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How Fire Consumed The Forest Service Budget

With fire costs rising and forest revenues shrinking, the federal government created an industrial complex around wildfire. Then it failed to rein in spending. With little money and next to no experience, Dillon Sanders staked his business on wildfire. Business has been good. Each spring, in an old Chevy dealership he converted to an engine garage, […]
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Editorial: Forest Service in transition gets fresh start

You might have missed this news from earlier in the month, but don’t blame yourself: As far as we can tell, it went virtually unreported — although it potentially has big ramifications for U.S. forest lands. After serving as interim head of the U.S. Forest Service since March, Vicki Christensen earlier this month was able […]
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Oregon wildfire costs hit record high of $514 million in 2018

The cost of fighting wildfires in Oregon reached an all-time high $514.6 million in 2018. The costs skyrocketed past last year’s record. Fueled by wildfires that started early and threatened communities all summer, Oregon’s costs skyrocketed past last year’s record-setting total of $447 million. Source: Oregon wildfire costs hit record high of $514 million in […]
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Why Many Northwest Animals And Plants Need Wildfire

Not all wildfire is a force of destruction. Many of our favorite Northwest plants and animals have evolved to depend on it. We’ve been taught that thick forests have always blanketed the Northwest — that our natural state is one of verdant green old growth. The idea goes that if we want to protect creatures […]
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Don’t ‘Let it burn’

Editor’s note: This is Part 3 of a five-day series on devastating wildfires and their effects on Southern Oregon done in partnership with KTVL Channel 10. See Part 1 and Part 2. An Oregon Department of Forestry official doesn’t pull punches when describing the federal government’s response to two of Southern Oregon’s biggest fires this […]
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Fish Lake Historic Site project earns national honors

A 10-year project by volunteers to preserve the Fish Lake Historic Site on the McKenzie Ranger District near Clear Lake has been recognized with a Historical Restoration Award from the National Museum of Forest Service History in Missoula, Montana. The award is presented to “any person or group that has made a significant contribution by […]
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Multnomah Falls area closed two more days for hazard tree removal

Work isn’t quite done removing hazard trees at Multnomah Falls, triggering another two-day closure for parts of the popular attraction in the Columbia River Gorge. The U.S. Forest Service announced a new closure for parts of the day-use area at the towering waterfall – including the lower viewing area and Benson Bridge – for Monday […]
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Oregon Sen. Merkley Introduces Bill To Thin Forests, Stem Wildfires

The bill would create a $1 billion fund to allow the Forest Service to increase the pace and scale of wildfire reduction projects and permanently reauthorize a collaborative forest restoration program, among other things. Source: Oregon Sen. Merkley Introduces Bill To Thin Forests, Stem Wildfires

Bill aims to thin forests, stem fires

After a summer wildfire season that blanketed much of the West in smoke, U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley introduced a bill Wednesday that would reduce the severity of wildfire by thinning forests that are crowded with too many trees and have become fuel for megafires. The bill would create a $1 billion fund to allow the […]
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Trees Accidentally Killed By Oregon Department Of Transportation To Be Logged

The U.S. Forest Service was scheduled to present a plan Monday in Sisters to log trees that the Oregon Department of Transportation accidentally killed along a scenic drive. The culprit is an herbicide that state regulators still allow for roadside weed control. Source: Trees Accidentally Killed By Oregon Department Of Transportation To Be Logged . […]
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