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Oregon hazelnut growers face small crop, lower prices

Read Oregon hazelnut growers face small crop, lower prices. Source: Oregon hazelnut growers face small crop, lower prices – Oregon – Capital Press

Cover crops gaining popularity, survey finds

More conventional row-crop farmers are diving into cover crops and seeing increased yield, better soil health, increased soil moisture and better weed control. More farmers across the nation are employing cover crops and are committing more acreage to the practice, according to a new survey by USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program and the […]
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Inspectors are ‘partners with the industry’

Onion packing sheds are getting busy as harvest operations ramp up, and in the middle of that, there are people making sure the product shipped out meets quality standards to protect both the consumers and the industry. “Shipping point inspections have been in place since the 1930s,” said Casey Prentiss, who oversees these inspections across […]
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Forest Service spends record $2B battling forest fires

The Forest Service has spent more than $2 billion battling forest fires around the country — a record as wildfires blacken the American West in one of the of the nation’s worst fire seasons. Wildfires have ravaged the West this summer with 64 large fires burning across 10 states as of Thursday, including 21 fires in […]
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More Oregonians Have Access To Healthy Food Options, Report Shows; But For How Long?

Cuts to the 2018 federal budget could seriously undermine the slight decrease in number of Oregon families struggling with food insecurity. The number of Oregonians without access to healthy food options decreased over the past two years, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2016 Household Food Security Report released earlier this week. While 16.1 percent of […]
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An odd trend in wheat country: not much wheat

Many farmers are opting this year for crops that might be less iconic but are suddenly in demand. An odd thing has happened in wheat country — a lot of farmers aren’t planting wheat. Thanks to a global grain glut that has caused prices and profits to plunge, this year farmers planted the fewest acres […]
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U.S. cranberry growers to seek volume control

The Cranberry Marketing Committee has voted to petition the USDA to order production cutbacks for the 2017 and 2018 harvests. The U.S. cranberry industry will ask the USDA to order farmers and processors to cut production for the 2017 and 2018 harvests, forcing growers to take a short-term hit, but with the hope that prices […]
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Nursery tops Oregon ag commodity list

Statistics show greenhouse, nursery has overtaken cattle and calves. After falling from the top perch of Oregon agriculture for the past two years, greenhouse and nursery products have recaptured the No. 1 position among Oregon’s diverse agricultural commodities in terms of production value. Source: Nursery tops Oregon ag commodity list | Local News | heraldandnews.com

Specialty Crop Block Grant Program to receive $85 million

Directors of 13 Western state ag departments lauded the USDA’s Specialty Crop Block Grant Program during their annual meeting last week. But they also had concerns over some of the new recording requirements to track how projects perform. The USDA’s Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, lauded by many as a huge benefit to agriculture, is […]
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Bees Are Bouncing Back From Colony Collapse Disorder

The number of U.S. honeybees, a critical component to agricultural production, rose in 2017 from a year earlier, and deaths of the insects attributed to a mysterious malady that’s affected hives in North America and Europe declined, according a U.S. Department of Agriculture honeybee health survey released Tuesday. The number of commercial U.S. honeybee colonies rose 3 […]
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