congress has made important bipartisan — yes bipartisan in the middle of the impeachment proceedings — progress on how to reform it. It’s one of the […]
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Editorial: Robocall bill just shy of becoming law

It could be a matter of days before federal legislation that cracks down on robocalls becomes law. The Palllone-Thune TRACED Act sailed through the U.S. House of Representatives Thursday by a 417-3 vote margin. It had previously passed the Senate with 97 votes. Source: Editorial: Robocall bill just shy of becoming law | Opinion | […]
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Sen. Wyden needs to help bill pass for small utilities

Will Senator Wyden help protect the residents of Douglas County from further impacts of Snowmageddon? As general manager of Douglas Electric, a non-profit, member-owned electric cooperative that serves mostly rural areas of Douglas County, I was tasked with managing the cooperative through the most destructive storm in our company’s history. To put the size of […]
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Wyden Sponsors Bill to Prevent Homelessness Among Foster Youth

A week ago, Sen. Ron Wyden announced he will co-sponsor legislation that would extend housing vouchers for young people to use for up to three years after they become adults and leave foster care. Source: Wyden Sponsors Bill to Prevent Homelessness Among Foster Youth – The Corvallis Advocate

State, national groups defer to local leaders on Owyhee wilderness bill

The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association Public Lands Committee and the national Public Lands Council are deferring to local ranchers and will not oppose federal legislation that places a more flexible type of wilderness designation on several parts of Malheur County. The designation allows cattle grazing to continue. Source: State, national groups defer to local leaders on […]
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Officials want water user protections in proposed Owyhee Act

The Malheur Community Empowerment for the Owyhee Act has been introduced by Oregon’ s U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley in the U.S. Senate. The proposal is to conserve and manage federal land in Malheur County, as well as protect and develop economy, and provide protections for water users — but there are concerns. One those concerns […]
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Guest Column: America’s least-known conservation program at risk

As someone who lives in or loves to visit Oregon’s North Coast, you’ve probably visited a park that has been protected or improved by the Land and Water Conservation Fund. You’ve also probably never heard of this fund. It’s the most impactful conservation program ever created, and the least publicized. Source: Guest Column: America’s least-known […]
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Snakes in the grass Of Owyhee Canyonlands | Opinion

Sens. Wyden and Merkley, how generous can you be? We give you a million acres and 14 miles of beautiful river front to be set aside and never to be used for anything but to look at.  For this you will let us graze and shoot ducks on the land we have left. Source: Snakes […]
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What if the Road to Single-Payer Led Through the States? – The New York Times

State Library Ed. Note: If you cannot access this story directly from the source, state employees can access this New York Times story HERE via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact us for access: library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800.

Groups Seek To Take Oregon Redistricting Out Of State Legislature’s Hands .

A coalition of political and government watchdog groups wants to create a commission to redraw political boundary lines in Oregon following the 2020 census, taking the power out of lawmakers’ hands. Source: Groups Seek To Take Oregon Redistricting Out Of State Legislature’s Hands . News | OPB