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Dairy industry wants broken safety net fixed 

Joaquin Contente was one of 25,162 U.S. dairy farmers who had faith that a new federal safety net would protect them from a repeat of the battering they had taken in 2009, when markets collapsed during the global recession and milk prices sank far below the cost of production. But they found out the hard […]
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Rural residents defend trapper program

In many Oregon communities, county governments are hard up for cash, a decades-old fact of life arising from falling timber revenue, stagnant property values and a deep-seated aversion to local tax levies. So locals are used to prioritizing services. Source: Rural residents defend trapper program;

Ranchers, counties defend predator program tied to wolf’s death as critical to rural Oregon

Twenty-six of Oregon’s 36 counties have a wildlife specialist – or trapper—who falls under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The Wildlife Services program is paid for through a cooperative cost-sharing agreement involving county, state and federal governments. It’s been that way for decades but, may that be about to […]
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Farmers dismayed that USDA delays fair practice rule 

Scheduled to go into effect on April 22, the rule would make it easier for farmers to sue companies they contract with over unfair, discriminatory or deceptive practices. A rule designed to protect the legal rights of farmers who grow chickens and hogs for the nation’s largest meat processing corporations, was delayed Wednesday by President […]
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Wolves quietly coming into Western Oregon

They are being quiet about it, but wolves are gradually venturing into Western Oregon. That was part of the message delivered by state and federal officials during a presentation Thursday evening at the annual Spring Livestock Conference. A timeline is not being predicted for the permanent settlement of the four-legged animal in Western Oregon, but […]
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Stop adding jobs to Oregon Department of Agriculture — Opinion

Let the USDA and FDA do their jobs — which include regulating agriculture at the national level — and let ODA do its job on the state level. The list of chores activists have for the Oregon Department of Agriculture is growing all the time. Among them are regulating genetically modified crops, canola and water […]
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Oregon’s water supply outlook remains positive

Sustained peak-season snowpack shows promise for summer streamflow, despite widespread snowmelt throughout March All basins in Oregon are experiencing near-normal to well-above-normal snowpack conditions, with a statewide average of 126 percent as of April 1, according to the latest water supply outlook report released today by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Oregon. Source: […]
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Oregon Oyster Farmer Fights Flood of Cow Poop

A federal judge Friday appeared sympathetic to an Oregon oyster farmer who claims his livelihood is endangered by the state’s failure to regulate fecal coliform bacteria pollution from nearby dairy farms. Six major rivers feed Tillamook Bay, whose 8 square miles and have hosted oyster farms for more than 150 years. But for more than […]
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Idaho honey production increased in 2016, but neighboring states dropped a bit

Beekeepers battle colony collapse, pests and weather to produce honey and pollinate crops. Life was sweeter in Idaho in 2016 but took a dip in Oregon and Washington, according to honey production figures released by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. NASS said Idaho’s 2016 honey production was 3.3 million pounds, about 16 percent more than […]
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Cyanide traps that killed Northwest wolf and a dog come under scrutiny

It’s unclear if the review will change the way USDA Wildlife Services uses cyanide predator traps. An internal review by USDA Wildlife Services has not been completed, but the agency has removed M-44 cyanide poison traps from areas of the Pacific Northwest where a wolf and a dog have been killed recently.The devices were set […]
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